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Swing Trading: Profit Booking Riding On Short Term Market Sentiments

Swing trading is a style of stock trading wherein the investors hold a particular stock for small durations, generally not more than a fortnight and buy or sell that stock on the basis of intra-week or intra-month prices. Unlike other investors, swing traders do not concentrate their efforts on comp

Do You Make These Mistakes on the Stock Market?

Every time someone asks me for recommendations on how to make money on the stock market I instantaneously ask if they have read How to Make Money in stocks by William O'Neil. Personally I think, that if you only read one book on the stock market, this should be the one.

What is Fundamental Analysis?

If you are interested in researching stock, try the fundamental analysis method.Researching your could help increase your capital gains.

Why CFDS Are Regarded As A Flexible Trading Instrument

It is the great leveraging benefit of a derivative instrument like CFDS that makes it so popular amongst traders. CFD trading has found favor mainly due to the fact that you do not have to physically own the stock and can still speculate on its price movements paying just margin money. The fact that

Stock Trading For Rookies

To succeed as a beginner in stock trading, you have to take time to learn the basics. This kind of knowledge is needed to understand fully what you are supposed to do to flourish in this business. A lot of resources are available scattered out there for your consumption.

Online Stock Trading - Easy and Secured Means of Investment

Online stock trading has entirely changed the concept of conventional brokerage house. Now, everything is at your fingertips - click on the button of your mouse and manage funds from your home, office or anywhere you go.

Stock Investment Schemes - The Short and Slam

This fraudulent stock investment scheme is the exact opposite of the classic pump and dump scheme.In the pump and dump scheme, perpetrators of this scheme will aggressively promote a penny stock so that they can jack up the price of the stock and then sell their holdings leaving everybody else holdi

Basics of Stock Market Investing

When you consider the basics of stock market investing, begin at the beginning. What is a stock? What are common, preferred, Class A and Class B stocks? What is a mutual fund? What do you want to consider before you actually invest? How much money can you put into your stock portfolio? Where are goo

What Are Penny Stocks? Invest in Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stock that are generally priced under $5 a share. They can be extremely volatile and risky and move according to speculation rather than solid company financials.

How to Assess the Performance of Penny Shares

All investors want to know which are the best places to invest, and penny share buyers are no different, so what should you look out for when planning where and what to buy? Here's what to look for in your potential investments.

What Is the Most Profitable Options Strategy?

Have you ever wondered what is the most profitable options strategy? With more than 40 strategies available, some with incomprehensible names, how do you choose one that is relatively easy to understand, simple to implement, and provides you with consistent profits with a lower risk profile?

Don't Shun Volatility

Volatility is back. So, what? A couple of years ago, we have discussed about ways to reduce your portfolio's volatility. A general definition of volatility is: the characteristic of a share price that rise and fall sharply within a short-term period.

How to Buy Stocks Online to Invest Money

The stock market is an excellent way to invest money, and eventually make money. A great and convenient way to obtain stocks is to buy stocks online. Here's how to buy stocks online to invest money.

The Titanic Legacy of JP Morgan

The International Mercantile Marine Company certificates dated 1915 are of particular interest for the fact that they contain one of the most famous signatures of the time. One of those signatures is that of Phillip A.S. Franklin who was the vice-president for the American side of the International