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We Need More Human Huggers in the World

This is going to seem like an extremely unusual article coming from someone like me.I mean, I'm all about animal protection, wildlife conservation, and protecting the environment.I err on the side of making a complete spectacle of myself any time I think it'd do an ounce of good.I rally th

Rent But Don't Buy a Roadshow Bus

If you would like to have a roadshow bus so that you could take your family on vacations that were less troublesome, less expensive, and offered more closeness, then you should considering renting a roadshow vehicle, not buying one. A roadshow bus is the perfect way to take the family on outings to

2010 Summer Block Buster Movies

Well, it is time again to pack away your warm clothes and get the sweat shirt and shorts out because summer is almost upon us. Long sunny days which are better spent on the sea shore or lazing under some tree enjoying the cool summer breeze are finally arriving and with them a whole new season for H

Cheerleading Uniforms When Budgets Are Cut

You may have heard people who are involved with cheerleading will tell you that it is all about the skirt.Of course, this may sound humorous because we know that there is a lot more to cheerleading than just the uniform.The cheerleaders need to be in shape, coordinated, talented, outgoing, and enthu

Dating Filipino Girls - The Art of Delikadesa

What makes Filipino girls unique as life long partners? It is the art of dellikadesa. It is the environment in which they are brought up - to respect other people and have a strong sense of family.

The Fear Smear

Is the media using fear to control you? Maybe it is time for you to sift through the fear being used to make us do what the bullies in the political and corporate back rooms want.

Novgorod Was Russia's First Capital

Arranged on the antiquated exchange course between Central Asia and northern Europe, Novgorod was Russia's first capital in the ninth century. Encompassed by houses of worship and cloisters, it was an inside for Orthodox otherworldly ...

AC-130 Gun Ship; Bring on the THEL in the Sky

The United States of America under the strong Leadership of President George W. Bush has enlisted the United States Air Force, the most powerful and capable air force in the World to bring back the AC-130 Gun Ships to help in the War on Terror. In fact they are currently in route now. Why is this su

Charismatic Leaders Emerging in these Desperate Times

Our country has been hit with a terrible crisis. People are stressed watching our neighbors suffer. There is good new though, our country is pulling together and heros and leaders are emerging. The great people of our nation are proving to the world why we are the UNITED States of America!

You Paid Your Dues, I Paid Mine- But Who Collected Those Dues?

A review of the book "The Underground History of American Education," which examines in-depth the philosophies that conspired to create the modern school system. Learn how a broken system can work perfectly, giving children very little of value in exchange for a lifetime of unhappiness and

A Tragedy at the End of 2014

This is a story about the missing aircraft AirAsia flight number QZ8501 en route from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. Up to the time this story was written, the aircraft was still missing and the SAR teams have found no clues as to where it had fallen.

Lance Rants on Iranian Leadership Fear Tactics

We must continue to work very hard to keep diplomatic talks open with the Iranian leadership and they play their cards at the negotiation tables and ramp up their rhetoric. The Iranian leadership is trying to embolden its masses to join together and support them and they are plying for the Muslim...

The Revolution That Is LED Lighting - The Benefits of Using LEDs

There is currently a revolution within the lighting sector, and it is predicted that LED technology could dominate the lighting market by 2015, LEDs promise to be the way forward for the whole industry. There are so many benefits: they can be smaller, brighter and cheaper; it is one of those rare te

Finding a Job Agency From a Small Town

A job agency can be very helpful when someone is seeking employment opportunities. These agencies have listings of available positions that are often not advertised in any other way. When you are looking for work in a small town finding a job agency to help you procure employment can be difficult.

Inside the PSA Test

While this test is still somewhat controversial, it has the potential to save lives. Learn more about this test and what doctors are trying to do to catch prostate cancer in its early, while it's still treatable.

The Air Freight Industry and Food Miles Debate

The air freight industry is under attack by The Soil Association and other green campaigners who are worried about the environmental impact of importing out of season produce into the UK from abroad.

Keeping Up With Hollywood Stars

One of the most popular obsessions in the media today is celebrities. While most celebrities are of the movie actor and actress variety, there are also sports figures, musicians, models and socialites who fall into the celebrities' category.