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The End of the World and 2012

2012 has been called "The end of the World" by moviemakers, Mayan calendar mythmakers, and New Age Revolutionary mystics. But what does the Bible say? Does the Word of God agree with all these end-time prognosticators? Has God revealed the date of the end of the world through mysterious wr

Why do religions differ and not agree?

Ever really noticed that you are alive? Notice that the chair you sit in is not alive. There is an obvious difference. But what is this thing called "life". What is life? Life is able ...

How to Overcome Temptations

Temptation is one thing every child of God must face at one time or the other as long as he/she lives on this corrupt earth which is under the control of Satan. You should not let your mind be troubled because God has made provisions for you to overcome every trial that will come your way.

Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Why is a question that can never truly be answered. I think that is because there are so many questions. For example, why is there so much violence in the world, why is there racism, why do bad things happen to good people, why is there rape, murder, etc.? Have you just sat and thought about these t

Bible Study Basics - The Importance of Discussion

Why include discussion in a Bible study, small group, or Sunday School class? Why not just lecture, or watch a great preacher or teacher on DVD, then call it quits for the day? Discussion is an essential part of every Bible study or teaching time for these six important reasons.

Consistency in Our Faith?

I've been thinking about something in evangelical Christianity that strikes me as inconsistent. Why is it as believers we are too afraid to have faith?Why do we base a lot of our doctrines on failures instead of the Word of God?

Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, in the Company of the Biblical Prophets

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, can easily be classified as a prophet in the tradition of the Bible.His life, revelations, and teachings show that like the biblical prophets, he was called of God, taught by revelation and the visitation of angels, and called people to repent and follow t

What They Ate in Bible Times - Use Foods to Help With Bible Lesson Planning

Understanding what foods were eaten in Bible Times can help you plan Bible lessons that make more sense. We tend to give our kids sugary snacks during Sunday school, and while that is okay most of the time, showing them hands-on what people actually during Bible Times can help bring a lesson home an

Love: Feeling or Action?

The power of God is amazing and when it comes to His agape love it is described in context entirely of action having no emotion; verb. The first 5 books of Acts display that in action. Many of today's Christians bear the Holy Spirit and walk with an eros type love, filled with emotions and feel

Who is Adam and Eve?

The story of Adam and Eve comes from the Bible. Adam was the first man, and Eve was the first woman. The first chapter of the Book of Genesis, known as "The Story of Creation," tells how God made the heavens and earth in six days.

Seven Signs of the Return of Jesus Christ

According to the Book of Matthew, chapter 24 of the Bible, there are seven signs that point to the eminent Second Coming (Advent) of Jesus Christ. Are we the final generation before the return of Jesus? Perhaps. Please read this eye opening article and decide for yourself.

Faith Based Giving

We can therefore reasonably determine that fewer people giving on average more, are not equal to more people on average giving less. Hence the relevance of both income, level of giving and relative populations with respect to "faith based giving."

The Jesus of Our Culture

If Jesus lived in the world today, what would He be like? Would He work in corporate America wearing a suit and tie dealing with the worlds issues? Would He live in a home or apartment and work in a software company cracking code for the government?

How to Spot the Common Denominator in All False Religion

Once you understand the basic premise of true Christianity, you will easily be able to spot all false religion(s) (including false Christianity).Why?Because they share one common denominator that runs contrary to the gospel. And they all share it with no exceptions.You can discover what it is here.

Science and the Genesis Creation Account

The first chapter of Genesis starts with the hotly debated creation account. Can this story be reconciled with science or it this a mere myth? Reading and analyzing this ancient text unveils some remarkable observations that only recently have been discovered and confirmed by science.

Evidence For The Resurrection Of Christ

The crux of the Christian faith is the death and resurrection of Christ. While many non-believers have set out to disprove the resurrection, often their efforts have actually provided solid evidence establishing that Christ did indeed rise from the dead.