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We Need More Human Huggers in the World

This is going to seem like an extremely unusual article coming from someone like me.I mean, I'm all about animal protection, wildlife conservation, and protecting the environment.I err on the side of making a complete spectacle of myself any time I think it'd do an ounce of good.I rally th

How Your Scent Makes You More Appealing

Online Dating Tips - Ever wondered what draws us to some people and not others? What makes us irresistible when we’re looking for a partner?If you’re desperate to look good for your next date – and who isn’t? – listen up: attraction is not in the eye of the beholder, it

Love Letters and Poems for All Occasions

Your never too old to send out a love letter or even a poem of love to your sweet-heart, here we give you advice on writing the perfect love letter and poem.

How To Make Him Want You Back

Want your ex to realize what he's missing? Learn how to make him want you back by reading some of the tips in this article.

Jealousy and Possessiveness Damages Relationships - Why We Are Possessive

Are your relationships ruined by your possessiveness and jealousy? Many are and it can become a problem that repeats itself over and over damaging the relationship beyond saving. By being over possessive you are giving your partner the clear signal that you simply do not trust them and this is a hor

Sometimes Things Are Better Left Wrapped

Sometimes the great things we get don't come in the best looking packages. You might be missing out if that's the standard you use to meet people.

The 3 Truths of Online Dating Services EXPOSED

Should you trust dating tips and advice you've stumbled upon online?The answer is yes, and that's a resounding "Yes." Dating advice online is as effective as the ones you find in books and are more accessible too.

Do I Hear God When He Speaks to Me?

There was a time not so long ago that I believed everything my stepfather had told me about myself. He said I was worthless, wouldn't amount to much and that I would never be a real man which I'm assuming was according to his standards.

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast!

One of the ways to getting rid of the pain that you feel after a break up is to get your ex back. But how does one go about getting their ex back fast?

The Boyfriend Evaluation: Getting To Know Him

This article offers a checklist of questions gay men can ask themselves when dating a particular guy to help determine if he fits with their personal requirements for a life partner and vision.

The Niche of Dating in a Relationship

All over the world men and women enter relationships that either blossom into marriage or at times fade away like a flower causing each to take different paths. The formation of a relationship begins when people tend to date each other to observe, learn and understand if they are compatible with eac

How Can I Get My Ex to Want Me Back?

Have things been looking down for you because of a recent break up?Has your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend recently broken up with you?How many nights have you stayed up, just dwelling on the fact that you are no longer in the relationship, and letting the truth settle in that they really did break

How to Simplify Your Investments and Save Money

A few years ago, we met a prospective client who came to our office because he wasn't happy with the service he was getting from his existing financial advisor. He wanted to know how we would be different than the people he was already dealing with. As is our normal practice, we explained that

Key Tips to Dating Someone With a Mental Health Illness

The saying that true love knows no bounds is absolutely correct - and those that suffer from mental conditions have every right in the world to the same happiness and fulfillment that those without such illnesses enjoy. There is still a certain social stigma that stems from the topic of dating someo

No Ants Please

Life is slow and tranquil...until the ants arrive. No, not those pesky red or black insects that carry a thousand times their weight. The ants I'm referring to are actually: Automatic Negative Thoughts.