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How to Leave an Application on Facebook

Facebook has a wide selection of applications such as games, quizzes and group pages, but they can sometimes get annoying if you constantly receive updates and invitations from applications you join, drowning out your other status updates or friend requests. You can easily remove Facebook applicatio

'Correct My Grammar' Software - Improve Your Writing Assignments!

'Correct My Grammar' Software solutions became essential in the last few years as writing became one of the most popular activities among many of us who use computers and the Internet. The English language is widely used by most of us when communicating with others, especially via the Inte

What Is an Alias on a Mac?

When most people think of the word “alias,” they don’t necessarily think about computers. In Mac OS X, an alias is like a shortcut to a file or application. You can create an alias of any item on your Mac and add it to any location for easy access. Unlike the Dock, which is only co

How to Set Default File Paths in Microsoft Word

Do you find that Microsoft Word always looks in the same place for files, and it is not the place you would like it to look? The area that Word saves and opens files from is completely modifiable. If you find that you work off a flash drive more often than the hard disk, the path can be set so that

How to Convert WMAS to MP3 on a Mac

If you're a Windows user making the switch to Mac, you might have some of your music files in Windows Media audio (WMA) format. WMA is a proprietary format owned by Microsoft, and therefore these files won't play in Apple's iPod. This can be confusing and frustrating if you've got a lot of your musi

How to Overclock a Processor

Overclocking is a very popular yet dangerous practice. Improperly done, overclocking can fry your processor, motherboard, RAM and add-on cards. Before attempting to overclock your processor, you should make sure that your computer is properly optimized. Many newer computers can overclock through

How to Put a Picture on a Website

When hand-coding a Web page, it's important to know both HTML and the corresponding tags that go with it. For example, different HTML tags are used to position text in a certain way, create links and insert images into a Web page. If you want to learn how to put a picture on your website using HTML,

Making Money Online

?Making chief online is not insipid; predominance experience experienced is fresh own accord over than markedly before. authentic isn't besides albatross never buy for lifeless considering long considering the internet exists. only cuckoo task about ...

Types of ERP Software

ERP software enables business operations and departments to coordinate efforts.keyboard with blue button of vision image by air from Fotolia.comEnterprise resource planning (ERP) is an arrangement to coordinate all operations and departments within a business and develop a shared system...

How to Run a Resource CD on a Dell Computer

A Dell Resource CD contains device drivers, diagnostic programs, utilities and user guides specific to a given model of Dell computer. The Resource CD is shipped with the computer, and is packaged along with software and operating system recovery media, manuals and printed documentation. Replacement

Flex Development

Flex development is the latest web development technology more and more companies are going for. Its robustness and ease of use is what helps developers to create RIAs.

Article Submission - Basics

Article Submission - a technique is widely believed to be one of the best link building techniques by the SEO experts. If you are looking to know the basics of this SEO technique, you may ...