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How to Send Photos to Twitter

Twitter can be really addictive once you get the hang of it and start using it regularly. The more you use this site, the more you want to share your daily ramblings as tweets with all your friends. Unlike other social networking websites, such as Facebook and MySpace, Twitter is an all-text network

How to Earn Money Online With Proofs

Creative Internet entrepreneurs rake millions of dollars net income from their websites with proofs including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who earns $700 million from Facebook, Andrew Gower $650 million from Runscape and Chad Hurley $300 million from YouTube, according to a list first published

Car Logos

A logo design can be very expensive. Every sector has a different and logical approach to the creation of their brand identity.

How to Open Search History

The Internet allows individuals to browse and find a wide range of information. Almost any subject is available at the tips of the fingers. With so much information available on the Internet, it is possible to find anything. Once specific information is found, it is sometimes lost. Looking at the se

How to Tweet on UberTwitter

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become the most popular sites to visit in 2011. Twitter is a short-form message system that is delivered to your followers in 140 characters or less. You can choose to make your account public where everyone can see it or private where only your f

How to Change Skype From Chinese to English

Skype is an application that allows you to talk over the phone on the Internet. If someone who is working on your computer speaks Chinese, you can switch the language settings to Chinese. And switching the language settings back to English takes a moment to accomplish.

Cheapest Way to Get Wireless Internet

The world is a wireless place, a reality reflected in steadily growing numbers of people logging onto their laptops and smart phones everywhere. While wireless Internet access isn't always cheap, there are ways to get it inexpensively, with no strings attached.

How to Create a Map That Shows Where My Friends Are Located

You can create and share maps for free using the Google Maps online application. This will allow you to make an interactive map that includes the location of your friends, online or offline. This can be useful for a private map or for a map that includes information for a whole group of friends to r

How to Get Rid of Pages That Do Not Scroll

Occasionally you click a link on a web page and find that the window which opens is outside the boundaries of your screen, and you cannot move it or scroll it. Certain games or other online applications are created to only run at a certain screen resolution, and your screen resolution is set too low

How to Find the URL of a Picture on a Computer

A webpage on the Internet may look like it has a single URL, or web address, but many pages are actually a combination of dozens of elements, each with their own unique URL. Items such as news feeds, advertisements and stock reports have separate URLs, as do most images on a website. It's easy to fi

Password Recovery Is Now Easy

Mostly all people use various passwords to protect information and prevent cyber crimes. It is usually extremely difficult and complex to remember several passwords for multiple email accounts configu

Free Article Submission

Submitting articles to online websites are now easier than ever. There is a greater demand for quality articles on websites. Unfortunately, there are many websites that require payment in order to submit. Thankfully, there are ...