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How to Hook Up DSL to Wireless

DSL Internet is a fast alternative to traditional dial-up connections, but most modems only connect to one computer at a time over an Ethernet cable. Moving a DSL modem around the house to get Internet on different computers is a hassle you don't need to deal with. Hook a wireless router up to your

How to Troubleshoot Gibberish on Mac Mail

All Apple desktop and laptop computers come with a basic email client commonly referred to as Mac Mail, which you can configure to connect to POP, IMAP or Exchange email accounts. If you see garbled text or gibberish when you open an incoming message in Mac Mail, it likely means that the program's p

How to Speed Up Computers Instantly

Do you know how to speed up computer instantly? When the PC gets slow, some people may even advise you to discard it and to buy a new one, but it is not an option for everyone. Most of the time, we do not get the performance that we expect from our computers. For example, if I have a high-configurat

What Is a Ball Grid Array?

Surface mount technology refers to a method for mounting electrical components to printed circuit board surfaces. A ball grid arrays, or BGA, is a type of surface mounted packaging designed for use with integrated circuits.

How to Convert MOV to MP4 in a Mac

The MOV video file format is one of the primary formats for QuickTime, the default media player that comes with Mac OS X. Unfortunately, if you want to share videos files with someone who isn't on a Mac, that person might not be able to open the video. You can use QuickTime to convert your MOV forma

How to Email Using Access

Access can interface with an email sending-and-receiving program in a number of ways. You can send information from Access as an attachment or import information from emails into Access. You can also create a data collection email that incorporates information collected from your clients directly

How to Edit Album Information in a Facebook Band Page

Facebook's Page feature has a built-in template for musicians or bands. This template includes a few custom fields that let you input current album information and band member information. There aren't many fields for the current album, but you can access the Edit Page section if you want to edit th


Define .FLA - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Modify PPS Files

PowerPoint is a program by Microsoft which creates presentations and slide shows. A PowerPoint Slide Show (PPS) file is a finished PowerPoint presentation. Unlike PowerPoint's default file format (PPT), several programs display PPS files, so you don't need the Microsoft Office suite in order to view

Outsource SEO India

Outsource SEO India Online business has emerged as a powerful business tool. This has increased the demand of SEO. The skill and expertise of search engine optimizer should be harnessed by the business professionals around ...

How to Add Degrees of Transparency to Shapes in PowerPoint

PowerPoint, the Microsoft program for creating slideshows, comes with a variety of toolbars and menus that contain far more options than just typing text on a slide. When using PowerPoint's shapes, for example, designers are in complete control of the shape's appearance, size, position and color. Po