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How to Mount a Garmin GPS on a Dashboard

Garmin makes popular GPS units for both travel and transport. These devices can pinpoint your exact location and provide directions to all sorts of points of interest. Many units come with a standard window suction mount, but you can also mount the GPS to your dashboard using an additional adhesive

At What Height Should a Plasma TV Be Hung?

Plasma TVs provide high-quality entertainment viewing and take up significantly less space than traditional TV sets. You should hang your plasma TV at the proper height for your room and viewing area to avoid eye strain and headaches.

Types of Network Systems

Network systems are allow individual networks to communicate and exchange image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.comComputer network systems usually connect two--or more than two--computer networks for communication, file sharing, and data sharing purposes. Computer devices...

How to Install Apt-get on Redhat 9

Red Hat Linux 8 was criticised by many in the Linux community for a number of reasons, in particular its incompatibility with the apt-get command. In Red Hat Linux 9, however, you can use the "yum" command in exactly the same way that apt-get works. If you still want to use apt-get, then you will ha


Define HMC - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Crop a Photo

Cropping your photos can enhance their quality by removing empty background space and reestablishing the focal point. Simple image-editing software can adjust the focus and size of your digital photo by allowing you to crop the photo to a desirable size and center it on the subject of your choosing.

How to Outsource Technology & Communication

Everyday new advancements in technology and communication are made, which make these functions increasingly complicated and integrated; just several decades ago a phone (communication) and a typewriter or a copy machine (technology) was enough for a business. Currently, companies have integrated dev

How to Use Twitter on YouTube

Sharing videos on Twitter using YouTube allows you to spread valuable information and entertainment in video format to your audience. Understand the audience you hope to attract by sharing videos and ensuring that the theme or content you promote relates to your online brand, in either a personal or

oDesk Outsourcing

There are numerous factors I don't like doing in a general function full week and they generally entail processing of some form, regardless of whether that be emails, reviews or papers created by meetings. Then ...

How to Update a BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry smartphones may have computing powers, but they do not offer users the same convenient notifications as computers do when it comes to software updates. Most software updates for BlackBerry devices go unadvertised. It then becomes the consumer's job to hunt down the new updates. In order t

Acer H233H Monitor Problems: I Can't Adjust the Resolution

The Acer H233H is a type of 23-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) computer monitor. The resolution of the monitor refers to the total number of pixels that are making up the image that is displayed on the screen. If you are having a hard time adjusting the resolution of the monitor, user error is fac

Look Out For Content

Search engines list web pages in order of relevance to a search. How relevant to a search is the content of your web site? Content: One of several factors contributing to relevance to a search ...

Welcome to the Access 2007 Product Tour

If you’re switching to Microsoft Access 2007 from an earlier version, you’re bound to immediately notice some major changes in the user interface. Microsoft modeled the Access 2007 look-and-feel after the Windows Vista model, providing the application with a clean, high-tech look that coul