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House Training a Difficult Dog

House training any dog is a challenge at first. Trying to train a dog who is also stubborn, however, is even more work. Many rescued dogs come from homes where their previous owners didn't bother to house train them or weren't consistent with the training. The result is a dog that lacks understandin

What You Need To Know About Feeding Senior Horses

In this article I would like to share with you some useful information about horse care. In particular I would like to talk with you about feeding senior horses. The fact is that as our horses get older their bodies do not function just as good as they once did.

Know the Different Koi Types to Choose From

A person who is into the hobby of koi fish keeping should also be able to know about the different koi types. Knowing the different koi types will help you decide on what koi fish to keep and what types to breed or cross breed. Most breeders continue to complete their collection of the different koi

Um, Why Does My Cat Stick Her Butt in the Air?

Learn how cats talk using elevator butt posture when they stick their cat butts in the air in this this article about cat communication. Read this article to understand what elevator butt means when cats stick their cat tails in the air.

How to Feed Bean Plants to Horses

Hand-feeding is a good way to build up rapport between an owner and his horse. While a horse's staple diet is of grass or hay the occasional variation can be given as a reward, or simply as a treat. Horses will eat almost anything: from carrots to apples, corn and oats. Horses also love beans as the

Goldfish Care and Fish Tank Maintenance

Fish tank maintenance is the first step in goldfish care and is an important part of owning a tank of healthy fish. If maintained regularly, aquarium and goldfish care is relatively easy and takes little time.

The Diet of Canadian Geese

Canada geese (Branta canadensis), commonly referred to as Canadian geese, are water birds, with long necks, large bodies, webbed feet and wide, flat bills. You'll recognize one by its brown back, tan-colored breast and most distinctively, black neck and head with strip of white on the chin.

Koi Food - What Kind Of Fish Food For Your Koi?

Food and good quality water are two essential items for raising healthy koi with vibrant beautiful colors. Many of us do not pay much attention to our koi fish food. We assume that fish foods are all the same and opt for the least cost. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves our fish with a diet that

Water Treatment for Fishbowls

Bettas are the only fish that you can house safely in a fishbowl. This fish has the unique ability to breath air above the water, meaning it can survive in non-moving, non-aerated water that would quickly stress most fish. Though a betta can live in a fishbowl without a filter, heater or aerator, yo

Ideas for a Bird Theme Feely Box Activity

Feely box, or mystery box, activities are sensory games for young children who are developing their scientific and tactile observation skills. The contents of the box are hidden from sight and the child must rely solely on their sense of touch and their problem-solving skills to identify the objects

Are All Dog Foods The Same?

Your dog is a part of your family and you want your pet to live a long and very healthy life. Your dog is always there for you, ready to play, snuggle, always loyal. Your pet relies on you, as their owner, to take care of them, give them a warm place to sleep, water to drink and healthy dog food to

Video: What to Feed Newborn Puppies

Video Transcript She's really ready to eat. She's started to suckle on my finger, if you can see that. She wants to eat. This puppy's ready. What we have to do now is figure out how much to feed the puppy. We do this by determining her weight. So I'm going to use this scale here, and...

How to Feed High Energy Hunting Dogs

The dogfood you feed your high-energy dog makes all the difference between having a healthy, high performing hunting dog or having a dog that is prone to injury and poor performance. Your high energy hunting dog has special nutritional needs for high performance and a long healthy life. Hunting do