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Let's Reverse Roles! - The Importance of Socialization

Our Golden Retriever is not a happy dog.She is alone all day, and doesn't even seem happy to see us when we come home from work.We take her for a walk immediately, but do not let her interact with other dogs.My parents have told us not to, because she can get hurt or sick.We have a dog park nea

So You Want a Hypoallergenic Dog

So, how do you find a low to non-shedding, allergy friendly dog with the temperament of a companion dog and without the hunting instincts of a terrier?

How to Identify Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation, or slipping knee caps, is a fairly common issue for toy dogs. It is caused by the knee cap popping in and out of place. While this condition is not always a problem for a dog, certain health conditions can exacerbate it and the odds of this condition developing increase with age.

Skin Disorders in Yorkies

The small size and delicate appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier makes it an appealing dog breed. Yorkies are loving, energetic and brave dogs. Their petite size does not deter them from seeking adventure. They are loyal and protective companions. But like any breed, Yorkies are prone to certain heal

What Are Electronic Dog Fences?

Electronic dog fences are simply a better way to keep your pup nice and safe in your garden or backyard, instead of the conventional chain links or wooden fences. If your backyard is particularly large and expansive, then it will cost a lot to cover the area.

Responsibilities of Pets Owner

It is a rewarding experience to own a pet or have a dog companion. But it also carries great responsibilities which are not to be taken lightly. Your responsibilities have to deal with them and your community. May it be a dog bought or given by a friend; you are entitled to look after it properly. I

The Advantages of Dog Houses

If you own a dog, you will know that they aren't just pets, but more members of the family. Those who do not own dogs do not understand the unique, special bond which develops over time, or why you want to treat it as part of the family.

Puppy - The Quintessential Pet

What child hasn't dreamed of owning a puppy? Puppies represent a stalwart companion that can bond with your child and even grow up with them, and are the quintessential family pet for a good reason. They are loyal, fun-loving, and energetic, and most breeds of puppies simply love spending time

Causes of Worms in Dogs and What You Can Do About It

If your dog is a puppy, chances are that you have at least heard about the problems that worms can pose to their well-being. Worms are a common affliction for dogs, specifically those under six to eight months of age. They are as common as flea bites and just as simple to eliminate, if not simpler -

How to Adopt a Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodles, also known as Toy Poodles, are the smallest of the Poodle breed. Small enough to fit in a teacup, these Poodles are only 6 to 9 lbs. when fully grown. Quite easy to train, Teacup Poodles are intelligent, loyal and playful. It's important that you socialize and train these dogs prope

All-Weather Dog Beds for Large to Small Pooches

A versatile, all weather or waterproof dog bed offers comfort inside or out for a pooch to kick-back and take a nap. A rectangular, square or circular shaped water-resistant pet bed, is built to last in heavy rain or sunshine - these weather-resistant, washable fabrics resist odors, stains, moisture

Dogs and Children - Is This a Safe Relationship?

Dogs and children can be inseparable. They can be great friends to each other. A child and dog can both benefit from this relationship. But pet owners must be very careful to ensure that this relationship does not present problems.

Causes of Aggressive Dog Behavior

Dogs can act really aggressive sometimes especially when they are still puppies. Let's find out what are the possible causes of aggressive dog behavior.

German Shepherd Puppy Training - How to Get Started

German Shepherd dogs or Alsatians are a large sized breed of dog that is known for their strength, intelligence, and keen senses. Originally once bred for the sole purpose of herding sheep, they now are commonly used as police dogs and war dogs and are best fit for these jobs because of their devote

Pressure Mounted Pet Gates Help Keep New Puppy Frustrations to a Minimum

Pressure mounted pet gatescome is all different sizes, styles and colors, from metal and wood to durable plastic these gates are the ideal way to keep your pets safe and secure in the room or area in your house of your choice. Many find that using pressure mounted pet gates is not only a great way t