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Ideas for Southwestern Design

The colors and textures of the southwestern United States landscape inspire Southwestern design. The Southwestern design aesthetic blends the influences of early Native American, Western and Spanish inhabitants. The architecture utilizes wood, brick and adobe,. Design elements include a variety of c

Decorating a Big Room With Oversized Clocks

If you are charged with decorating a bigger room with high ceilings and nothing but space, you need to do it Texas-style. That means using the largest decorations and having a master plan to help you execute more effectively. There is one thing that all spacious rooms have in common and that is they

How to Create Relaxing Retreat in Your Home

Most people consider bedrooms just another room in the home, but this can be a huge mistake. A bedroom should be a retreat from real life and by keeping this in mind, you can make your bedroom into that beautiful space that is both welcoming and beautiful for you to escape to when you need it. There

Contemporary House Paint Colors

Contemporary home design uses black and neutral colors to emphasize straight lines and light.custom home image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.comContemporary home design uses clean lines and pale or neutral colors to make a home feel light and airy. Characteristics of a contemporary home...

Neutral Wall Colors

Choosing a neutral wall color for your room is the last step when determining your decorating color scheme. To determine the right neutrals, find the lightest hues that coordinate with your overriding color theme. Bring a piece of fabric or a prominent item from your room's decor to a paint store an

Oil-Based Vs. Latex Exterior Paint

Paint technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent decades. Many years ago, oil-based, also called alkyd, paints were the gold standard for painting a home. However, environmental and health regulations have not been friendly to oil-based paint, and in the intervening years, latex paint has

How to Make a Headboard With Mirrors

Creating a headboard with mirrors is a simple craft project that you can complete in more than one way. Assembling a montage of antique framed mirrors in a variety of sizes and shapes and organizing them on the wall behind your bed is one easy, yet beautiful, way to create a headboard and to display

Zinc Pyrithione Safety

Zinc pyrithione can be found in a number of consumer products, from food to shampoo. Risk assessments released by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the European Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products (SCCNFP) allay many concerns about the zinc pyrithione.

How to Repaint Bedroom Furniture

Furniture in your bedroom, such as a wooden dresser, can easily be repainted when you want to update the look of the room without purchasing new furniture. In order to repaint the furniture, you will need to determine which pieces will need to be updated. You can repaint bedroom furniture by first t

Color Ideas for a Pink, Black & White Room

The colors pink, white, and black are a combination that denote femininity, classiness and a touch of trendiness. A room in your home that includes these three shades can benefit from another accent color, or you can arrange the furniture and design items in the room to showcase a predominant shade