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The History of Bonsai

The first ever appearance of the Bonsai plant was in China. A thousand years ago, the practice of growing specimen tree inside pots started. These were referred to as 'pun-sai'. These plants had rugge

Outdoor Living Wishlist

A wish list isn't just for Christmas! If you enjoy being outside, you need a wish list to focus your ideas and plans for maximising your outdoor space all year round. The papers are all saying we're in for a hot July, so is your garden prepped and accessorised for the sunny days ahead?

Blown Glass Lamps

Blown glass, with its long and varied history, has taken many forms and functions.Nowhere is this medium more impressive and inspiring than in the beauty of a blown glass lamp.The element of light adds an infinitely fascinating combination of luminous color and form.

How to Repair a Concrete Floor Crack

Concrete floors are installed in the home because of their strength and durability. But concrete is not indestructible. A shifting foundation or excessive moisture and freezing can cause even the sturdiest concrete floor to crack. Most cracks in the floor can be fixed with the right tools and prepar

Greenhouse Window Opener

What does summer mean to you? It may be perhaps the sound of (hopefully) distant lawnmowers, the sight of butterflies darting in the air or bees, industrious and efficient, or maybe the opportunity to sink ...

How Do I Grow a Magnolia Tree in California?

They are considered icons of the U.S. South, but magnolia trees generally do quite well in California. Winter cold can be a limiting factor for magnolias grown in California; they won't survive in the Sierra Nevada or colder mountainous or foothill areas. Intensity and timing of late winter or sprin

Rose Tending in June

Do you have any roses growing in your garden? It does not matter whether the rose is a floribunda, hybrid tea, standard, patio, climbing or rambling, all will now benefit from a plant health check up.

How to Ride a Knee Board

Knee boarding is akin to water skiing, wakeboarding and barefooting. However, as the name suggests, this sport is performed on a knee board, a short, wide platform and done in a kneeling position. A knee board has a strap to secure the rider's legs to the board. It also has padding to protect their

How to Make a Tiki Bar

If you are in desperate need of an island style vacation, but you just do not have the time of money for such an expensive trip, why not bring the island to your backyard?Adding a Tiki bar to your bac

How to Treat Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are fun and painless to grow as a root crop in your personal garden. These vegetables are highly versatile, and can be harvested and eaten at almost any stage of their growth. Homeowners and gardeners across the world enjoy growing their own potatoes, and presenting the homegrown product to

How Can You Use Granite In Your Kitchen?

While doing home renovation do not forget to renovate your kitchen. It is an inseparable part of the house. Still many people do not give much attention toward its maintenance and end up with an unfinished house. You do not want to be one of them. So, be careful about the kitchen while you are doing

How to Avoid Pipe Ruptures

Ruptured pipes are a concern for many homeowners, in northern as well as southern climates. During cold weather, pipes can expand as ice forms and may eventually rupture. If the water inside a pipe is completely frozen, pressure will build up, which can burst the pipe. Repairing a pipe can be costly