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Importance of the Year 2012

What is so important about December 2012? For those who may have been unaware of all the hype about the year 2012 the world as we know it will supposedly come to an end. This belief is based on the assumption the Mayan calendar ends on December 20, 2012.

Looking And Seeing

For those of you that did English in school this sounds like a vac topic right? And intelligent teachers at the time told us to run away from vac topics. Now I know why they had to do that, you do not

Stress Symptoms

When you think about stress symptoms, you would think any normal person would know when their stress level is getting too high.Think about it.Isn't that a bit like asking a drunk to tell you how drunk they are?High levels of stress can impair judgement and the ability to apply critical thinking

Hypnotic Seduction System

Wouldn't it be easier if there was just some kind of hypnotic seduction system? It would make life a lot easier for many guys, and we wouldn't have to put so much effort into getting a woman. Whilst hypnosis has been tried by some to attract women, there is still no consensus on whether it

What Happens When You Fail To Achieve Your Goals?

There is nothing wrong in failing. It happens with everyone some time or the other; but starting with this thinking amounts to "planning to fail". In the long run, the issue is not that of failing; but what do you do after that! Here is a concise guide to help you face the reality and move

How to Get Into the Life Coaching Profession

Think you're caught attempting to contemplate what you would like to do for a livelihood? If you enjoy supporting folks and dealing one-on-one with people you really should carefully consider being a life coach. Life coaching has developed into a very fulfilling career for many individuals.

How To Awaken The Genius In You

All of us remember that when we were younger we had so many dreams, but what happened to our childhood dreams? Were we just mere dreamers building castles in the air or have we really lost our creativ

Three Steps For Getting Things Done

Have you noticed how often it turns out that the thing we most don't want to do, when done, turns out to be the thing we most love? It reminds me of Joseph Campbell's quote, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

Teamwork Gets The Job Done

During a snowstorm last winter, where my part of Long Island got about eight inches of snow, while Central Park got over twenty inches, my three sons (all in their twenties) decided to create a real igloo on our front lawn. Their "creation" took about two days and a lot of creativity, ener

Journey ToLife Purpose

Does each of us have a life purpose? Is there such a thing as right livelihood?What does it mean to live a purpose-driven life? Is it possible to love what you do and have others to pay you well to do it?

How To Stay Safe When Living Alone

Leaving alone can sometimes make you feel afraid and weary. However, it is necessary for everybody to experience especially when you plan to gain enough confidence and independence. You can never get away with this kind of fear unless you are going to face it bravely. Living solo has never been easy

Ignite Your Success - 21 Actions

Taking action is the strongest way to create success in your life.The following are the 21 Actions that you can take right now, to ignite the success in your life, business, career, relationships, or family.Take one or two of the actions that you are better at and practice them.Then, start working o

How to Bring Happiness to Others

Sometimes, people may overlook how important it is to make other people happy. They are mostly preoccupied on prioritizing their happiness first. You can always try and do something about it. Try reading this article. It provides you with some of the most important things you need to remember in ord