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Tips on Writing a Personal Ad to Attract Men

Although the idea of marketing yourself in a personal ad might seem daunting to some, it can be done with a little bit of creativity and focusing. In this busy world, it can be so difficult for women to find Mr. Right. One way is to expand your dating options by penning an attractive personal ad.

Unconventional Dating

The stereotypical date of dinner followed by a movie is very popular. I hate it. I think it's a horrible way to get to know someone new especially if it is a first date.

Make a Man Want You - Simple Steps For Massive Success

What does it take to make a man want you?How can you make a man want you more than anything?Can you find the key to his heart?Most women in this world are ordinary.The models and cover girls are the exception not the norm.Therefore, normal, ordinary women can get men to want them.Here are some secre

When Fools Rush Into Relationships

If you're the type to fall in love quickly, you'll need to read this.It is possible to fall in love at first sight-what's not to love in a person on their best behavior?!?But as I've witnessed many times, people don't usually show their true selves until several months down

The Time, The Attitude, The Place!

Youve been working on yourself, got that new look, rekindled old friendships, made some new ones, maybe joined a group or two and the desire has begun, youve realized that you do desire to get out there and meet men!