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Digital Cameras - For Variety of Features

The digital SLR Cameras, where SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, are an essential tool for all people who are serious about photography. The market for these is continuously expanding with new range of cameras with new features being launched on a frequent basis. The latest are the Nikon D40 and Di

The Single Platform For The Budding Stars And Talents

Present days are very stressful; we work outside in the offices for a long time in a stressed environment. Very less time is getting to spend over the personal life, because of this many a time we get saturated of these routine things and expect a change in the life.

Tips To Win Handsome Online Bingo Pay-Outs

This is the age of mobile bingo. Today, everybody loves to play, work and do everything on mobile or tablet. Even avid gamers love to enjoy playing games on mobile phones or smartphones. Every month ...

Diligence See's Results

I remember as a child looking forward to Christmas. In February Christmas seemed like it would never get here. But as the year wore on into September, October and November, my excitement intensified and on ...

The Biography of Sade

On January 16th 1959, Helen Folsade Adu was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. Years later, she was to become a sensational musician, with a very distinctive voice and personal charm. This is the story of Sade: Adebisi Adu, and Ann Hayes, also known as Sade's parents, had an unfortunate marriage and by t

Better Gaming Interaction With the XBox Kinect

The stigma attached with children playing video games is that they sit on the couch playing them, not getting any exercise. In fact, until about a decade ago, there were no games that involved doing anything more than pushing a few buttons on a controller.

How to DJ - DJ Mentors

The most effective way to learn how to DJ is by finding a quality DJ mentor - A mentor is someone who has achieved what you wish to. Learn how to get your own DJ mentor and become a DJ now.

How to Draw a Big Picture

Big drawings are eye catching and bold, but creating one may seem like a daunting task. The best way to draw a big picture is to make several sketches of it on a smaller scale. Doing this familiarizes you with the image. Once the small drawing is perfected, transfer the smaller image to the larger

Changing Your Habits to Benefit the Earth

While most people assume becoming green means making major changes in their own life this isn't always the case. It doesn't have to be disruptive or difficult. To many peoples surprise becoming green is easier than they might expect.

Chapter 1 - And So the Journey Begins

One day my friends and I decided to watch a movie about ballet, the movie called "Center Stage." At first I was a skeptic about it as I was a well known hip-hop dancer, my hip-hop group earned lots of money and was very successful. Everyone thought that for sure ballet is only for girls! B

Auditions - Finding the Right One For You

For auditions, you want to find the right auditions for you. If you are a six foot tall, blue eyed, blonde male, you wouldn't want to show up for an audition for a dark haired, dark eyed, five foot six inches and under role. That would be such a huge waste of time for you, and for the casting c

Andy Warhol Guns

Andy Warhol Guns was a series of paintings which have provoked great discussion as well as proving very popular as fine art print reproductions in recent years. This article introduces the Guns series of prints and considers their role within the life of famous American Pop Art painter, Andy Warhol.

Early Spring Camping in the Smoky Mountains

The U.S. National Park Service operates ten family campgrounds within the boundaries of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During early spring the park service does not accept reservations for the sites. Campers are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.