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The Role of Biology in Environment

Biology in the environment? As our understanding grows of how interrelated the world is and just how amazingly powerful even the smallest bacteria have been in shaping our environment, we have come to

Video: Does Mass Change When a Physical Change Occurs?

Video Transcript Hello, my name is James Lincoln, I'm a science teacher and I'm going to answer whether mass changes when a physical change occurs. In chemistry, we often talk about conservation of mass during chemical changes such as the rusting of an iron nail. But is it also true...

Games for Times Tables

Students typically don't look forward to having to learn times tables. Memorizing the multiplication tables and then recalling the facts can be quite frustrating. If you want to help your students remember their times tables, you can use various games. These games help children to have fun while the

Numerical and Algebraic Expressions

Introduction to numerical and algebraic expressions: Numeral: A number is a mathematical object used in counting and measuring. A notational symbol which represents a number is called a numeral, but in common usage the word ...

How to Calculate the Speed of an Object Going Downhill

While often regarded as a specialized field not intended for common use, physics serves many useful roles in explaining the physical functions of our universe. While more recent pursuits, such as bio-thermodynamics or string theory, still exist largely in the realm of scientific theory, the basic pr

Social Worker Training Opportunities And Objectives

Here is how to start your career as a social worker! The training usually begins after you have completed your masters' degree. It contains a lot of classes and it usually takes a while to get your license. On the other hand, licensing is the main objective of all the studies that you have been

Famous New York Art Schools

Famous New York City Art SchoolsNew York City image by paolobenne from Fotolia.comPursuing a career in any kind of art, be it visual, performance, dance or music, is an important decision. With dozens of famous art museums and galleries, New York City is a mecca for aspiring artists....

Graduation Commencement Ideas

Commencement is the feather in the cap of many high school and college students. At this concluding celebration of education, students have the opportunity to receive the diplomas or degrees for which they have worked so hard. Make your commencement ceremony even more special by integrating some ele

Four Smart Education Moves You Won't Regret

When it comes to education, you want to leave no room for mistakes. You want to do this once and you want to do it right. So here's a look at some smart education moves concerning your career that you will not regret.

PCAT Preparation: Get Rid Of Fears

Your fears can be detrimental to your study as you would not be able to prepare yourself for the examination if you do not get rid of your fears. PCAT syllabus consists of Chemistry, Biology, ...

Certification of a School Nurse

School nurse certification programs teach the same skills as the normal nursing programs although they concentrate specifically on how to deal with children. The programs have different facets which will definitely go beyond stomach ache ...

How to Get the Mass of a Powder Using a Triple Beam Balance

There is a skill set required for lab work requiring the measurement of dry powders on a triple beam balance. Finding the mass of substances without error is important for the final results, so clear directions or familiarity with a triple beam balance are extremely important for the success of the

Things That Affect an Ecosystem Lab

To create a science lab on things that affect an ecosystem, students will need to understand the many variables that could affect an ecosystem. They need to relate these general processes and ecological relationships back to the specific ecosystem that they are studying. It is helpful if the student

How to Use Euler's Theorem to Find the Number of Edges

Leonhard Euler was an 18th-century Swiss mathematician who, among other things, did a certain amount of research in graph theory. He described the relationship between the number of edges, the number of vertices, and the number of faces in a planar graph. There are some constraints associated with t

Tiles and the Countries That Pioneered Them

Tiles have long been a beautiful and functional addition to the walls, roofs and floors of buildings the world over. Many nations have contributed to the manufacture, design and export of these often beautiful items. This article looks at some of the top national contributors towards the usage of ti

My Animal Friends and Acquaintances

When dealing with animal spirits it is almost impossible for me to tell the difference. Some people have this problem when dealing with human spirits. It depends on the person who is making contact. Here are some of my experiences in this field.