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And Then There Were None Quotes

And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie, was originally published in 1939. The work is one of the greatest murder mysteries ever written by the mistress of mystery herself. Originally published as Ten Little Indians, the point of view in this novel moves back and forth between the ten character

5 Reasons for Increasing Competition in College Admissions

Each year, college applicants endure an admissions season even more competitive than the last. Despite that there are only about fifty American colleges among a total of approximately 2000 that reject more students than they accept, each of these schools over the past few years have received more ap

How to understand the basics of photography

Photography is slowly becoming a mainstream profession and people are opting for it like anything. But the thing is that most people think that anyone with a canon camera considers himself a photographer and tries ...

How to Succeed as an Older College Student

Colleges were once a place for bright-eyed 18-year-olds. No longer. Today's college freshmen can be 30, 50 or even 80-years-old. Some older students are people who couldn't attend college after high school for some reason. Others are people making mid-life career changes or exploring other interests

The Egyptian Ankh - Charms, Symbols and Origins

The Egyptian ankh is a familiar symbol seen as ankh charms, on decorative items, on T shirts and many other places in the modern world. It is similar in appearance to the Christian cross with a loop above the bar. It's origins are still a mystery but it's meaning is clear. It is the Egypti

Effective Teaching Strategies & Autism

Autism is a complex, neurological disorder that affects a child's behavior and his ability to communicate and interact socially. Autistic children benefit greatly from structured settings, daily routines and constant repetition. To work successfully with an autistic child, it is imperative to learn

Detroit Schools Fight To Stay Open

Detroit Schools battle the classic struggles of a major city: high teacher turnover, high dropout rates, low test scores, and on-going violence. For some of Detroit Schools, however, all these problems may soon disappear. 34 Detroit Schools are slated to close by fall of 2007.

Why MBA?

"Want to be an MBA?" This is probably one of the most hackneyed and trite comments that the graduating youth of recent times come to face. Graduates today want to be an MBA, but have little idea what a manager really does

Learning Welding Through Training Classes

Welding is a technical skill with a long history in human endeavor. Early welding began with the ancient art of blacksmithing, when pieces of metal were heated and hammered together to create a strong

Utah Colleges and all that they offer

It's time. You have finished high school or you have completed your sabbatical from life and decide it is time to apply to college. That is, after all, the mature thing to do and will provide

Schools That Teach European Baking Cakes & Truffles

A number of schools offer truffle-making courses.Belgian White handmade Truffle image by Anton Kozlovsky from Fotolia.comBaking cakes and making chocolates is more than just an art. It is also a science that requires precise timing, understanding the effects of temperature, moisture and...

Journalists - The Library is Your Friend

I feel sorry for the library. It has truly lost its glory in the past 10 years. Once thought of as the end-all-be-all place for information, it has been replaced by Internet search engines that quickly lead us to websites within seconds, minutes. No one takes the time to browse the library's sh

What Kinds of Chemicals Does a School Use in Their Swimming Pool?

School swimming pools use a variety of disinfecting agents to help keep swimmers safe from waterborne pathogens.swimming pool image by YN from Fotolia.comSchools use chemical disinfectants to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, algae and other potentially harmful waterborne agents....

How to Go to School for Modeling

Modeling schools teach poise, how to walk on the runway and make-up application, and these lessons are helpful to individuals that have little experience or training in the field of modeling. Most modeling schools will accept any applicant for admission, although there may be some age restrictions,