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Controlling Condo Cash Crashes

Imagine that you are living in a desirable city in a desirable condo and that all the residents have just been presented with a projected repair bill from their Home Owner Association (HOA) for $80,000 ...

How to Short Sell a Condo

If you owe more on your condo than it is worth, and can no longer make the payments, a short sale may be the best option for you. In a short sale, you put the condo on the market for what it will sell for, and attempt to get the mortgage company to accept the proceeds of the sale and transfer clear

List of Unique Jobs

There are a variety of jobs out there that are interesting and strange.good job image by Gale Distler from Fotolia.comNot everyone is cut out for the typical 9-to-5 gig. There are many unique, strange, or just plain weird jobs out there to be had. Some jobs are both interesting and...

Leather Dresses Will Really Turn Heads

Ah, leather dresses. This body-hugging, revealing, hot style of club dresses is making a comeback and you may wager your last nickle that it's a fashion trend that we need to grasp with open arms. ...

Super Affiliates Weapon - How to Earn Extra Income at Home

Affiliate marketing is indeed the best method to earn extra income at home. If you want to create an additional income stream in your life, internet is the best way to go. While in the internet, affiliate marketing is the perfect business module that you can follow. Why is this? This is because inte

Websites Relation With Seo

First thing I would like to tell is what Web design is...?Designing of pages of a website and web application using codes like HTML (hyper text markup language), CSS (cascading style sheet), and Flash and Images. You can make your own website by yourself or can hire a web developer. The fast growth

The Bright Side of Recession

Every time we switch on the TV/radio/Internet it seems we're greeted by yet more gloomy talk of how bad the economic crisis is/will become. Sure, 2009 seems set to be a tough year for most, but even recession has its silver lining. Here are several reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead.