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Yoga pose - Heaven and Earth

This exercise is called Heaven and Earth because you reach to the sky and root to the earth at the same time. It stretches the side of your body and brings oxygen to your back and spine; it helps you

How to Use Mitts to Stop a Dog From Digging

Dogs dig holes for many reasons. Sometimes they dig out of instinct, and other times they dig out of boredom. Sometimes they see their owners digging in the garden and want to dig too. Whatever the reason, an owner is rarely pleased to see his pooch tearing up the yard. One way to discourage this ac

Man, I LOVE Bikram Yoga!

A healthy and confident person is ready to accept more challenges and a whole new way of life. Just by realizing the benefits gained from Bikram yoga is really an inspiration. Through testimonials and reading materials about Bikram yoga, anyone is being prepared to change for the better.

How Do You Find Yoga Information on Different Poses?

Maggie's friend had recently told her about the great health benefits that yoga provided, and she really wanted to try it out for herself. However, she didn't want to sign a commitment to a long-term membership at a studio or commit to a regular class. What she was really looking for was s

Yoga Routine for Beginners

To do a yoga routine for beginners you only need about half an hour per day and the equipment is minimal, i.e. a yoga mat.

How Hot Yoga Helps With Weight Loss, Fitness

Weight loss is all about treating the body well. This means eating well and investing in an exercise regimen that not only speeds up the heart, but also strengthens and tones the muscles.

Stress BrahmaAndBrahmana

his must be done for our own blossoming in view of the fact observed every day; that even though; “I am BRAHA”, is true; we are also a body, mind, society and the mankind” and through NAMASMARAN and SWADHARMA we would reach the state of being BRAHMA and not merely declare that &ldq

Value of Meditation

Are you rushing here and there every day? Do you know you can reduce your heart and breathing rate without medication? Do you wish to live a healthier life? Don't you know that your enemies cannot take away your happiness?

How to Attach a Double Shoulder Strap to a Ping Hoofer Vantage

Ping's Hoofer Vantage golf bag consists of five club-dividing sections at the mouth, and seven pockets throughout its polypropylene canvas body. It is offered in numerous colors, and can be personalized and custom-embroidered by the manufacturer. Double kickstands extend when the bag is placed firml

How Does Yoga Help in Managing Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease of uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood. This happens because the body cannot produce enough insulin hormones to take up the blood sugar or because the cells cannot use up the sugar available in the fluids around them. It is either classified as type I or type II depending on

Yoga Anti-Aging Health Benefits

The success of turning back the clock on the process of growing old and the ability to feel young again has inspired the baby boomer generation. Quite often people who begin using Yoga in their older years discover that they feel even better than they did in their younger years.

Yoga Equipment

As a new comer to yoga, what should you look for in yoga equipment? There are many things that you need when you start out. This does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive products. I once bought an electronic juicer off of a late night paid programming.

How to Do a Partner Yoga Chest Stretch

The yoga partner chest stretch helps open the muscles of the chest and shoulders. It can help to improve posture as well. When done gently and slowly, it can provide a great stretch for the shoulder area and help to counter a forward bending posture. Since so many people spend time at a computer and

When To Meditate

Any time is a good time to meditate; however, at a minimum, twice per day, although this is one case where more definitely IS better. The best times to meditate are in the morning upon awakening, and at night, before going to sleep, and if you can, at lunch time or mid-day.