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How Yoga Principles Have Evolved

In recent years the public has demanded more and more information about the way to live a more healthy lifestyle. We are starting to realize that conventional doctors and medicine may not have all the answers. Many people are turning to Yoga to help them lead less stressful and overall healthier liv

Fitness by Yoga

Yoga is a good practice to maintain a healthy body and mind. The article says all about yoga and its health benefits.

Getting the Most From Your Yoga Practice

How to understand the real purpose of practicing yoga - After practicing and teaching karate and tai chi for many years, I was drawn to yoga in my quest for a spiritual connection. First it was from books, then from videos and finally I started visiting local yoga studios in search of a teacher. In

Yoga For Shedding Some Extra Pounds

Can Yoga help you shed those extra holiday pounds? I know what you're thinking already. When most people think of losing weight, they envision themselves running on a treadmill for what seems like hours, until they're drenched in sweat and just about ready to collapse.

Yoga Warm-Ups for Children

After centering, the warm-up is an important component for the beginning of any Yoga class. Students need that transition time to go from an active and noisy environment to a more soothing, quiet place. It is also important to warm up the body before stretching the muscles and joints to avoid injuri

ndring Lives Gennem Et Kursus I Mirakler

Som titlen antyder, Et Kursus i Mirakler er en undervisnings-enhed. Den lærer os, hvad der er virkeligt og hvad der er uvirkeligt, og fører os til den direkte oplevelse af vores egen indre lærer.

Health Benefits of Yoga - Back Pain

Used for healing the mind, body, and consciousness, Yoga and Ayurveda are two fields that are regarded as one for many years. Yoga involves cleansing the mind and consciousness. On the other hand, Ayurveda focuses more on the physical health. However, Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other.

Five Mistakes Many Do When Practicing Yoga

There are a few mistakes that are usually done by many people when practicing yoga. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid. 1. Improper breathing. Mastering how to breathe properly is as important as mastering the different yoga poses. To breath properly you must bring your breath to yo

Mindfulness Meditation - How to Mine Your Past for Creative Gold

In our headlong rush to create a new, supposedly better reality for ourselves, there is a great danger of reinforcing a pervasive belief that what we have now isn't good enough. Such an attitude is counter-productive and a sure recipe for unhappiness. But this constant focus on the future also

Cat-Cow Stretch - Chakravakasana

The Cat-Cow stretch is a great way to get your spine moving and prevent back pain. It's simple once you know how, so we're taking your through it step by step.

Meditation Experiences

What it feels like to be in a deep meditative state and basic info on different types of meditation. Meditation is an experience of heightened awareness, not a state of unconsciousness.

Join Online Yoga Classes And Feel The Difference

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular all over the world and is practiced by millions to gain health benefits. There are people who have heard of yoga but never tried it. Most people who try it find it wonderful as they experience wide range of benefits from it.

Find the Right Yoga Clothes and Props for a Healthy Living

Yoga apparels have also become fashionable and a woman generally prefers to choose something that it not just comfortable. But also gives them confidence and a smart look when it comes to choosing the yoga clothes.

Universal Laws of Yoga - Part 1

What is Yoga?Why do some religious fundamentalists fear Yoga?What is the objective of Yoga?These questions about the true purpose of Yoga always arise, but the answers are not quite clear.So, lets get to the heart of the matter.