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How to Fish Without Fishing Poles & Bait

Cast-nets are an effective alternative to fishing with hook, line and bait. These nets are also called spreader nets, bait nets, brill nets or mullet nets and vary from 4 feet in diameter up to 12 feet. The nets consist of netting designed to open up when cast into the water. Lead weights or steel c

How to Carve Abalone Shells

Carving abalone shells so you can use them as decorative jewelry is a challenging task. Despite the challenge, you can create unique, beautiful designs with just a little practice. You do need to be careful, however, as the powder created during carving can be toxic if inhaled or absorbed into the s

Fishing for Brown Trout in Clear Fork, Ohio

The Clear Fork River, named Ohio’s Most Scenic River in 2006 by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, is known for brown trout fishing. Newly-stocked trout and established browns provide a rewarding challenge to veteran fly fishermen and casual weekend anglers.

Ibex Hunting in Texas

A Nubian ibex is a type of mountain goat originating in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula that flourishes in Texas. It prefers high-desert, rocky, mountainous regions. Due to its agility and speed, an ibex is difficult to hunt. A hunter must know where to look to take one down with ease.

Canadian Walleye Fishing Tips

A freshly caught walleye.walleye image by Elena Vdovina from Fotolia.comThe walleye is a North American pike perch, a predatory freshwater species of fish in the perch family. In Canada, catching walleyes is one of the most popular activities among recreational fishermen. If you are...

The Ultimate Trout Fishing Flies Guide.

There are many ways that have been suggested or are available to get a great catch. One of these methods is the use of fishing flies. These are artificial lures designed to mimic the trout ...

Dangers to the Alligator Snapping Turtle

Among the many endangered animals is a peculiar creature that has captivated animal enthusiasts due to its many unusual features. The alligator snapping turtle shares common characteristics of turtles, but has a head often mistaken for that of an alligator. Growing to hundreds of pounds,...

Pennsylvania Hunting and Fishing

Pennsylvania outdoor enthusiasts have participated in hunting and fishing for generations. Spending time in the outdoors can create a lifetime of memories. Hunting and fishing also serve as an important tool for conservation and for the economy. To control hunting and fishing, the Pennsylvania Game

Minnesot Ice Fishing Tips

Ice fishermen use augers to drill holes through the iceice fishing image by Inger Anne Hulb?|kdal from Fotolia.comThe northern central state of Minnesota is home to number of ponds and lakes, which provide excellent fishing opportunities year round. During the winter season, which in...

Chumming Tricks

Chumming is a fishing term that refers to placing bait into the water to attract fish to a specific area. Chumming is a relatively simple process that works for a variety of fish in both freshwater streams and lakes as well as in the ocean. There are a few things that a person can do to make chum fi

How to Tie a Big Black Stone Fly Pattern

A black stone fly is used for fishing trout in the cold and oxygen rich waters along rivers and moving streams. A big black stone fly is simply a larger version of the popular fly. To tie a big black stone fly, use a #10 hook for the base. These flies are solid choices during the late spring when th

How Do You Get Into the Battle Tower in "Divinity 2?"

A lone hero taking on an ancient evil that threatens the world is a fairly common story in fantasy games. "Divinity 2: Ego Draconis" travels this often-tred path with a unique hero and an original world. You play the last of the Dragon Knights, warriors who can change into a dragon. During the game

How to Put a Bobber on Your Line

Submerged logs and weeds provide shelter for fish, and they also present hazards for fishing. For the unlucky fisherman, a snagged hook means either cutting the line or wading into the cold water to free the hook. By forcing the hook to dangle below the water at a pre-determined depth, fishing bobbe

How to Fish With Hoop Nets

Various forms of hoop nets have been used for centuries to trap fish, crustaceans, turtles and other aquatic species. A hoop net consists of a series of hoops covered by a cylinder of netting. One end of the cylinder is left open while the other end is closed, usually with a drawstring. A cone-shape

Fitness Clubs in Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital at nightWashington, DC Skyline image by dwight9592 from Fotolia.comWashington, D.C. offers plenty of options for gym rats and exercise buffs. A newcomer can find a club tailored for his preferences--everything from yoga classes to weight training. The basic options...

What Kind of Bait Is Used for Lobsters?

Lobsters are large crustaceans found in saltwater and are expensive to buy. They are caught using lobster pots, which work in a similar way to humane mouse traps. The pot is baited and an entrance allows the lobster in. The center is filed with netting which will not allow the lobster out. There are

Lake Guntersville Spring Fishing Tournaments

Lake Guntersville, in northern Alabama, regularly draws bass fishermen who are eager to try their luck. The scenic lake stretches over 75 miles from Nickajack Dam to Guntersville Dam on the Tennessee River. Its 900 ...

How to Wade Safely While Fly-Fishing

Unless you are fly fishing from a boat or from the bank, you're going to be out wading. In addition to buying boots and waders that are comfortable and fit well, there are a few things you can keep in mind that may keep you from joining the fish underwater.

How to Measure the Carapaces of Mole Crabs

The tidal regions of the world are a hybrid ecosystem different from both dry land and the open water, with a number of species who live their lives only in the region between the high and low tide marks. One prolific species found in North America is a tiny crustacean called the sand crab or mole c