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How to Carve Abalone Shells

Carving abalone shells so you can use them as decorative jewelry is a challenging task. Despite the challenge, you can create unique, beautiful designs with just a little practice. You do need to be careful, however, as the powder created during carving can be toxic if inhaled or absorbed into the s

How to Fish Without Fishing Poles & Bait

Cast-nets are an effective alternative to fishing with hook, line and bait. These nets are also called spreader nets, bait nets, brill nets or mullet nets and vary from 4 feet in diameter up to 12 feet. The nets consist of netting designed to open up when cast into the water. Lead weights or steel c

How to Make a Slip Bobber & the Knot

Slip bobbers are different from the fixed line bobbers many anglers use. The slip bobber advantage is having the bobber on a fixed knot that allows the bobber to move up and down the line, adjusting as the water depth changes. Make a slip bobber with a standard bobber from a tackle store, and use de

How to Use a Flasher Sonar

If you go fishing as a hobby, you know that gauging the conditions under the water can at times prove challenging. If you use a sonar flasher device, you can quickly determine the depth an temperature of the water in a certain location, as well as whether any fish are swimming below you. Using a fla

How Do Balloons Lose Helium?

LeakageHelium balloons deflate over time as they lose gas through the walls and imperfections in the sealed neck of the balloon.LatexLatex balloons are more porous and allow the helium to leak out more rapidly. Unless coated with a special sealant, latex balloons will deflate in 8 to 12...

How to Make Homemade Catfish Doughball Bait

Catfish are so named because of the barbels they have on their face that look just like the whiskers on a cat. There are many different types of catfish, but none of them have any scales. Catfish is a delicious tasting fish that can be caught by fishermen and then prepared and served at home. The on

What Bait to Use in Shallow Murky Water for Bass

When bass move to murky waters in the shallows, there are both live and artificial baits that will work. Chances for catching a limit increase when shallow water is near cover for bass and bait fish. Bait presentation is also important, particularly when bass are not feeding.

What Kind of Fishing Rod Is Good for White Bass?

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the white bass averages 10 to 11 inches in length and generally weighs 3/4 to 1 1/2 pounds. At these measurements the white bass is smaller than many other types of bass. White bass are common in many parts of the United States and can be fo

Tips for River Fishing Smallmouth Bass

The smallmouth bass has a well-earned reputation for providing anglers with a great battle once on the line. The species combines strength, agility and stamina to perform a series of leaps from the water in an effort to escape. In many parts of the nation smallmouth bass inhabit rivers. The angler w

Fishing in Port Angeles, Washington

Located on Washington state's Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles is a premier vacation destination spot. In addition to fishing trips, the area also boasts a variety of restaurants, entertainment, events, wineries, casinos and local and national parks. Fishers arrive with the sole intent of going out o

Things You Need When You Go for Fishing

Fishing is an exciting outdoor sport that is enjoyed all year around. It can be a great source of entertainment for the outdoor adventurers. The outdoor fishing can be for food or for entertainment that ...

How to Breed Crawdads

Crawdads, also referred to as crawfish or crayfish, are a member of the lobster family. These crustaceans lives mostly in freshwater, although a few varieties can survive in saltwater. Because crawdads do not have a lengthy lifespan, they typically breed quickly. Placing male and female crawdads tog

How to Rig a Super Fluke

The Super Fluke is arguably the most popular soft plastic bait manufactured by Zoom Bait Co. This approximately 4-inch soft plastic lure comes in a number of different colors and can be rigged using a variety of methods. The following rigging method is one of the most popular and can be used to catc

How to Make Hooks for Cubicles

If you need somewhere to hang your coat in your cubicle besides the back of your chair, you can make your own coat hook. Hang pictures or other decorations around your cubicle just like you would at home by using simple office supplies. You're likely to feel more productive at work when you're comfo

How to Rig a Fishing Line Using a Bobber

Attaching a bobber is one of the most popular ways to rig a fishing line because bobbers give anglers an indication of when fish are biting on their hook, and also help keep their hook off the bottom. Bobbers are used often to help young or beginning anglers decide when they should set the hook, but

How to Make Lines With the Pen Tool in Illustrator

With Adobe Illustrator, you can create images using various tools such as the Brush, Eraser, Pencil and Pen. The Pen tool creates a vector image, or a precise drawing that can be enlarged without pixelation. Use the Pen tool to create lines using a variety of brushes, colors and strokes available in