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Cool Hotels in Athens, Greece

View the Acropolis while staying at a cool Athens hotel.Pandroseion on the Acropolis image by DocAcesRock from Fotolia.comThe spirits of Zorba, Eros and Dionysos are alive and well in Athens, Greece. The cradle of Western Civilization still resonates with the hedonistic vibes of the...

Ancient Places to Visit in Greece

Ancient Greece conjures up images of many people, places and works of art, architecture and literature -- Plato and Aristotle, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Athens and Sparta, Zeus and Apollo, Aeschylus and Sophocles. There are hundreds of amazing ancient sites open to visitors today. Viewing them tran

Chelsea - London Neighborhood

Once a center of innovation in the 19th century when the area was a veritable Victorian artists' colony, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones lived in the neighborhood that has since lost in youth culture and settled into a small town atmosphere in the midst of the huge city. Chelsea is famous fo

Luna (172)

Elephant Parade London 2010 is the biggest art event London has ever seen. Over 250 painted elephants appeared all over town to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant. Enjoy these photos of Elephant Parade London.

Sidewalk Sale on Queen's Day in Amsterdam

You've heard all about the revelry -- now have a look at these pictures of Queen's Day in Amsterdam to see what the biggest celebration of the year really looks like.

Oxford Street

Enjoy these photos of the London Christmas lights 2009.

In Toledo Cathedral

Toledo is one of the three essential day trips from Madrid (the others being El Escorial & Segovia). Pictures of the beautiful old town.

Monuments in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmarkcopenhagen image by Einar Bog from Fotolia.comWhen visiting Copenhagen, Denmark, you may see monuments of historical, memorial or biblical significance that memorialize various Denmark citizens or events. Monuments pay homage to victims of war, commemorate major works...

Learning Spanish in Spain

So You're Thinking of Learning Spanish in Spain? Read this unbiased information on how to choose where to learn Spanish in Spain.