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Create a Fire Easily Out Of Two Sticks Of Wood

In this article I'll be describing the basic process, which amount to four steps, and allow you to create a fire quite easily out of two sticks of wood. Whether you're going camping in the woods with your friends and family, or wishing to start a bonfire, there are fewer life skills which

3 Easy Ways to Build a Campfire

If you're going on a camping trip with your family, the one thing everyone is sure to be looking forward to is having a roaring campfire. If you've never built one before though, you might not know exactly how to get a campfire going nicely. So let's look at three easy ways to do this

Dry Camping in the Padre Islands

Dry camping in the Padre Islands is a popular way for RV and camper travelers to see the natural beauty of the islands. There are many primitive campsites and free parking lots for dry camping fans to enjoy the islands.

3 Amazing Experiences You Must Try While Glamping In Ladakh

Ladakh makes for a great glamping destination and there are plenty of enjoyable and even thrilling experiences for travellers to try during their luxury camping tours. This article lists three activities that help travellers cherish some of the best aspects of the region - its natural beauty and wea

Golf Camps for Kids in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton is a city on the western coast of central Florida, just south of the Tampa area. Bradenton is home to the IGM Leadbetter Golf Academy, a sports camp for children ages 8 through 18. The camp offers a number of programs, some of which are purely athletic and some of which combine athletic ac

Finding A Good Campground - 5 Simple Ways

Do you know where to go camping in your area? Have you kept your eyes and ears open to suggestions? Finding a campground to camp out is much easier than it used to be. However, finding a campground you like, that has the activities you like may be a little harder with all your choices.

Camping - Organized From Humble Beginnings

Camping can make a wreck rather than be recreation if you have to throw everything into your vehicle, and hope to find it when you are there. Would you like some great tips on packing and organizing you trailer or backpack for camping?

Campfire Styles

The type of campfire you build depends on how quickly you need a source for heat, light or cooking and how long you want the fire to last. As long as you have a reliable fire source, dry tinder to give it a strong start and enough logs to keep it going, any campfire style will work.

Campgrounds Near Colfax, California

Colfax is about an hour northeast of Sacramento in Placer County, California. Various campgrounds are in the city and its surrounding area offering different types of campsites. Hikers can explore trails in Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens, Bear River Trail, Empire Mine and Stevens Trail.

Yosemite National Park Vacation

We recommend this once in a lifetime trip for anyone. If you're not a naturalist now you will be by the end of this trip.

How to Protect Yourself During Outdoor Activities

There are other forms of dangers ranging from natural disasters like lightning strikes, heavy rains, heat strokes and medical issues to consider like asthma heart attacks, dehydrations and strokes among others, but they are highly avoidable. One good advice is to visit the wilds in the safety of you

How to Reduce Tent Flies and Condensation

Flies are attracted to the controlled temperature and human scents associated with tents. The flies will remain in the vicinity of the tent and deposit eggs in the tent under the right circumstances. Reduce the presence of flies by erecting a barrier that prevents access. Condensation accumulates on