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Basic Trading Strategy

All basic stock trading strategies are variations of the "buy low, sell high" philosophy. Stocks vary in price in an irregularly cyclical way. Understanding where a stock is in that cycle is crucial to knowing when to buy or sell the stock.

Online Penny Stock Broker - The Difference in Your Returns!

Are you looking to find yourself an online penny stock broker? It may seem like a pretty simple and easy process to pick a broker but in actuality it can be a big difference in how your investments are handled and how they can actually grow!

Good Stocks to Invest In 101 - Basics for You

Finding good investments can be as easy as finding a dinosaur in a tent or as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. The difference will depend on you and your education. Begin with the basics to understand a complex financial world.

How to Beat the Stock Market and Triple Your Investment

Learn how, where, when to invest using my method and paper trades until you feel comfortable. We're entering a 10-15 year bear market with minimal gains that won't keep up with inflation, solearn how to make money in stocks whether that stock is going up down or sideways. Follow my trades

Types of Trading in Share Market

Day Trading: In this kind of trading the trader does not hold a position over night, he sells the shares on the same day he purchased them. This kind of trading is done keeping in ...

Understanding The Most Important Investment Concepts

It's always good to have at least a basic foundation of fundamental investment knowledge whether you're a beginner to investing or working with a professional financial advisor. The reason is simple: You are likely to be more comfortable in investing your money if you understand the lingo

Beginning Stock Trading Online

Considering the economic weather, the stock market might be the last place that people would like to put their money right now. Due to sky high prices, bailouts of major institutions, more and more people are turning to learning the basis of beginner stock trading online for a better concept of the

Common Stock Market Terminologies - How to "Talk the Talk" Like a Pro!

The stock markets have a language all their own! By knowing what the common terms means, it can help you to understand what is going on, and this can help the investor to decide where and which stocks to invest in. This article discusses a few common stock market terms the investor should be aware o

Commodities: An Overview Of The Futures Markets

This practice of commodities trading evolved over the years that ensued. The farmer would decide not to sell and cede the contract to another farmer to fulfil, or the dealer might decide that he did not want the produce anymore and then on-sell the contract to another dealer.

What Are Some Good Cheap Investments?

Some investments like savings bonds essentially trade patience for free money.Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe United States economy is not as strong as in the past, as of 2010. For this reason, people are looking for investments that provide a decent to excellent return and that...

How to Calculate Bond Repayment

With any investment, investors usually have a goal for the individual investment in terms of profit or income they will receive from that investment. Unlike investing in equities, where there is no guarantee on either the principal or any potential investment returns, when you invest in bonds you c

Fundraising Ideas For Youth Sports Teams

If you have had any involvement with a youth sports team you know that fundraising is just a fact of life.Read this article to learn about some new sports fundraising ideas and get tips on raising more money than ever before.

Identifying a Global Stock Screener

There are several stock exchanges that list companies from different countries in a specific region with some specifically for a continent while there are some that are global. Global Stock Screener lists all the companies listed in any of these exchanges.

Quitclaim Deeds and Joint Tenancy With the Rights to Survivor

Quitclaim deeds are a type of real estate deed used to transfer property without making certain guarantees (found in other types of deeds) about the transferring party's ownership of the property. Joint tenancy with rights of survivorship is a form of ownership of property in which two parties own l

Raising Funds for Your Organization

In today's economic climate raising funds can be a mammoth task. Charities and other organization that depend on donations for their activities are finding it particularly hard. It is a constant struggle for such organizations to stay afloat and keep funds flowing.

How to Get Bonded in Kentucky

Businesses and professions such as health spas, investment brokers, mortgage brokers, contractors, insurance agents and motor vehicle dealers are required to be bonded when conducting business in Kentucky. A "surety bond" is a three-party agreement between the bonded (also called the "obligee"), the

Penalty for Driving Without Car Insurance in New York

New York State requires that all vehicles registered within the state maintain minimum liability insurance during the entire registration period. The state verifies this coverage both with printed documents carried by the driver and through electronic verification from the insurance company. Out-of-

Using Penny Stocks to Make Money - Is it Possible?

One of the investments I enjoy most are penny stocks. Because some people view these stocks to be a little risky, I see a lot of people stay away from them altogether. However, there's tremendous opportunity to earn tremendous money with penny shares if you know what you need to look for.