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2011 Cathay Pacific International Jockeys' Championship

European jockey Frankie Dettori won two legs of the 2011 Cathay Pacific International Jockeys' Championship at Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong to win the title over New Zealand jockey James McDonald. He now ties the record for most victories with 3 wins in the event. Get the results and ph

New Jersey UFC 111

Apart from the racing group, the fighting category of games too has had a very enormous fan base in the entire world. UFC 111 is one of the biggest fighting events in the universe and ...

How to Play Pool Better - The Value of Positive Thinking

Mental discipline is a key factor in how to play pool well. And one of the foundations of mental discipline is positive thinking. In my years of playing in pool leagues, and then later as an 8 ball league director, I watched many potentially great players struggle with the concepts of how to play po

Club World Cup - South America Continues to Dominate

Internacional became a second Brazilian side in a row to emerge triumphant from FIFA's Club World Cup after beating European and Spanish Champions Barcelona 1-0 in Yokohama. South America extended a historical advantage over their European counterparts with 25 victories compared to Europe'

Mathias Ringstrom skating Vert

AST Dew Tour Skateboarding Photo Gallery - images and pictures from the AST Dew Tour, skateboarding street and vert, plus festival village, grom skate jam and free flow tour finals.

How to make your wedding reception unforgettable

And you are getting married; finally! Like everybody else, you also want to make it a gala celebration that all your friends, relatives and acquaintances would remember forever. You would also cherish the memory of ...

Golf Grip Tips to Get Good Golf

If I were to ask you to sit down, get certificates and pen and using all methods (hands) to attract the best circle I think what you want practical knowledge will surely delight you. Initially, ...

Why Dads Love Fishing

The whole process of finding the right spinner bait, hooking it on to the rod then waiting for what seems to be ages isn't very appealing to a lot of people especially the youth. What then do dads see in fishing for it to become their favorite sport?

Olympic History Tidbits: The Marriage of Two Great Athletes

If you are envious of great athletes, you'll be interested in the true story of the marriage of two great Olympic athletes. The dominant athlete of the 1968 Olympics was Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia who won 4 gold and two silver medal in gymnastics. Right after the closing Olympic ceremony

Hiking Equipment - It's the Little Things

Backpacking can sometimes be about the big things: big backpacks, big boots, big mountains, big rivers, big bears, etc. It can be a dramatic pastime, one that requires a big physical effort and provides a big visual payoff. But when it comes to backpacking gear, it's not always about the big th

Expect the Joy Brought By The Mizuno JPX-800 Irons

Today, I would like to share my friend's experience of making use of the Mizuno JPX-800 Irons. She told me her thoughts €I gave them 9 hits. They're fantastic irons, but if I'm thinking forgiveness, ...

The Top 5 Worst Martial Arts Techniques to Avoid

So you are studying martial arts and your instructor shows you a technique that you think to yourself "hmm, that looks like it needs a little work." Throughout my studies I have come across some pretty awful Martial Arts techniques. Let's take a look at my top 5, see where they go wro

Fishing for Sunfish

You may think that fishing for sunfish is only for little kids. You are wrong, it is a lot of fun for everyone.

Hit Longer Golf Drives - The Simple Way to Get More Distance on Drives!

When looking for how to get more distance on drives, I generally turn to the basics in my swing. If my distance is hurting, then I am missing something with my fundamentals. There are many different drills available to golfers online, but most are extremely technical and can cause more problems than

Interior Golfing Putting Doesn't have to be Practice

I have already been called the Golf Anti-practice specialist for quite a while currently. Exactly what does that actually suggest? Well, I am going to inform you in summary which it ensures that I understand ...

The "Inventer" of the Tee

The story behind the man who gave the ball the perfect setup. Most African-Americans golf pioneers were cut from the same piece of cloth as Josh Shippen, who shared the first-round lead in the second ...