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How to Study Canon Law

Canon law is the church law that governs the Roman Catholic Church. Canon lawyers are members of one of the oldest continual legal systems in the world. They must be well-versed in the theology of the church, as well as the legal aspects of canon law. Theological studies give insight into the reason

Psychic Ability - Use It to Create A Perfect Day

Cultivating your psychic ability is not restricted to habitual meditation work and other organized techniques. The methods to cultivate your psychic ability are innumerable! Here, you will be taught how to use your psychic ability ...

Cow is the Mother of all beings

Cow is Mother of all human Being not any perticular religion Like Hindu, Muslim Sikh or Isai. We Shoud Save Cows to save nature because Cow eat grass and gives life saving milk to us. We should respec

How Christians Celebrate Easter

How should Christians respond to secular Easter symbols, such as the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and Easter baskets?If your individual conscience permits, here is a possible solution.

All You Need is Love

Agape (the love of God), eros (sexual love), storge (family affection), and phila (friendship)--all of these ancient Greek words we translate into perhaps the most overused word in the English languag

The Coming of the King Part 39

While Lazarus and Mary were searching the house with their long-handled lamps that not a speck of leaven should remain to defile the Passover, a different scene was being enacted in the Palace of Herod ...

Dissing the Second Coming: To Quell or to Quash?

First it was Greece followed by Spain and now Ireland's economy is in the straights and the Emerald Isle is seeking a loan from the EU of not less than 10 billion Euros. The price for this loan: less Irish sovereignty.

Protestant Communion & Baptism Procedures

Protestant denominations are Christian churches that broke away from the Catholic church. Many churches broke away because of disagreements in the teachings of the Catholic church. In most Protestant denominations, for example, the only sacraments are communion and baptism. Though there are differen

How Soon Should the Memorial Service Be After Someone Dies?

Deciding when to hold a memorial service after someone dies is a difficult task and one that you should approach sensitively. When you choose how soon you hold a memorial service, you will have to take into account the expressed wishes and religious beliefs of the deceased, the opinions of the dead

A List Of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can help and inspire you as you inspire and collect your list of affirmations.You can find a lot of information about how effective affirmation is or you can even apply them.

The Period Of Chastity And Self-Purification

One common usage of the term 'Brahmacharya' in Vedic culture denotes the phase of the first 25 years of a male's childhood. Ancient Hindu culture divides the human lifespan into 100 years. Brahmacharya is the stage when a boy lives at the house of his guru and learns spiritual knowled

How to Trace African Roots

One of the more challenging genealogies to trace has been African ancestries. The lack of records kept by the slave trade left many people without a connection to the homeland of their ancestors. Thanks to Alex Haley's "Roots," and the many people interested in tracing their African roots, that is c

The Church's Cry - Give Us a King!

All right, so who's in charge at your church? What's the Bible say about church government? Here's some things you may not have considered.

How to Protest Issues

The right to protest is a fundamental part of our American society. Literally enshrined into our very constitution, civil protest is a potent means of advocating for chance. If you want to voice your disagreement with issues, you have many means to do so at your disposal. Organization and research w