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25 Days of Christmas 2007 - Day 10

Add a little holiday cheer to your day with the 25 Days of Christmas. Each day will feature a special holiday Carol, a musical gift idea, a Bible verse, a recipe to try, the holiday TV schedule for the day and something extra as well.

Catholic Religion Description

The Catholic religion is a denomination of Christianity. As of 2008, more than one billion people practice or believe in Catholicism. The history of Catholicism begins with Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles.

How Birth Charts Reveal Your Horoscope

In astrology, more specifically natal astrology, a natal chart is horoscope or an astrological chart created using the exact time of your birth at a certain place on Earth.Unlike a star chart, a natal

Spiritual Alchemy

The Hopi Indians call the beginning of this New Age (my words) the 'Day of Purification,' that will bring cosmic & seismic chaos. Strangely enough, Purification was the main underlying process for

Virtual Child Pornography - Should Virtual Child Porn Be Banned?

The Christian Right's war on pornography and any sexuality that deviates from their standards creates a lot of collateral damage, including free speech. No one is likely to defend child pornography, but in the effort to stamp out child porn, anti-pornography activists tried to eliminate 'v


This is the symbol used to represent the Zodiac sign Virgo in astrology.

The End of the World and 2012

2012 has been called "The end of the World" by moviemakers, Mayan calendar mythmakers, and New Age Revolutionary mystics. But what does the Bible say? Does the Word of God agree with all these end-time prognosticators? Has God revealed the date of the end of the world through mysterious wr

Why do religions differ and not agree?

Ever really noticed that you are alive? Notice that the chair you sit in is not alive. There is an obvious difference. But what is this thing called "life". What is life? Life is able ...

How to Start a Correspondence Ministry School

Ministry schools train people in the ways of the Christian religion and aim to teach the common man about God. Not only are Ministry schools helpful to spread the message of God, they also help churches earn small profits from selling christian products and the latest in christian texts. Corresponde

How to Overcome Temptations

Temptation is one thing every child of God must face at one time or the other as long as he/she lives on this corrupt earth which is under the control of Satan. You should not let your mind be troubled because God has made provisions for you to overcome every trial that will come your way.

Passion Of Christ: I Am Barabbas

Pilate offered Jesus' accusers a deal. He would release to them the Jewish death row inmate of their choice. Jesus, who had committed the 'crime' of claiming to be the Messiah sent from God,