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Hip And Knee Injuries And How To Recover

Find therapy with deep tissue massage treatment if you have shoulder discomfort for a number of days and you are having difficulty relocating like you made use of to.

The Mighty Dark Chocolate Has Numerous Health Benefits

Chocolate is made out of cocoa beans and like all plant-based foods, chocolate has minerals in it. On an average eating dark chocolate can fulfill about 12 per cent of your daily requirement of magnesium

Latest News India: News That You Can Use

News is now the integral part of everyone's life. Getting the closer feel of the news is not a tough task as the portals like are in the fray to let you feel the pulse of every happening everywhere.

A Panorama of Corruption in Developing Countries

Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon. Developed countries do have lesser corruption within, than developing countries, but they do indulge in corrupt practices while marketing their defence equipment or other mega deals with developing countries. In developing countries, people face corrupt practice

New Orleans Grief

If successful grief recovery means giving up the hope for a better or different yesterday, then it's time for New Orleans to properly say goodbye to its slums and move on to a brighter, if smaller, future.

An Indian Farmer

India is an agricultural country. India lives in villages. The villagers depend on agriculture. They are either farmers or workers on the agricultural fields. Ours industries and urban business also depend on agriculture. Thus, an Indian farmer truly represents India. He can be called the son of the

The Google Side Of Wind Energy

The internet giant Google has always been known as a company that looks to the future and so far they have done a very good job of predicting what people want when it comes to the internet. So, why is

Our Ruling Ideals - They Are Before Us, Not Behind Us

Where I differ most with my collectivist friends on the left, is in which direction our solution, our destination lies. I believe that the ruling ideals of our Republic are not "things of the past'" but our Telos yet to be achieved. They are before us, not behind us.

Do Eclipses and Full Moons Add to Earthquake Risk?

Some cultures believe that full moons and eclipses and especially the latter cause Earthquakes. Is it rumor, folklore or superstition, which causes this belief? Hard to say, yet the facts, times and dates of Full Moons and Eclipses seems to indicate that they may indeed be somewhat connected? Could

Cri de Liberte

Il n'y eut jamais de onzième commandement qui accordât aux Anglais le droit divin de léguer à perpétuité notre vie, nos terres et notre pays à l'île Maurice. Notre peuple n'a jamais été la propriété p

The Prison Mirror

I dare you to begin this new year with a close look in the national mirror.