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Biofuel Renewable Energy Resource

Due to modern day contamination and ridiculously high fuel prices should we begin to look into other alternatives? What about renewable energy sources?This article introduces us to biofuels and biodiesel. Expose the cons and favorables behind each one.

Outwit Them Every Time!

There was a thief that got outwitted at his own game. This was no Joe Blow thief! He was a very sneaky one that happened to be a little forgetful!

Nelson Mandela - Happy Birthday!

You are a man who has earned the love and respect of millions of people worldwide. The way in which you chose the path of dignity when you were released from prison will always be admired and followed by those who love you.

Top Tips for Detecting Counterfeit Goods

Comparatively few people would like to come home with their latest prized possession, only to subsequently discover that they have what is, in fact, a fake or counterfeit. The distress involved can be significant and of course, the chances are that your counterfeit item is worth a fraction of what y

Scandals Of The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are highly anticipated as they bring the best athletes from all over the world to compete. While there is plenty of publicity that surrounds the Winter Olympic Games, some of it isn't the type of attention that organizers want.

A History of Industrial Recycling

The word 'recycling' makes many think of the little blue bins where we place our old cereal boxes, empty soda cans, and unneeded paper. But recycling actually takes many other forms: for example, the

Do Prisoners Deserve Better Protection?

Recently a notorious murderer was seriously assaulted by a fellow prison inmate in a UK jail - it seems that even amongst the prison population there is general revulsion for child killers. Needless to say the public's response was less than sympathetic; many probably feel that the "victim

Arming Teachers and Bank Tellers

Every time there is a school shooting, we hear about arming the teachers with guns. With all the bank robberies that go on, we have never heard about arming the bank tellers with guns. The American people are saying that bank tellers are not important enough to be secured.

Christmas Trees...make Your Christmas Greener!

So unless you have a old favourite fake tree in the loft and plan on reusing for as long as possible make sure that this Christmas you buy a real living tree.* The best choice is a tree with roots, if

How Car Donation Charity Works to Benefit People

The car donation charity carries a great social responsibility on its shoulders. It carries out a number of welfare programs with the money that it accumulates by selling the cars or other vehicles th

How Corporate Social Responsibility Impacts Us All

What does corporate social responsibility mean and how does it impact us all? This is a question that often comes to the forefront of the minds of the masses when there a corporation hits the headline

Global Warming - Think Twice and Act Once

Chicken Little ran about the countryside proclaiming that the sky was falling. She had no evidence, did no investigation and made no attempt to verify her claim. Yet, she ran about telling anyone who would listen that the sky was falling and the world was coming to an end. And you know what; they be

Nigeria Scam Still Draws Victims On - and Offline

Named for section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code and also referred to as Advance Fee Fraud (AFF), 419 combines impersonation fraud with an advance fee scam and can be received via snail mail, fax, or email. The letter generally offers the recipient a percentage of a large sum of money in return f