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Native American Plant Remedies

Native Americans knew how to take care of ailments with just a few flowers, a little bark or weeds. Indians taught the settlers new uses for the plants they brought with them and even cured many of typhus. Today, some of the remedies are still used. May apple is an ingredient in some cancer treatmen

Styles of Cemetery Monuments

When considering the final resting place of a loved one, a major decision is what style of monument you want to include. This monument will be a testimony to the deceased, existing for decades if not centuries. There are many specific kinds of monuments that you can choose from, but all fall into a

The Background Check Company That's Reinventing Security

In business, every detail is important. Failure to inspect every detail of a potential deal can have disastrous consequences. This is also true when dealing with people, especially if you will be depending on this ...

How to Build Cherokee Indian Tools

Originally native to the Southeastern United States, the Cherokee tribes received their name from the Muskogee tribe, who called them "speakers of another language." The Cherokee called themselves Aniyunwiya, meaning "the principal people." The Cherokee developed a society with very even social resp

Chinese Culture Guide

Shrouded in centuries of mystery, the culture of China has long fascinated the world. In modern times, it is easier to catch a glimpse of the lives and passions of the Chinese people, but in order to fully understand certain traditions and social norms, a knowledge of the past must be cultivated.

The Differences Between Surahs & Ayahs

The Quran is organized in two ways; one of sections of equal length, the other, by sections that are uneven in length but whose length and order were determined by revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad. The first form of division is used to aid recitation. During Ramadan, the Quran is recited

How to Learn Street Dance

When hip-hop entered mainstream culture in the mid-1980s, it not only introduced millions of Americans to rap music and its gritty and occasional humorous tales of city life. It also introduced them to groundbreaking forms of dance that are now performed around the world. For example, in the '80s-er

How to Identify a Coat of Arms

Originally, a coat of arms was used to differentiate between the soldiers of competing armies. For the last 400 years, it has come to mark families, especially nobility. In the 17th century, some private businesses were recognized by their heraldic symbols. In the United States today, they are most

About Longhouses

While the longhouse is typically thought of as a Native American dwelling, the history of the longhouse is much more widespread. A common sight throughout Europe as well as North America, the longhouse has proved to be one of the most fundamental structures in building for a number of different cult

How to Join the Amish

Though it's possible for an outsider or "English" person to convert to the Amish community's religious beliefs and adopt its austere lifestyle, it's certainly not easy. If you're thinking of joining the Amish or becoming a Mennonite, consider these points before approaching the elders in an Amish co

What Are Some of Charles Darwin's Major Discoveries?

According to the "Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography," Charles Darwin was born in 1809 to a wealthy family in England; he had intended to pursue a medical career but later switched to theology at Cambridge. In 1831, he joined a five-year expedition on the HMS Beagle. Darwin is best-known fo

Costumes Used in Ancient Greek Theatres

The period of Ancient Greece, which lasted throughout the 8th to 6th centuries BC to 146 BC, is renowned for its cultural and intellectual achievements. Among these are the plays. Although many are lost to history, much of the work by the great playwrights of ancient Greece, such as Sophocles and Ar

History of the Native American Eagle Dance

The Native American Eagle dance performed by Indian tribes consists of movements that emulate an eagle. The dancers are clothed with replications of eagle attire. The performance includes sequences of songs and dances. In Native American tribes, the eagle has a symbolic meaning. These Native Americ

Climatic Influence on the Ancient Southwest People

The ancient Southwest people, also known as the Pueblo or Anasazi peoples, lived in the area of New Mexico and Arizona. Archaeologists call these people the Anasazi, a Navajo word, to describe people farming the Four Corner lands before the 14th century.

What Is a Floral Grave Blanket?

A floral grave blanket is a form of grave site decoration. Placing a floral grave blanket on a loved one's grave is one way for a family to pay its respects throughout the year.

How to Make a Tiki Pole

Much like the the Native American totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, Polynesian tiki carving is an ancient art form where figures are carved out of a single piece of wood and stood upright. Traditionally carved from koa, thick bamboo and coco palm, the tiki features ancient Polynesian warriors d

Native American Ceremonial Birds

Native American cultures adopted a number of native natural elements into their ceremonial customs just as European and Near Eastern cultures inserted natural elements from their surroundings into their religious beliefs and ceremonial practices. Species of birds played a notable role in ceremonial

The History of African Americans in North America in the 1400s

Few records exist of Africans in America before the 16th century. They were originally brought to the Americas as slaves by European explorers who had begun to take advantage of Africa's resources, and they were used to further European interests in the New World.

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