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Reading & Learning Games

Teaching students to become excited and proactive in their reading can help them learn new material in all their subjects. Learning reading can be as simple as reading to your students each day, but there are games that can help readers with fluency, comprehension, spelling and writing, vocabulary,

Why Primary Education Is Important?

Education is considered as the backbone of the society. Each and every individual has the right to get education. So to achieve it, education should initiate from the very beginning. Primary education is the base of all education systems, where every individual is introduced with the basic studies.

How do I Teach Forensics to Grade School Children?

Prepare a handout regarding the basics of a crime investigation and assign that it be read prior to this activity. Set up a table in the classroom with cheddar cheese, chewy fudge, powdered donuts, and red cherry juice. Have the students observe the setup without touching anything. Send half the


History is replete with stories of famous revolutionaries. They helped to shape the society with their intrepid thoughts and fiery spirit. Some revolutionaries like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi changed the collective mindset of a generation. And their views are uph

International High School: Know More About it

'Yew Chung offers state of the art education and a healthy atmosphere for the overall development of the child. It has many international high schools in china, some of them are Yew Chung's Hong Kong

Chateau Gaillard (France)

Chateau Gaillard is a Medieval castle in France built by Richard Lionheart of England from 1197-1198, in order to protect his holdings in Normandy.

Journeymen Associations

The term "journeyman" goes back into the Middle Ages, referring to a craftsman who has completed his apprenticeship period but has not yet presented a guild with his master work for the purposes of being declared a master in his own right. The name comes from the French word "journee," which means a

College Grants for Women Married to Marines

Funding an education can be a challenge whether you are the spouse of an active-duty Marine or Marine Corps veteran. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of programs available through the federal and state government, as well as private organizations, designed to help you pay for college or vocation

Cool Science Experiments for Converting Starch to Sugar

Science experiments are a hands-on way to learn how the world works. There are millions of chemical processes that take place in the world constantly, and even inside the human body. Many of these processes have been analyzed, harnessed, and reproduced in the commercial creation of products, includi

Top Reasons for enrolling into various Horticulture Courses

Horticulture courses like horticulture diploma and horticulture certificate offer exciting career paths for individuals who love the "field" and are passionate about working with their hands. These courses are not very typical but can provide ...

Do You Really Need Home Tutor?

Those days are gone when teacher used to spend extra time to clear students doubts. With the admission of their children parents are debating whether to go for home tuitions or coaching classes.

The Life of Mary Ann Todd

Mary Ann Todd was born on December 13, 1818 in Lexington, Kentucky. Her father was a banker and they lived in relative refinement and comfort. Her mother died when she was seven and the father remarried. Mary Ann had an uneasy relationship with her stepmother.

Kanchana Paati

At a Kanchana Paati, a child is assured of unconditional love, patience in guiding and grooming, a safe and hygenic environment, fresh, nutritious and tasty food, life perspective stories and good value systems. Kanchana Paati, My grandma’s Place has been modeled around this belief.Our Mission

Ways to Decorate Lockers

Lockers must maintain a standard look on the lockers image by david hughes from Fotolia.comThe locker is like an extension of your personality during school hours. Even though the outsides must remain free and clear, the insides can explode with creativity. The idea is to...