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How Do Celebrities Get Their Huge Facebook Fan Numbers?

Following are ideas on how to increase your Facebook connections by borrowing some of the ideas from celebrities. These ideas range from the Timeline cover you use on the top of your page, to the content, which you post on your page.

TokSee Web 3.0 Unified Social Network Technology Review

TokSee Web 3.0 Unified Technology is a social platform that brings all the different social networking platforms under on roof. It uses a simple widget to open up communication pipeline across various social communities. The Toksee web 3.0 community is free and easy to implement. It also enables rev

Social Media Marketing - What Does It Mean?

To start, let us define social media first. According to some sources in the net, social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. It uses web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues.

Tips for Writing - Purposeful Online Marketing

You're "supposed to" have a blog, website, social networking accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; submit articles online and more! This attitude of "having" to write for these online channels is overwhelming! It stops many entrepreneurs from using online marketing to t

Facebook's FanPage Importancy

Why do you need a Facebook FanPage or a Landing Page? Do you want online exposure for your business? Creating a fan page can help you increase your brand name and visibility.

Finding Those Important Connections

Once you have your site up with some killer posts that reflect you and what you do, as well as your profiles, logo, and brand decided, it is time. What time?

Information About Marketing With Twitter

Twitter has become very popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is not purely for socialising, it can also be used for marketing purposes. Read the following information to discover whether or not marketing with Twitter is something that can benefit you.

Social Networking Site, Parents Ensuring Teens Safety

Teens use social networking sites to reunite with old friends or make new friends. At a time they may fall into the hands of predators and if not well guided by parents, they may meet with them face to face. As a parent there are measures that you should enforce to ensure your children are safety wh

Introducing the Social Web For Optimisation

The social web describes the latest trend of using the Internet to socialise, interact and network. Social media can be a great way to enhance current customer relationships or reach out and create new ones. Using the social web for optimisation purposes is more commonly known as Social Media Optimi

How Social Networking Will Shape the Future

Social networking is the key to communication in the modern age. It is one of the primary way that people talk to each other on a daily basis. 50 million Tweets happen everyday, according to Nielsen 22% of time of all online time is on social networking, and 250 million Facebook users go online to t

Building Social Networking Resource Websites -A Way to Money Making

The friend social networks are in constant process of polishing their image, in order to stay ahead in the competition. In this direction, a number of resource websites have emerged on the scene for luring the interest of social websites users. But, is this the only motive behind existence of these

6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips

Finding the perfect place for showcasing products, services and websites for free is every business-minded netizen's dream. Thankfully, Facebook has made this "dream" a reality. With over half a billion users and thousands of fan pages and online communities to check out, the popular

Ordering a Custom MySpace Layout - How to Do it Quickly and Easily

This article will discuss how you go about ordering a custom MySpace profile design and the steps that you need to take in order to speed up the process.When ordering a custom MySpace profile design you really want to shop around the compare all the options before committing any money to a designer

How I Learned to Twitter in 7 Weeks

I stumbled onto Twitter as a marketing tool completely by accident. I was looking for a way to promote a book I'm working on, and a friend suggested that I do two things: Start a blog and get on Twitter.

Best Social Bookmarking - 3 Keys to Make Money With Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking involves the setting up of accounts on the many social bookmarking sites on the internet like MySpace, Stumbleupon and Google Bookmarks. Not much effort is needed in setting up an account in these services; all that is required is a user name and a password. Once you set up an acc

Applications For Marketing on Social Media

The user interface for many social media sites is relatively clean. You won't see a lot of extraneous things on your profile, but that doesn't mean you don't have the choice to add extra features to your social media sites account. And, in fact, if you want to do some marketing on soc