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Social Media - The New Way to Get Your 5 Minutes of Fame

Recently, a couple in Minnesota got married in a church. No big deal, right? This is an every day occurrence. Yet, through the use of social media outlets, beginning with YouTube, more than 20 million people have watched them walk down the aisle. Or I should say more appropriately "dance"

Interactive Communications and Digital Media

The great ease and convenience of showing information through a website has heavily contributed to the popularity of digital news media on the internet. The ease by which a viewer or potential customer connects with the company, through its website, has opened numerous doors for getting the targeted

Using Social Media to Generate More Special Events

Special events are now reaching a new level with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to name a few of the social media vehicles on the web. This article discusses the importance of incorporating a social media program along with your convention or special event to keep your clients, vendors and attendees

How to Create a Friendster Account

Friendster is a social network targeted at people of all age groups from teenagers, young adults and the service offered is free and the registration process is fairly simple. This social network was launched in 2002, founded by Jonathan Abrams and is headquartered Mountain View, California.

Social Media Marketing And Social Network Sites

When people start to talk about social media marketing all people think about Facebook as this is the largest social network site available on the Internet. Social network sites have become very popular in the past years and are actually used to stay in touch with friends and search for new ones.

Making Money With Facebook - 5 Best Methods

2010 will mark the year that Facebook became the biggest website on the planet. Estimates vary wildly but it is thought they now have over 450 million members. Some estimates have that number at over 600 million.

Take the Five Social Networking Model Steps That Transforms Your Business

Social networking is evolving from fun websites that allow you to keep in touch with friends and family, to vehicles for delivering compelling business supply chain efficiencies. Early success stories making this transition provide a blueprint for how you can change your high tech, low tech, or even

To Effectively Make Your Sales On Social Networks

Almost 70% of investors invest in social marketing networks. The social media platform offers various benefits, and you too can start enjoying its benefits. Marketing networks help in attracting more customers as well as boosting sales.

How Sites Like Gowalla Are Changing Business

As the numbers and variations of social networking sites grows, more and more users from all corners of the world can join. Connections, impossible just a few years ago, are being made. No doubt, the networks and sites such as Gowalla will continue to have a major impact on both businesses and the g

''Facebook'' - A World Wide Phenomenon

''Facebook'' - a world wide phenomenon. A social networking site that has taken the world by storm. Go anywhere in the world and ask someone if they have heard of Facebook you are almost guaranteed to get the answer 'yes'...

Share iPhone Photos With Cool Twitter Tools

You're in the right place at the right time; you've got the perfect photo with your iPhone. Now what? You want to get it to your friends right away. If you were at home, you could use one of these tools. These four cool applications will let you share photos and video from your phone.

Use Social Media for Your Career

Today's career environment is different. What's different is that there are more ways to influence getting a job than in the past. The old saying is true: "It's not what you know; it's who you know." Well, the number of people you know has expanded a bit thanks to the s

7 Top Reasons Why You Have to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking sites today. Since the conception of its campus based version, the site has already marked its place in the international scene. It seems obvious that there is no stopping Facebook from growing its market to the virtual community. In the last e

How Any Business Can Tap Into 53 Million Facebook Users (For Free)

In this modern era of information technology, there are quite a decent number of techniques that businesses can use for their benefits. All these techniques are in fact pretty effective as long as businesses know what they have to do and what they are supposed to keep away from. However, one well kn

Finding Cheap Alexa Top 10000 Sites List

Always remember that being amongst Alexa top 100000 sites means your company's credibility is made better which will earn you profits from ad revenue. Actually, you can probably demand a higher fee from advertisers like Text Link Ads if your ranking is high enough. So, go for it! Attain the lis

Postling Makes Small Business Social Media Easy

Three former Etsy employees have created a unique social media dashboard client for small business called Postling. The site acts like a gateway for all of a company's online communications, and it covers all the major sites that matter most to a business looking for feedback on its products an