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The ABC's of Self-Esteem

Cure low self-esteem with The ABC's of Self-Esteem. 26 tips, one for each letter of the alphabet to raise your self-esteem and reach for your full potential.

The Impact of Changed Thinking

A person cannot change another person because, we can only be responsible to people and not for them. I can only teach the values of great thinking and How to make those changes, but the people are responsible of making those changes themselves. This article teaches the value of changed thinking and

Emotions - Feel What You Feel!

The more we try to block our emotions, the more they will come hunting us. The more we avoid an emotion, the bigger and the more powerful it gets, until the energy becomes to much that it finds its way out of our system, often in the form of an illness, or some kind of unpleasant body manifestation.

Seven Tips on How to Build Self Esteem

Did you know that our brain is the most powerful and sophisticated computer system that is in existence? Like any computer, we must program our minds to filter and delete any unused or negative thought ...

Letting It All In

We strive for goals and aim for perfection.Why?So, we can experience a peak moment of accomplishment, a loving relationship, ideal health or fulfillment?But, are we EVER really "letting in" the joy of it all?

6 Steps to the Power of Positive Thinking

When you set your mind on positive thoughts and strong positive beliefs then good things will begin to happen. I'm going to give you just 6 simple steps so that you can begin to get your mind focused on being more positive which will in turn attract more positive situations. When you do this yo

The SECRET Movie Is Life Transforming

The Secret movie has brought in the biggest boom to Personal development industry. Personal development is a Multibillion dollar industry. Where in it is a Huge profit making industry. The industry have always been gifted ...

Could You Have a Problem With Prescription Drug Addiction?

I am a recovering heroin junkie and was all to well aware of my addiction problem while using street drugs, however, over my 10 year period of being clean, I have come to realize that many people are unaware of the fact that they have fallen prey to prescription drug addiction and the negative effec

The "Us" and "Them" Mentality!

This article helps us diagnose and understand how divided relationships arise. Whether it is in the church house, or your house, all can develop the "us" and "them" mentality! There is a Bible solution to this!

Bearing More Than Most

A quote I came across this weekend, was by D'Amato, "Heroes and cowards feel the exact same fear, they just respond differently." The most profound history makers, have all felt fear, that's just it, they FELT fear and they moved through it. That is the point, to not get stuck, b

How to improve your cycling distance and speed

Read it with pictures: improve your cycling distance and speed [] Cycling is a very popular sport. Just look at the tour the France and the huge number of racing bicycles sold each year. In ...