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How to Landscape With Campers

Landscaping around your camper makes your camper a more welcoming place. Turning your campsite into a landscaped area complete with flowers, shade, sun and seating adds to your living space and gives you more places to gather with friends and family. Choose landscaping items that are easy to pack an

DIY Enclosed Trailer

If you haul delicate cargo that may be ruined in an open-air trailer, you can enclose your utility trailer with a homemade wooden container fastened to the frame. A plywood box with extension legs on the bottom edges can be secured to your trailer by inserting the legs into the stake mount pairs alo

The Mechanics to Sell My RV

Before I try to sell my RV, I need to take it to my mechanic to make sure everything is in good working order and there aren't any underlying or hidden problems of which I had been unaware. Some of these things I can check myself, but about some things I would like to get an expert or at least

How to Wire a Trailer Hitch Plug

A trailer hitch is a two-part connector in the wiring harness between a tow vehicle and a trailer; it can be attached and detached as required to connect and disconnect the vehicle and the trailer. The outlet, or female socket, is conventionally fitted to the tow vehicle, and its matched male plug i

How to Remove Trailer Bearings

The wheels on most trailers roll on tapered roller bearings, very much like those on automobiles. The wheels are bolted to a hub assembly that is supported by a bearing on each side. The hub and bearings are held into place on the axle spindle with a threaded nut. Although wheel bearings should prov

5 Of the Most Useful Accessories for Your Caravan

If you are planning a holiday in your caravan, whether for a weekend or a few weeks, there are a number of caravan accessories which you may want to consider taking with you. These will make your trip more comfortable and help you to enjoy an even better time on your holiday.

RV Awning Tips For Purchasing and Using Your New RV Accessory

A RV awning adds that extra bit of comfort during your journey on the road. As you may already have discovered, shade is not always accessible at your destination and having your very own sheltered patio is surely a nice luxury. When it is a hot day, no one wants to sit out in the direct sunlight, s

Maintenance Tips for RV Generators

An RV genset is a great investment for those who want to get out on the road and travel to areas where boon docking, or plugging into an external campground outlet, is not possible or available. Many adventurous RV owners enjoy traveling to places that are not for everybody and that includes places

How to Add Batteries to Your RV Motorhome

Deep cycle batteries are one source of energy for RVs. They hold charges for long periods of time and can frequently be recharged with a generator or solar panels attached to the RV roof. Adding extra batteries enables your RV to go longer between charges, a good option when traveling in the "boond

Do New Condensers Come With Freon in Them?

The air-conditioning of your vehicle is a complex system that involves several mechanical and non-mechanical components. The failure of one component can render the air-conditioning system useless. One of the main components of the air-conditioning system in the condenser. If the condenser fails, it

Want To Make A Solar Panel For Your RV?

Most RVs have on-board generators, but these tend to be noisy and smelly. These days solar panels are often fitted to provide all or most of your electrical requirements without hammering your battery

RVs For Sale By Owner Tips On Shopping Wisely

As you look for a used motorhome or travel trailer, it is necessary that you take the time to be prepared. This will help you in making a smart decision. Looking for RVs for sale by owner can be chall

A History Of Motorhomes

As early as the 1700's, people have embraced the idea of a home on wheels. Originally embraced by nomadic people and the earliest frontier settlers in the US, the earliest mobile homes and covered wagons were used for practical purposes rather than recreation, providing accommodation and shelte