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Tenant Rights in Pennsylvania to Get Out of a Lease

Because a lease is a legally binding document, renters in Pennsylvania should enter into tenancy with caution. Although state laws protect tenant rights, including those of prematurely terminating a lease agreement, it balances those rights against a landlord’s need to hold tenants responsible

How to Transfer Property Ownership to My Adult Children

The simplest way to transfer a property, such as your home or a piece of land, to your adult children is through a quitclaim deed, which allows you to abdicate your rights to a property and to transfer those rights to another person named on the deed. It is fast, simple and it requires a minimum of

How to Collect on Second Deeds of Trust

A second deed of trust is essentially a second mortgage. The beneficiary of the second deed of trust, typically the lender on the mortgage loan, holds a security interest in the real property. However, that security interest is second in priority, meaning someone else has a mortgage on the same prop

Bad Faith Claims of Non-Disclosure Can Lead to Sanctions

In 2014 an appellate court in California provides a lesson on why a real estate buyer should not base non-disclosure of defects claims on the hair-thin reasoning that the failure to disclose the extent to which home repairs were made when a physical inspection report shows the same type of defect ex

Responsibilities of Tenants Leaving Oklahoma

Renting an apartment or house in Oklahoma qualifies you as a tenant. Oklahoma tenants have a series of responsibilities before leaving the state. A former Oklahoma resident retains many rights even after departing. Consult a real estate attorney, the clerk of the Landlord and Tenant division in the

Buying REOs: What to Know About Bank-Owned Properties

When a property is foreclosed on, a bank is required to offer the property at auction. Usually the auction is unsuccessful because the bank asks for the owed amount on the property. This is almost always greater than the assessed value of the property, and thus purchasing at the auction would be unw

Kentucky Landlord Tenant Relations Act

The Kentucky Landlord Tenant Relations Act regulates rental agreements, the responsibilities of landlords, and the responsibilities of tenants. Legal recourse and remedies are provided for both landlords and tenants. The legal process of eviction is defined in this act, as well as what a landlord ca

How to File an Eviction Notice in Arkansas

Failure to pay rent or pay rent on time is grounds for eviction in the state of Arkansas. The sheriff of the county is responsible for carrying out an eviction. It is illegal for the landlord to evict the tenant by removing the tenant's belongings and changing the locks at the property, as this is c

What Happens If My Property Is Foreclosed on in Maryland?

After a foreclosure process in Maryland, the borrower has no right of redemption to regain his property. The lender can sell the property in a public auction. The lender does have the right to pursue a deficiency judgment.

Virginia Manufactured Home Safety Regulations

Virginia Codes protect consumersvirginia blue ridge image by John Keith from Fotolia.comIn Virginia the Department of Housing and Community Development enforces the federal manufactured home standards outlined in the Virginia State Code. The DHCD inspects these homes to ensure that...

How to Evict Legally in Maine

In Maine, landlords are bound by the terms of eviction set forth in the written lease agreement. Typically, the lease agreement has provisions regarding the reasons a landlord can use to initiate an eviction and the type of notice a landlord must give. If there is no written lease agreement, the lan

Lease Contract Laws

Apartment for Leaseapartment lease sign image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comA lease is one of the most difficult contracts to draft well. This is because landlord-tenant law is a quite well-developed body of law, and because specific legal requirements vary somewhat from state to state...

Energy Performance Certificates and What You Should Know

If a commercial premises in the UK - or a home in the social or private rented sector - is to be sold, or let to a new tenant, then an EPC must be supplied free of charge to the prospective buyer or tenant by the landlord when the buyer or tenant is given written - including electronic - information

Standard Residential Lease Terms

When renting an apartment or other residential property, some basic lease terms will be included in your lease agreement, regardless of the type of residential property involved or the length of tenancy. These basic terms relate to rent, restrictions and property usage, and should be...

Types of Liens

Unpaid debt can have many repercussions, from harming your credit record to forcing you to file for bankruptcy. Another possible consequence is the filing of a lien against your property. While voluntary liens serve a useful purpose, other types of liens can create serious problems for you.

What Is a Trust Deed Sale?

A Trust Deed Sale is also known as a Trust Deed Foreclosure. This happens when a trustor or borrower becomes delinquent and is is unable to bring the loan current during the Notice of Default period. A neutral third party called the trustee can then advertise and auction off the delinquent property

How to Evict a Subletter

A subletter, or subtenant, is a tenant who has an oral or written rental agreement with a tenant. The tenant acts as a landlord to the subtenant but is still subject to his landlord's lease. A tenant cannot sublet without permission from the landlord, either from the lease agreement or from the land

What Happens When You Walk Away From Your House With a VA Loan?

The Veteran's Administration offers loan programs to active duty, National Guard, reserve veterans and their surviving spouses. This benefit program began in 1944 as part of the G.I. Bill of Rights, along with educational benefits for returning military members from World War II. The VA offers loan