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How Many Camera Megapixels Is Enough?

The amount of megapixels a photograph has indicates how detailed the photo is. Generally, the higher the megapixel number, the better the detail. On digital prints, low megapixel count is noticeable, as lines are ill defined, colors are blurred, and any solid colors have a lot of "noise".

Overexposed In The Photo Shop

A really quick sketch of camera development history and how rapidly we have forgotten what was the only alternative in photo making only 15 years ago. Taking pictures is a recent science and the original technology has been essentially replaced in the last few years.

Having Portraits of Newborn Is a Treasure Forever

Newborns are precious gift of God to parents. Welcoming a child is like welcoming the happiest, enjoyable or most dear and divine gift. All parents are found of newborn portraits because they want to capture present time for ever in just a single click.

Express Yourself To Loved Ones By Online Greeting Card

Customized to not only suit your situational need but also sensitively keeping in mind the various sentiments of different category of people - the online greeting card has also become an unique way of cultural interchange. A card to suit your every need is the role that the online greeting card is

Nikon D3000 Lens - Picture Perfect

D3000 is a breathtaking camera that could capture and print quality images. This camera can be easily operated and has good resolution, 10.2 mega pixels. Many have considered this camera as user friendly and most compatible to all kinds of Nikon lenses.

Taking Up a Good Wedding Photography Workshop

Taking Up A Good Wedding Photography WorkshopWedding photography is rapidly becoming one of the most popular photography types. Weddings are one of the most blissful occasions in people's lives and the memories from this ceremony ...

Catchlights in Photography

Catchlights are additional element in your subject that could give life to it. Learn how to make one after reading this.

Learn Digital Photography - Fresh Angles to Shoot From in 5 Easy Steps

All of us want to shoot photos that are different and exciting that others haven't thought of before. Now that's a tall order. Or is it? Most people shoot from traditional angles and never give a thought to experimenting with new and more exciting viewpoints.

How To Locate The Best Photo Editing Software Program

Locating the best photo editing software, is just as important as capturing the best shot. When deciding upon the best editing software program, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. ...

How To Click It Right With The Best Digital Photography Camera

The basic things that you look out for when purchasing a digital photography camera. There are certain features of a digital photography camera that when present in the right dosage, make for some excellent photography sessions.

Newborn Photography - Natural Light Photography of Your Newborn

The baby is finally here, and everyone wants pictures! But every time you try to take pictures, your beautiful baby looks like a little wrinkly old person instead of that exquisite being you see before you. Well - here are some tips to capture your newborn for the best results.

Time For a Camera Upgrade?

If you've owned your digital camera for a year or more, than chances are you've give some thought to upgrading.No doubt, you've be prompted along those lines, by all the flashy new hi tech models offer by Canon, Nikon, Olympus and the rest of the manufacturers.There's no doubt in

How to Set Up Your Own Free Video Photography Website

Many photographers and videographers stuggle with ways to show off their work to the masses online. There are photo-sharing sites like Flickr and video-sharing sites like YouTube, but one popular way to show off related photos and videos on the same page is by creating your own photo and video websi

How to Prepare Your Photo Equipment for a Holiday

We need to start thinking about images a long time before we go for holiday. First of all, knowing where and when we go, we need to rethink the equipment, which we intend to take. When you want to spend two weeks in Egypt on the Red Sea and you intend to spend most of this time in warm seas, probabl

5 Quick and Easy Fixes For Common Photo Problems

While none of us ever deliberately goes out to take a bad photograph, often, in spite of our best intentions a photo that should be great is not. We didn't intend to have a rubbish bin in the background behind the children or to mar a shot with red eyes but the inevitable often happens and we e

The Best New Digital Camera Today

When someone asks me what the best new digital camera is, I always have to pause a little.The reason I pause, is to ask myself a few questions about the person asking the question.Specifically how I think they plan to use the camera.Assuming of course, they plan to use it for themselves.That's

How To Take Stock Photo Images That Sell

Taking stock photo images that sell is not difficult at all. In my opinion, it is actually a lot easier than when I took photos that were artistic and had very complex meanings and messages woven within them. Stock photos that sell have usual characteristics within them. If you try to follow these c

A Good Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer - Species

Electronics wedding photographer use, should also be taken into account because it is the digital age and everything should be up to date. It is believed that the camera used by photographers, symbolized by his ...