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How to Care for Your Senior Cat

Discover the steps to providing the best cat care for your senior cat to ensure they live a long and happy life. You'll also learn the signs to look for that will alert you to possible health concerns with your senior cat.

How to Save an Orphaned Kitten's Life When It Won't Eat

Orphaned kittens typically face shock and stress from being separated with their mother, and as a result refuse to eat and often have a mass of behavioral problems. These issues require immediate attention from a veterinarian for anti-stress medication. However, before the visit to the vet, caring i

Cat Picture of the Week: Apollo

Apollo is the second Cat of the Week for February, 2013 Cat Pictures of the Week for February are chosen from the Life With a White Cat Show and Tell picture gallery on this site.

Cat Peeing in the House? The Litter Could Be to Blame

Just using a different litter may stop your cat from urinating in the house and get her using the litter box again. Find out how the difference between gravel and pellets, scented and unscented litter, and different depths of litter can make all the difference.

Dealing With Cat Hairballs

Imagine this wonderful scenario. There you are, happily petting your cat. The sun is warm and the breeze is gentle. You are sitting on your lawn on the most picturesque of days. Your cat is happily purring in your lap as you sit there listening to the breeze and the low rumbling purr that your cat i

How to Build a Tree Enclosure

When tree barks become damaged, it leaves the trees open to the effects of disease and insects. Bark damage can be caused by a variety of sources. One of the reasons tree bark can become damaged is careless lawn mowing or weed whacking. Another is damage caused by animals such as voles. You can prev

How To Go About Choosing A Cat Breed That Suits You

Allergies to cats must be considered. These allergies are not uncommon, but there is much variance in the degree in which they manifest themselves. Someone with a heavy cat allergy probably should not own a cat. Someone with a light allergy that results in a few sneezes or coughs a day can have a ca

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Bogey

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines. Can your cat out-cute Cutest Cat Contestant Bogey? Enter and find out.

Common Genetic And Non-Genetic Cat Health Problems

If you are a new pet owner or are planning on getting a kitten, you should be aware that it is pretty normal for your kitty to fall ill every once in a while. However, cats are also prone to several genetic ailments and other serious diseases. As a cat owner, it would help you to know about some of

Feeding Your Cat

Most owners believe that feeding a kitten involves no more than simply opening a can or a bag of dried food, but when, and where and what you feed your little one can actually make a vital difference to her general health and well being.

Have Fun Feeding With Automatic Cat Feeders

You need to balance your busy schedule with nurturing you pets otherwise it would be unfair to either side. And I think this will help you control that scenario according to your very own will.

What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Pedigreed Cat Breeds?

Pedigreed cats are a source of joy and pride for their owners.Besides their gorgeous coats, beautiful lines, and great disposition, these animals offer companionship and entertainment to those who love them.Choosing a pedigreed cat is not easy, but knowing the most popular breeds of pedigreed cats m

How to Catch Kittens in a Barn

Barns tend to attract pregnant cats because they offer warmth, ample hiding space and food such as mice. And pregnant cats means kittens. If you don't want to take them to the shelter or move them into your home, consider spaying and neutering them to keep them as barn cats. The Washington Humane So

How to Get Sticky Glue Out of Cat Hair

If your cat gets glue on its fur, it can cause your cat pain and discomfort. Your cat will try to groom the gluey, matted fur out and may ingest some of the glue, which is toxic. To deal with this sticky situation, remove the glue as quickly as possible using safe, natural ingredients to loosen the

Renal Cat Food a Specialised Diet For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure

Felines make wonderful pets, especially as they are naturally meek and gentle. They like to be cuddled, although it is said that cats can be mysterious sometimes. Just like any other pet, your pet cat needs care and nurturing for him to have a healthy system. If not, they can be prone to diseases an

Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Sonsy

November is for tortoiseshell ladies, because they are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall. Let's take a stroll through this picture rainbow of tortie cats, each one reminiscent of a pile of maple leaves glowing in the crisp fall air.

Cat Breeds Picture Gallery: Angelo, Exotic Cat

September is a month of variety in both climate and activities. It is still warm enough for summer activities, while cooler evenings bring a hint of fall. It is a perfect month from celebrating a variety of cat breeds, and we dedicate the September Cats Picture Calendar to photos of a number of pedi