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Buying Used Saddles Online

Ten years ago, I would've never thought that it would be possible to buy and sell used saddles on the Internet.Saddles just don't seem to be the type of product that would sell well online.I thought very few people, if any at all, would be interested in buying saddles without seeing them f

Girths and Cinches

A piece of equine equipment that holds your saddle in place is called a girth or cinch. In English riding it is called a girth and in Western riding it is called a cinch. Both serve the same purpose of holding the saddle securely on the horse's back.

How to Train Miniature Ponies

Miniature horses or ponies are smaller versions of full-sized horses. To be considered a miniature, an animal must be no taller than 34 inches. In 1978, the American Miniature Horse Association was created to preserve the breed. Although smaller in stature, these animals are still horses and should

How to Train a Horse for Dressage

Not every horse or pony will be competent at the sport of dressage, but all horses can benefit with some basic dressage training. This helps the horse become better coordinated and often more confident. A horse or pony does not have to be broken to saddle to begin basic dressage training.

How to Build a Pole Shed

Pole barns or sheds are simple structures ideal for agricultural purposes. One only needs basic skills, as well as lumber and some tools, to make one. Materials are inexpensive and can be built to any size needed.

How to Braid a Pinwheel

Braiding a pinwheel is the last part to creating a complete set for your show horse. First French braid your horse's hair, then follow the instructions below to learn how to braid a pinwheel. This style of braiding is commonly seen at hunter and jumper shows.

Equine Saddle Pads

It is important that you take good care of the equine saddle pads that you use for your horse. The health of your animal as well as the life of the saddle pads are both at stake if you do not properly maintain them. Dirt, sweat, and other nasty substances can accumulate on the pads after just a few

Directions for Braiding Manes

Unlike other sports competitions, horse shows have as much to do with looks as with performance. Judges examine the competing horses very closely, and a clean and well-groomed horse can make the difference between a medal and a “nice try.” One method that some horse trainers and showers

Information on Friesians

If you've ever seen a movie set in the Middle Ages, you've probably seen a Friesian. Their beauty, temperament, trainability and flashy movement often make them the horse of choice in Medieval reenactments. In fact, the Friesian Goliath was the equine star in the movie "LadyHawke."

Sweet Itch in Horses

Sweet itch is an allergic skin disease caused by a reaction to the saliva in a Cullicoides midge bite. The bite will cause an isolated irritation in the skin, the horse will then self inflict damage to him trying to rub the irritated areas.

How to Compete in Equitation

Equitation is an English riding event that judges correct riding and proper body carriage of horse and rider.

How to Clean a Gelding's Sheath

While not the most attractive of tasks for most people, it is important to clean your gelding's sheath at least every six months. This will help prevent a build up of smegma, the combination of flaking skin and lubricating oil released from your horse's sebaceous glands. Removing this smegma before

Top Tips to Taking Perfect Horse Advert Pictures

When you sell your horse, the first thing people look at is the picture. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Your picture needs to make a big impact to ensure your advert is viewed, as well as giving off the right impression. Here are Horse Deals top tips for taking an advert picture

How to Prevent Dusty Hay

Fodder is vital to the health of many farm animals. Hay provides nutrition during the winter to horses, cows and other animals. However, it must be kept clean and dry to maintain its nutritional value and prevent any bacteria or mold from forming in it. Mold can destroy fodder, cause fires and harm

What Are the Treatments for a Broken Jaw Bone on a Horse?

If your horse is having trouble eating and its jaw looks out of alignment, it may have a broken jaw. It is important to seek veterinary attention in order to treat this right away; this will help prevent infection and get your horse feeling back to normal as soon as possible.

American Canine Association

The American Canine Association (ACA), established in 1984, strives to improve the canine industry by offering pet owners services such as the canine health-tracking registry. The organization, led by its veterinary, legal and advisory boards, provides support and encouragement to pet owners to help

How to Lunge a Horse in Side Reins

Side reins are training tools used most often in English equestrian disciplines, such as dressage, and are intended to be used while working a horse on the lunge line. Side reins connect from the bit to either the rings on a lunging surcingle or to the buckles or rings on the saddle's girth, and are