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About Horse Training Halters

All halters are sometimes called "training halters" in tack shops and online pet supply stores. Halters are also called "head collars" in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe. They are absolutely essential equipment to have for a horse or pony. The strength of a training halter is not in the

How to Start a Horse Under Saddle

Starting a horse under saddle can be an exciting and challenging time in the life of a horse and his owner. This training requires a great deal of patience, compassion and common sense to complete successfully. You can begin the happy, lifelong companionship with your young horse by following this h

What Is Equine Colic?

Worried about equine colic and need some advise. What is equine colic what are the symptoms. What should you do next.

Jaundice in Horses

Jaundice or icterus refers to the yellowish pigmentation of skin and the whites of the eyes that occurs when bile builds up in the blood, according to Rather than being a disease itself, jaundice represents a symptom of possible disease in horses, as well as humans.

Have You Been Getting Your Horse Moving?

When you decide to ride your horse you would be wise to think a few things over before you mount up. Practically every rider will fall off a horse at least once in their lifetime. An experienced horse person may take risks that to them are simply the natural way of doing things...

Ways for Older Horses to Gain Weight

Older horses need special care and image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comAs horses get older, it often becomes challenging to keep them at a healthy weight. There are several ways to help your older horse gain weight, including changing a feed source and maintaining your...

The Essential Things to Know About Rubber Horse Mats

Horses are remarkable animals and can be great friends. If you own any, then you would be aware that horses spend the most part of their time standing on their feet. Well if what is underneath your horse's feet is concrete, it can eventually put too much pressure on them, causing pain in your h

Horse Stable Games

Horse lovers can explore their stable management skills, breed their own horses, train, race and show their equines all without leaving a computer. Online horse stable games will vary in what they have to offer as far as what you can do with your virtual horse. Some games are free, others...

Flax Seed Benefits for Horses

Consider adding flax seed to your horse's image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comFlax seed, also known as linseed in other parts of the world, has been gaining popularity as a horse feed supplement. Flax seed provides a number of nutritional benefits for horses of all ages and...

Put Your Feet in the Stirrups Correctly When Your Ride a Horse

Learn how to put your feet in the stirrups so you are comfortable, secure and safe when riding horseback. Learn how to turn your stirrup so the stirrup leather is not twisted, where you should place your feet, and how to avoid losing stirrups or having your foot slide out when you ride.

History of Clicker Training

Today, many animal lovers and horse trainers alike employ clicker training with their horses. They use this strategy to help train their horses better and faster.

How to Get Rid of Rain Rot

Horses contract rain rot through a fungus that infects the skin. They generally come in contact with it from infected items such as saddles, brushes or blankets. Heavy moisture and long hair also contribute to this infection. Insect bites allow the aforementioned conditions to gain access to the ski

How to Identify Lameness in a Horse

Lameness in horses can be relatively harmless, as in a case where a horse has been recently shod, or severe, as in a case of founder. Recognizing when a horse isn't moving as he usually does is important in diagnosing lameness.

Horse Colic or Equine Colic Diagnosis

Horses mostly have a reasonable temperament and are quite easygoing. Nonetheless, if your horse receives colic, you will detect some prompt changes. Like humans, horses will exhibit physical symptoms as an indication that there is something wrong. As an owner, you must know what to look for so you c

How to Make a Wire Horse Fence

Owning and caring for horses can be a challenge. Many people are drawn to horses for their grace, beauty, speed and power. But having a safe place to house them, as well as to protect others from their foraging, is imperative. Fencing is one of the largest investments a horse owner will make and wir

Horse Training Tips - The Importance of Training Objectives

It is common knowledge in professional human training that without clearly defined training objectives training cannot be successful. And this is true for the training of horses, to. This is actually true for any kind of training.

How to Drive a Horse Sleigh

Driving a horse sleigh can be a pleasant and exciting experience, but it also can be dangerous if you are not familiar with horses and you don't have the right equipment. The hobby has gained popularity in recent years because it is easy to learn. You also can find horse clubs where you can exchange

Horses Equal Fun, and More Fun

Up to this point I have been discussing the very serious aspects of buying and owning a horse. I would like to take a moment to go to the flip side, which is the best part.