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Steel Vs. Aluminum Horse Trailer Weight

Horse trailers are used to transport horses and other livestock from one location to another. Originally, they were manufactured using steel, which had its drawbacks. Aluminum horse trailers became an attractive alternative during the 1970s and 1980s. They are still perceived to be the best when con

Find The Right Coach for Your First Horseback Riding Lesson

Fast-track your riding skills with riding lessons. Here is how to find a coach for your first riding lesson. This is what you need to know about starting riding lessons and finding a riding lesson coach, finding a riding school and what to look for so you can learn in safety.

Custom Horsehair Gifts

Turn horsehair into a unique image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comUse a horse's hair to create a one-of-a-kind gift. No matter what breed of horse your friends and relatives own, they are sure to love a gift made with their own special horse's hair.Horsehair BraceletCoarse...

Keep Your Horse Comfortable in Cold Weather

Horses are beautiful and adaptive animals. However, they are warm-blooded creatures that get cold in the wintertime. Almost every state in the U.S. experiences weather that is cold enough for horses to need horse blankets when the temperatures drop. While horse stalls offer sufficient shelter from w

Symptoms of Navicular Syndrome

Navicular syndrome is characterized by increasing intermittent lameness. Lameness will occur in one or both of the front feet, usually both.

Selecting the Best Equine Therapy for a Horse

We all know that holistic treatment is always better than short-term allopathic treatments. Now the term alternative equine therapies can be used as an umbrella term of varied holistic treatments drawn from different parts of the world. Some of the most popular ones are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chi

Can I Write Off My Horse Showing Expenses?

It can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to raise a horse and get it to show, but you might be able to deduct horse showing expenses and treat the horse like depreciable property. However, this assumes that you earn some money off of your horse. Unless you can prove some income, you probably

How to Get a Racehorse to Run Faster

Most racehorses are Thoroughbreds, and are bred for speed. Their fine build and long, powerful legs allow them to reach speeds of around 40 miles an hour.Each horse is an individual, and some will always be faster than others. This may be down to natural ability or conformati

Horse Training - Horse Training Rules to Live By

I was looking through an old horse book of mine recently and found some horse training maxims I thought you'd enjoy. Plus, they make it clear how to treat a horse which helps you learn to work with horses. Check these out: "If they throw up their heads and act timidly, look after your stab

How To Keep Your White Horse Truly White

White horses can be a challenge to keep clean. Here's how to keep your white or light colored horse clean and bright. Learn tips to clean your white horse, and keep it from getting yellowish or stained.

How to Teach a Horse Clicker Training Basics

If you're looking for a fun way to teach your horse new things, clicker training might be for you. Clicker training isn't just for tricks; you can teach everything from good manners to how to stand for saddling and feet cleaning as well. And, best of all, for you and your horse, it's as much a game

Fun Horse Facts and Activities for Kids

Find horse information and activities especially for kids. Learn about horse, their care, and fun horse activities you can do, even if you don't have your own horse.

How to Grow Hair When Your Horse Has a Scar

It is fairly common for horses to lose hair in the area where they have received a moderate to severe injury. It is also normal for the hair to take a long time to grow back, or for it to fail to grow back altogether. A large part of whether or not hair will eventually grow back over a scar depends

How to Register an American Quarter Horse

American quarter horses are one of the most recognizable horse breeds. They are known for their speed, agility and adaptability, which allow them to participate in a wide variety of equine sports. The American Quarter Horse Association is the governing body for the breed, and is in charge of registr

Saddle Seat & Hunt Seat Differences

Hunt-seat and saddle-seat English saddles differ in form and function.cavllo image by from Fotolia.comWhile to the non-rider all English saddles may look the same, they aren't. Each style of English saddle is designed for a specific equine activity, and the design helps...

Homemade Hay Net

Hay nets are essential when going on the road with your horse. While hay nets large enough to accommodate a flake of hay are not expensive to buy, they are even less expensive to make. Used bailing twine will work fine, and for those occasions where you want a little more style, try some colorful pl