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Horse Riding and Its Significance

Horse Riding has been a popular sports ever since it was introduced. In fact, it might not to be wrong to say it is one of the oldest and much celebrated games on the face of Earth.

The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

Fans of clicker training and those who wish to learn more about it will enjoy this book. Here's my review of the book The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses by Ben Hart.

Horseshoeing Nightmare - Disaster Strikes

Disasters in horseshoeing practices. How the devastation to horses continues even after the damage is done. When the truth is missing in the equation the results can be brutal.

7 Reasons Your Horse Might Be Losing Weight

Learn why horses lose weight, or are difficult to keep in good condition and what you can do to help. Learn the various reasons a horse may lose weight or may not gain weight. Learn what factors contribute to weight loss and what you can feed your horse and check to make sure it stays in healthy con

Famous Horses from the Big Screen

There is a unique emotional bond between humans and horses ever since the first man tried to mount this wonderful animal. Horses seem to have the ability to sense a person's mood and react to it. It is no wonder then that so many people enjoy books and feature films with horses as the stars. He

How to Troubleshoot a Horse Trailer

Horse trailers are practical for owners with one or two horses, but they require an annual safety check to keep them roadworthy. Common problems with trailers include lights not working, unsafe flooring, and issues with tires or hitches.Carrying out a step-by-step check will

How to Put Weight on a Foal

A young foal's primary source of nourishment is its mother's milk. Foals are not normally weaned from their mother's milk until five to six months but a foal may show some interest in other food as early as 10 to 14 days old. Foals can gain up to three pounds per day but rapid growth can cause devel

How to Treat Hoof Fungus

Hoof fungus is a condition that occurs in horses where the hard material of the hoof becomes infected. If left untreated, the infection can spread into the horse's foot. One of the most obvious indicators of hoof fungus is a putrid smell coming from the foot, or the appearance of a dark-colored disc

Can You Put Pea Gravel in a Horse Corral?

The right flooring is essential in a horse corral, not only for the comfort of the horse but also its health. A horse's legs and feet can be affected greatly by the type of flooring chosen, especially if a horse is not shooed. There are many suitable options for flooring, however, using pea gravel i

How to Tie a Cow Halter

Cows are an integral part of a farm. From the traditional to the more commercial farming methods, cows provide the backbone for many agrarian areas. From providing milk, meat and the precursor for many other dairy products, cows need to be in plentiful supply. However, these animals must be easy to

Billy Cook Saddlery

See why Billy Cook saddlery is not only preferred by pro rodeo riders but why Billy Cook Saddlery is one of the most respected names in the horse world producing top quality saddles and tack. Billy Cook saddles are designed to be tough enough for the rodeo yet comfortable enough for the personal rid

What Are the Causes of Equine Diarrhea?

Loose stools--diarrhea--in a horse may be a temporary, minor condition but ongoing, severe diarrhea can be a sign of a more serious or infectious illness. Dealing with manure is part of routine daily horse care, so the signs and symptoms of diarrhea rarely go unnoticed for long in a well-kept horse.

About Walking Horse Bridles

The Tennessee walking horse is a breed that has a natural "running walk," or gait. This is a three-beat gait that is naturally smooth for the rider and is identifiable by a distinct "nodding" of the head while the horse is in the gait.

Horseboxes For Sale - Buyers Guide

When you are considering looking for horseboxes for sale there are many things to think about, below you will find lots of helpful tips to help you choose the right horsebox for sale for you.Budget yourself - work you what you want to spend.

Martingales for Dogs

Historical records show that dogs were wearing collars in ancient Egyptian times. Some were working collars, while others were ornamental and indicated the name and social standing of the dog's owner. Later, collars were used for training and control of the dog, as well as protection from wolves. Mo

A Few Interesting Horse Facts

A hand is the unit of measure for telling how tall a horse is. A hand is four inches, and horses are measured from the ground to the withers, which is the point where their neck joins their shoulder. Most riding horses are between 15 and 16 hands tall. Drafters can be 18 hands tall. Ponies can be 13

How Do I Western Tack My Horse Right?

Saddling a horse correctly is one of the most important parts of any ride. Incorrectly tacking a horse can not only impact the rider's technique but can be dangerous for the rider and the horse.