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Top 10 Tips to Pick the Perfect Horse Trainer

Whether your young horse needs to be started under saddle or your mature horse needs a tune-up, a trainer is an important member of your team.Here are a top horse trainer's tips on finding the perfect trainer for you, your horse and your goals.

How to Train Mounted Police Horses

Police horses are specially trained to be unflappable in any situation. They have to deal with crowds of people, unusual objects and loud noises, without panicking or spooking. Training a police horse normally takes at least six months.Not all horses have a suitable temperame

How To Keep Horse Stables In Good Condition

Once a horse owner's dream stable complex has been planned, developed and the equines have moved in, some might think that the hard work is over. However, this could not be further from the truth. Horse stables need to be well maintained and closely managed to ensure that they stay in good cond

Horse Hoof Diseases

A horse's hooves are one of the most important parts of a horse's anatomy. Without a well-structured and healthy hoof, a horse can become lame or limited in the work he can do, and that's not usually a good thing for the owner. Read on to find out what you can do and what you can't if your horse has

Horse Riding Etiquette - Know the Right Way to Ride Over Someone Else's Farm

Just as in other areas of life, when riding (especially over someone else's farm) manners count! That being said, it is important to understand just how important farm riding etiquette really is; it is not simply about being nice and courteous, it is also a safety issue. When you exercise a bit

How to Recognize the Tennessee Walking Horse Gaits

Originally bred as an all-purpose horse, the Tennessee walking horse's lineage includes Morgan, Narragansett and thoroughbred breeds. Having a naturally smooth and steady step, two of the "Tennessee Walker's" three main gaits are distinct and readily recognizable from those of other horses. Commonly

How to Clean Horse Stalls in Heavy Rain

Cleaning out horse stalls can be a rewarding task, particularly when you experience your horse comfortably lying down in fresh sweet smelling bedding. It is also essential for the health of your horse. However, it is not the cleanest of jobs and can be physically demanding. If you are not lucky en

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is a disease of a horse's endocrine system. Endocrine disorders are responsible for imbalances, and EMS is one of the more commonly diagnosed defects of this complex system. University of Illinois researchers call EMS a "prosperity disease" because it affects horses t

Boarding Stable Barn Etiquette

Each barn has its own personality, its very own unique feel. Some are friendlier than others. Some are fancy, while others are more down home. Some house very serious competitors, and there are those who just want to have fun. But across the board, the basics of barn behavior, barn etiquette if you

How to Deworm Horses

Equine parasite control is a very important step in keeping your horse healthy. Horses are unpredictable in there behavior so when deworming you should used caution. You will need to purchase a equine parasite control tube wormer such as Zimectrin,Quest or any reliable product offered by your local

Some Helpful Tips For Deworming Your Pet Horse

One of the many health issues or problems your horse may acquire or get is worms or internal parasites. To prevent worms from proliferating in your horse's internal systems and to control and get rid of them, you need to regularly deworm your pet. Below are some tips you can follow to make the

How to Tell if a Horse is Colicking

For all their size and strength, horses are actually delicate creatures. Horse intestines are easily disrupted and can cause the most common, and most fatal disease in horses: colic. Knowing how to tell if something is amiss is an important asset when you own horses of any breed. This article will g

How to Sell a Horse Trailer

When attempting to sell a horse trailer first determine if the trailer can be hauled safely in its current condition. For the most part, a trailer with many repairs needed will take quite a while to sell, unless the buyer is getting a good deal on the price. It can be well worth your time to fix any

Genetic Diseases of Tennessee Walking Horses

Tennessee Walkers are bred for their unique gait.walking horse image by Clarence Alford from Fotolia.comTennessee Walking Horses are a breed named for their unique, exaggerated gait. Instead of the standard walk, trot, and canter that most other horses have, the Tennessee Walking Horse...

How to Replace Stirrups on a Western Saddle

If you like your western saddle but not the stirrups, you can buy new stirrups and put them on rather easily. While changing stirrups on a western saddle is a bit more complicated than putting new stirrups on an English saddle, it is not that difficult or complicated. If you can raise and lower the

Horse Boarding Contract - What You Need to Consider Before You Sign

Before signing that horse boarding contract, have you ever stopped to wonder what all that fine print actually means?Reading over the entire contract positions you as an informed consumer with a more complete understanding of your responsibilities.Below we will be discussing why you need to sign a c

Which Of These Horse Catching Mistakes Do You Make?

The other day, I was invited to see my friends new horse. He had her for about a month before I got to see her. When I arrived at his house, he met me outside and said, Cmonlets go see her. We ...