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How to Use PVC to Attach Live Rock in an Aquarium

Live rock is a critical component for the health and beauty of a saltwater aquarium. The live rock provides biological filtration and an environment for aquarium inhabitants. From an aesthetics perspective, live rock provides the foundation for displaying corals, which overall is called an aquascape

Know the Different Koi Types to Choose From

A person who is into the hobby of koi fish keeping should also be able to know about the different koi types. Knowing the different koi types will help you decide on what koi fish to keep and what types to breed or cross breed. Most breeders continue to complete their collection of the different koi

Goldfish Care and Fish Tank Maintenance

Fish tank maintenance is the first step in goldfish care and is an important part of owning a tank of healthy fish. If maintained regularly, aquarium and goldfish care is relatively easy and takes little time.

Koi Food - What Kind Of Fish Food For Your Koi?

Food and good quality water are two essential items for raising healthy koi with vibrant beautiful colors. Many of us do not pay much attention to our koi fish food. We assume that fish foods are all the same and opt for the least cost. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves our fish with a diet that

Water Treatment for Fishbowls

Bettas are the only fish that you can house safely in a fishbowl. This fish has the unique ability to breath air above the water, meaning it can survive in non-moving, non-aerated water that would quickly stress most fish. Though a betta can live in a fishbowl without a filter, heater or aerator, yo

Using SeaClear System II in Your Aquarium Means Successful Fish Keeping

In choosing an aquarium suitable for your living room, there are other equally important considerations that have an effect on your constant expenses as well as the health of the inhabitants. And using SeaClear System II in your aquarium would ensure that you'll have a successful fish keeping.

How to Care for Anemones in Salt Water Tanks

Sea anemones come in all shapes and colors and can be found in most parts of the world. Anemones should not be kept in coral tanks, because some types of anemones are known to move around and can inflict major damage to corals. Anemones are also known to get sucked into pump intakes and overflows, s

How to Care for Carnival Goldfish

The goldfish is one of the most popular and immediately recognizable aquarium fish. Goldfish are often given away as prizes in games at carnivals and county fairs. Typically, they are handed out in tied-off plastic bags of water for temporary transport purposes. The fish must be transferred from tho

How to Hide the Pipes for a Canister Filter

Freshwater aquarium fish and marine invertebrates such as sea anemones pollute their water with metabolic waste on a continual basis. Aquarists typically use canister filters, which incorporate mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to clean the aquarium water. Typically canister filters are

Fighting Fish Foods

Like most fish, Bettas are omnivores with a strong preference for animal food. In the wild they will eat any animal or vegetable food they can find. They prefer live foods such as Mosquito larvae (wrigglers) Daphnia, etc., and are often referred to as carnivores. In an aquarium they will eat all nor

How to Test the Salt in a Saltwater Aquarium

Maintaining a saltwater aquarium isn't difficult, it just requires a commitment. Small changes in water and chemical levels can kill a tank quickly, so monitoring salt levels is vital to the health of your reef. Testing for salt and other chemical levels should be done on a weekly basis to ensure yo

Bleach to Decontaminate Aquarium Tanks

Aquariums need to be cleaned thoroughly before water is added and the habitat for aquatic life is created. Any foreign bacteria present in the tank before the water is added can cause fatal health problems and infections in delicate fish. Bleach can act as a safe decontaminant for a new or used aqua

How to Treat Puffers With Internal Parasites

Puffers, also called blowfish, have the unusual ability to turn themselves into a ball to ward off predators, according to National Geographic. To inflate, the puffer consumes large amounts of water from its surroundings--either its aquarium or the ocean. This ingestion of water, along with the natu

Keeping and Breeding the Black Kuhli Loach

The Black Kuhli Loach, Pangio oblonga, is a close relative of the Kuhi loach. It is believed that in the wild this fish breeds in flooded forests. The forest floor may well have much organic debris from the trees and the baby loaches probably grow amongst these; feeding on the rich animal and vegeta

How to Build an Aquarium Breeder Box for Fish

A breeder box is a helpful tool for any fish breeder. It allows the males and females to spawn, and then be easily separated, making the breeding process much simpler. A pre-made breeder box can be costly to purchase, but making your own can be easily accomplished with just a few materials.

How to Keep an Aquarium Pump Quiet

Aquariums in general need a lot of attention to keep the fish alive. The pH, temperature, nitrate levels and dissolved oxygen content are just a small sampling of the required monitoring. Aquarium pumps are a great way of providing one of those: dissolved oxygen. Unfortunately they host a small c

How to Stop My Betta From Eating Algae Wafers

Bettas, also called Siamese Fighting Fish, are very popular pets because of their striking colors and the fact that they are easy to care for. Many new betta fish owners are drawn in by the beauty of their bettas and do not take the time to learn how to properly care for them. Bettas are carnivores,

What Is a Gold Nugget Fish?

The gold nugget fish refers to two similar types of catfish found in Brazil. They are also known as the gold nugget pleco. Gold nugget fish have become one of the more popular catfish species for home aquariums. Their distinct coloring and flaring dorsal fin makes them an attractive addition to a fr