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How to Feed High Energy Hunting Dogs

The dogfood you feed your high-energy dog makes all the difference between having a healthy, high performing hunting dog or having a dog that is prone to injury and poor performance. Your high energy hunting dog has special nutritional needs for high performance and a long healthy life. Hunting do

How to Speak "Dog"

Dogs don't speak "human." It is important for dog owners to comprehend the way dogs communicate if they are to understand their needs. Knowing how your dog is wired to communicate will also take some of the mystery out of training.

Terrier Puppy Training - Have Your Puppy Trained Today

Choosing a new terrier puppy can be an exciting point in an owner's life. While terrier puppies can start out small, some breeds can reach over 80 pounds. Traditionally, terriers were bred and raised to hunt and control small animals such as foxes, rabbits and rats. Larger breeds of terriers we

Dog Food - A Healthy Alternative

You may unknowingly give your pet dog food that is not healthy for them. Making your pet happy and providing the best that you can for them is one of the goals of a pet owner. When you love your pet you want them to get the best of everything that you can give them. You think you are doing right bec

Pros and Cons of Buying an Adult Dog

Getting a dog surely adds quality to your life but it also means making some readjustments. One question you may ask yourself is whether  to bring a puppy home or to give an older dog a new place for life. This decision is not always easy because there are many pros and cons to consider, some o

Tips for Pitbulls and Boxers

Pit bulls and boxers are among a number of breeds that are commonly called "bully breeds," indicating their shared bulldog heritage. They are completely separate breeds, but do share similar qualities and temperaments. Training either breed requires similar methods and effort. Both pit bulls and box

How to Treat Heavy Dog Shedding

Shedding fur is natural, and dog owners should expect to see their fair share of it. The fur comes out so that new fur can grow in. The dog also may shed extra fur when the weather begins to change. There are some dog breeds that tend to shed an excessive amount. Siberian Huskies and the Great Pyren

Buying Puppies for Sale Online

One of the most famous places to find puppies for sale is the internet. One of the many advantage of online pet shops is that you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you don't pick a reputable website, you may get an unhealthy dog or none at all.

Puppy Separation Anxiety Symptoms - Chewing And Destructive Behavior

Puppy separation anxiety symptoms can be very difficult to cope with. Your puppy feels alone and shows it by displaying the kind of behavior that if allowed to continue, can become emotionally draining for you and any other member of your family. One of the most difficult symptoms to cope with is ch

5 Methods to Potty Training Your Siberian Husky

So you've bought home a Siberian Husky puppy. One of the first challenges is potty training. Another term for this is simply "housebreaking". From the very beginning, you must start to process of teaching your dog where she can eliminate and that she must hold on when left by herself.

How to Change an AKC Registered Name

When a dog is registered with the American Kennel Club by the breeder or the dog's first owner, the dog normally carries that name for life. American Kennel Club (AKC) registered names cannot be any longer than 36 characters, including spaces, apostrophes and hyphens; must be written in the English

Severe Separation Anxiety in Canines

Developing a significant attachment with pet animals can be emotionally rewarding. But too much of it can lead to severe separation anxiety. Dogs that are diagnosed with this condition show one or all of the following signs and symptoms: hyper salivation, hyper attachment, distressed grunts or of de

How to Sharpen Canine Nail Clippers

Since taking a pet to a professional groomer can be costly, many people perform the task of trimming, shampooing, and clipping the nails of their dogs on their own. One of the more dangerous tasks when grooming a dog is clipping its nails, especially since there is a high risk of hitting the quick,

Dog Bathing

This article talks about dog bathing. You will get to know tips on dog bathing.

How to Train Your Puppy - Helpful Tips to Get Started

Anyone who has ever had a puppy know that puppies require a lot of attention and care besides the regular care and attention you will give to a much older dog and it is at this stage of a dog's life that is the best time to train your dog. In as much as you could get a professional to train you

How to Remedy Hot Spots on Dogs

Hot spots can be trouble for dogs and their owners. Want some easy remedies for these and other canine skin troubles? Read on...