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The Diet of Canadian Geese

Canada geese (Branta canadensis), commonly referred to as Canadian geese, are water birds, with long necks, large bodies, webbed feet and wide, flat bills. You'll recognize one by its brown back, tan-colored breast and most distinctively, black neck and head with strip of white on the chin.

Ideas for a Bird Theme Feely Box Activity

Feely box, or mystery box, activities are sensory games for young children who are developing their scientific and tactile observation skills. The contents of the box are hidden from sight and the child must rely solely on their sense of touch and their problem-solving skills to identify the objects

Before You Build Your Own Bird Cage...

It can seem like a fun and cost effective way to acquire housing for your pet bird, but building your own bird cage has definite drawbacks that can put the health and safety you both you and your feathered friend at risk. Consider these potential hazards before deciding to go to the time and effort

Plans to Make to a Purple Martin House

Birdwatchers all over the world build birdhouses that attract a certain species of birds. Different types of birds have definite opinions on what kinds of houses they like. Purple martins are social birds and love to be around others of their own kind.

How to Pick Birdhouse Guards

Birdhouse guards are used to keep predators away from birdhouses, including raccoons, opossums, snakes and cats. They come in different shapes and sizes and can go on the face of the birdhouse or on the support holding up the birdhouse. Picking a birdhouse guard is not difficult. The different types

How to Make Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds may be tiny, but they are extremely territorial and quickly claim any feeder you place in your yard. Placing several feeders in your yard not only cuts down on the aggressive battles for dominance at the feeder, it attracts more hummingbirds to your yard as well. Purchasing multiple fee

35 Facts About Zebra Finches

Zebra Finches are fast becoming one of the most loved and exotic pet on the century. Breeders of these birds have reported an increase in the number of orders received.

How to Attach the Perch to Hummingbird Feeders

In the wild, hummingbirds usually dine from flowers without the benefit of a perch. But these little jewels bring such joy to many homeowners, why not offer them a place to rest while they enjoy a free meal? Many hummingbird feeders come without perches attached and require the birds to hover while

What Are Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds Like?

The ruby-throated hummingbird is a small bird in the family Trochilidae, which contains 328 species of hummingbird. Hummingbirds also belong to the order Apodiformes, which means unfooted birds. Although small, the birds do actually have feet but they are held close to the body and are not visible i

S-Line Reservoir

Review of birding at the S-Line Reservoir in Fallon, Nevada. Includes tips for visiting birders and examples of bird species likely to be seen.

How to Attract Birds of Different Species - Part 1

Getting the attention of birds of varied species is actually a fun and a relaxing way to spend time with your whole family right in your own backyard. Everything basically starts by providing the right bird feeding environment.And the only way to do that is by having plenty of wild bird food in an a

Hints for "Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness"

"Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness" is a casual game released by Big Fish Games. Your character follows instructions on a treasure map that lead him to maze-filled ruins in the middle of a jungle. The game has 150 levels to explore, each more difficult than the last. The reward for your character's ad

Peach Lovebird - Interesting Facts About This Lovebird

The Peach-faced Lovebird, also called the Rosy-faced Lovebird. It's a local to dry regions of Africa. Peach-faced Lovebird populations have reduced in some areas by trapping for the pet trade. One of the most well liked, loving, and freely available specie of Lovebird. They are definitely a lou

Traveling With a Parrot

This article is written following my personal experience. The four years living with a parrot in my house brought me to the conclusion I will unfold in the lines below.

How to Take Care of Your Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are pets which can be easy to care for if the proper care items are provided. Often, chick care is as simple as providing healthy food and clean water, comfortable bedding inside of a box and providing a heating lamp. Keeping the chicks inside where they are warm and can be monitored wor


Definition and description of the term Passerine as it pertains to classifying bird species.

The 5 Most Popular Species of Pet Birds

This is a list of the top 5 most popular companion bird species. Photos, profiles, descriptions and more make it easy for potential owners to learn about different types of birds before deciding which type to buy.