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Who Can Take the Series 7 License Exam?

Many positions in the financial services industry require various licenses obtained after qualifying and passing written exams. The Series 7 License exam is the General Securities Representative exam and is run by FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. There are even...

How to Lift a Credit Freeze

Placing a freeze on your credit file is a tool used to prevent identity theft. During the time a credit report is frozen, no one can access your credit report without you giving prior permission. Lifting the credit freeze is referred to as thawing your credit file. During the time frame the credit f

The Roth 403b Vs. the Roth IRA

Many employers are choosing to add a Roth savings option to traditional 403b plans. If your employer is one of these, you should consider whether or not to contribute to the Roth 403b, to contribute to a Roth IRA on your own or to stay in the traditional plan altogether. To make the best decision, m

How to Calculate Priority Mail Postage

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers Priority Mail as one of its shipping methods. If you send a package as Priority Mail, the package will typically get to its destination within two to three days. You might be surprised to learn the cost of shipping prices, depending on where you're ship

The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Transfer of Information

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted in 1970 to ensure that the credit industry treats credit information in a manner that is fair to consumers. Information transfer can only be done for legitimate business reasons and consumers are entitled to prevent their information from being shared with t

Section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Only businesses with a proper purpose as defined by federal law can access a consumer credit report. Section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act defines permissible uses for consumer reports. Most permitted uses fall into four general categories.

About Household Budget Worksheets

Budgets help companies manage their money, and your household should be no different. Creating a household budget worksheet will allow you to keep your finances organized, pay your bills on time and possibly help you save money. If money is tight, it is crucial to stick to the budget.

Most Popular Credit Reporting Agencies

Consumers need to be aware of the dozens of fly-by-night credit reporting agencies that come onto the American scene and offer elusive means of correcting credit reports and miraculously eliminating debt. Conversely, there are legitimate credit reporting agencies operating in the United...

What Are the Legal Rights to an Ex-Husband's Estate?

A divorce often severs a spouse's right to share in the proceeds of the ex-spouse's estate. The laws of intestate succession cease to operate on her behalf and she is entitled to nothing. While an ex-wife generally has no right to a deceased ex-husband's estate, she may have an entitlement to it und

How to Make a Payment to Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide is an insurance company that provides vehicle, property, life, and mortgage insurance to millions of Americans everyday. If you have a Nationwide insurance policy, paying the bill for your policy premium is very easy to do and should only take a few minutes. There are several different pa

How to Bring in Extra Money

In these uncertain economic times, it is important to identify some ways to bring in extra money. You may need the extra money to send a child to college, to make up for rising food prices or to build your savings. Heck, we can all use some extra money! Let's see how to earn more of it!

Can the IRS Seize IRA Funds?

Your IRA protects you from paying income taxes on your retirement savings. Your IRA is also protected from most lawsuits and judgments up to $1 million. However, your IRA is not protected from the IRS. The IRS may take actions against you to satisfy debts you owe to the U.S. government. \

Benefit of Getting Tips for NCDEX Investment

Thing Market is a business sector where crude things or items are accumulated business for offering or purchasing, these items are traded in this business sector. Firstly Commodity Trading was begun in the nineteenth century. ...

Ways to Earn Money Online With PayPal

PayPal is one of the Internet's most well-known payment services. Customers can transmit credit card or eCheck payments via an Internet browser using this service. When you have your own PayPal account, you have a number of options for earning money online. If you plan to earn money, make...

Credit Card Debt - How To Get Out OF It

Reduce credit card debt and get rid of it before it takes a ugly form. This is real the gist of the tale. But if you already indebted then, how do you trim credit card ...

How to Receive SSI Benefits Under Special Expedited Procedures

The Social Security Administration operates the Supplemental Security Income program for individuals who need cash for necessities and who have a disability or are blind or elderly. These individuals must have low income and few resources to provide for their needs. SSI requires application for bene

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Single mothers can receive housing assistance through programs offered by federal and local agencies and nonprofit organizations. Housing assistance programs offer a range of benefits, including affordable public housing, rent subsidies, loans and help with monthly rent payments. Programs typically

Unemployment: A Personal Solution.

Your prospects may seem to you to be bleak, if you now find yourself out of work! Unemployment is already at a high level, and still rising in many, or most countries. The chances of ...