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Make Fast Cash in a Tough Economy

For those Americans who have been hit hard by the current economic downturn that the country is experiencing, an opportunity to make some fast cash is rarely one to be turned down. Some people, in ...

About Portrait Photographer Careers

Portrait photography can offer a wide range of income and career opportunities for professional photographers. Either as a career focus or as a way to earn additional income, portrait photography is always in high demand with schools, sports teams, families and performers. Portrait photography also

How to Present Candy in Showcases

Think of the most devious candy case you ever saw; the one that caught your eye, held it and didn't let go until it had dragged you to the counter, half against your will, and made you buy that slab of fudge that wrecked your diet and packed on that extra 5 pounds. Remember what it looked like -- sp

How do I Delete Negative History on a Credit Report?

Credit plays an important role in American society. Some employers check credit histories before making a hiring decision and lenders do so before approving a loan. According to the Fair Isaac Corporation, inventors of the FICO scoring model, FICO credit scores range from a low of 350 to a high of 8

How to Increase a FICO Score

According to, a FICO score is used as a predictor of a person's future bill-paying performance, determined by payment history, length of credit history, the type of credit used, debt and new credit lines. The lowest FICO score is considered to be 300; 850 is considered the highest.

What to Do in a Budget Crisis

When the amount of money you're spending to keep your home or business afloat exceeds the income you're generating, you have a budget crisis brewing that must be addressed. A full-scale panic or financial collapse can be averted if you have the discipline to modify your budget to accommodate shortfa

How to File for Executor of Estate in Minnesota

An executor of an estate in Minnesota is the person who closes out the financial and personal interests of a deceased person who doesn't have a trust. Minnesota has two probate procedures, formal and informal. Less complicated estates qualify for faster, informal probate. Every estate needs an execu

Can I Get a Pell Grant While Drawing Unemployment?

To encourage the unemployed to go back to school, President Obama changed the regulations regarding unemployment and Pell Grants following the 2008 financial crisis. Not only can you now draw unemployment while receiving a Pell Grant, you are encouraged to continue your education using both forms of

Cheapest State to Live in With Low Taxes on Retirement

People look forward to retirement with mixed feelings. They cannot wait to enjoy the freedom to shape life as they want. It also means a chapter in their life is closing permanently. Retirement forces people to face the reality of living on a fixed income. Many retirees dream of moving to a new comm

Limits on Social Security Benefits

Retirees may have limits on their Social Security benefits.older couple image by from Fotolia.comThe Social Security Administration places limits on the benefits you can receive from Social Security's retirement, disability and survivor programs, as well as the...

How to Find Out My FICO Score Free--With a Catch

If you've been told you should find out your credit score--of which one type is your FICO score--and you're wondering how to get it free, then you may be wondering, "Just what is a FICO score, anyway?" A FICO score is the main type of credit scoring system used by TransUnion, Equifax, and

How to Fix Credit for Free Online

Your credit may need to be fixed if you are one of the 16 percent to 25 percent of Americans who have mistakes on your credit reports, according to Bob Sullivan of the MSNBC Red Tape Chronicles. Some errors are harmless, but others turn positive items into serious credit blemishes, such as timely pa

Inventive Ways to Make Cash Go Further in Tough Economic Times

Frugality may be necessary in harsh economic times, but it is also smart during any time. Money saved on ordinary expenses frees up funds for other uses. What would you do with money at the end of the month? Pay down your debt, save for a European vacation or donate to your favorite...

How to Stock a Pantry for a Year

Stocking a pantry for week or even a month can be a formidable task, especially if you have multiple children. It seems you buy groceries for the week, and next thing you know, the kids tell you there's nothing to eat. Stocking your pantry for a year can seem like an almost impossible task to achiev

How to Calculate Net Present Value on a TI-83 Plus

In the world of finance, the time value of money is one of the most important concepts one can learn. It is the basis behind calculating Net Present Value (NPV). Used primarily for capital budgeting, net present value is the difference between the present value of future cash flows and the present v

How to Pay the Amount You Owe If You Are Sued in a New Jersey Auto Accident

If you're being sued after an auto accident, you may not want to defend yourself. Simply plead no contest -- or guilty, if you prefer -- and prepare to pay the judgment against you. There are a few ways to pay, depending on how much you owe. Make sure you're ready to accept paying the amount the pla

How to Calculate Compound Return

Compound return shows the return on an investment over a period of time. This return shows the cumulative effect of the changes on the return from the original investment amount. Compound return is useful to compare two different investments. With compound return, the investments can be compared wit