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Villa Girona: Getting the Best Deals

If you're traveling to Catalonia, Spain and would prefer a slightly less crowded and expensive accommodation option, Girona is one of the places you should look at. Unlike the larger and more popular tourist hubs ...

Cruising Through The Waters Of The Yangtze

The Yangtze River has been the cradle of Chinese civilization. Therefore, a cruise on the third longest river in the world is a not-to-be missed opportunity for the discerning traveler.

Capri Island Tour Trap and How to Stay Out of It

The high level of poverty in the Bay of Naples means that nowadays, every dog and his brother is a "Tour Guide". Know that the better guides don't work for next to nothing. So spend a little bit more on your local guide. Whilst paying a little more is no guarantee that you will get a

5 Things You Didn't Know About Gaborone!

The capital of Botswana, Gaborone, is often overlooked in favour of other more popular Southern African cities. This, however, comes as no surprise; Gaborone's infrastructure and city life can't be compared to urban hotspots such ...

Journey to Greece by ferry!

There is no doubt that Greece and Italy are two of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the Mediterranean Sea.

Airport transfers in london

Getting to the airport takes a little bit more planning than going to the corner shop for a pint of milk. Due to the nature and sheer size of London airports, it's rare for people to live nea

Bearfooting in Alaska Part 3: Sled Dog Demonstration

Woof Woof! So, I got into this bus to pet dogs! Denali National Park has some official employees who love their job more than anyone else working there. Some 30 sled dogs work hard during the winter to keep the park' s boundaries prim and proper in the winter but come summer and it is siesta ti

Why You Should Visit Zimbabwe on Safari

Where else on Earth could one unwind in the splendid company of abundant wildlife including The Big 5 ( the African elephant, the Cape Buffalo, leopard, the African lion and the black/white rhino) and also ...

Tips For a Great Time Melbourne in Australia

Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the major cities of Australia. All the people, who come to Australia, make it a point to visit this city if not stay here. This is the reason why Melbourne ...

Alicante Holiday Rentals, Alicante and the Punic Wars

One of the most beautiful areas in Spain, and so it is also one of the most desirable for your Alicante Holiday Rentals, A wonderful place for a vacation. Settlers have lived here for over 5000 BC., e

How to Handle Culture Shock!

The whole planning process of Teaching English overseas can be very exciting especially when you have completed your TEFL certification and booked your air tickets. However, while it's all fun and exciting, sometimes your dream destination can overwhelm you with new sights, tastes, smells and s

Barcelona Commemorates the Centenary of the Titanic

On 17th April 1912, the world received a big shock when it was found that RMS Titanic, a passenger liner, had sunk on her maiden voyage on 15th April. The initial reports about the Titanic were false;

Explore the Enigma Russia With Tour Packages

Russia, the world's largest country has remained an enigma for centuries and continues to do so even today. There is something about Russia that draws people from all over the world. The diverse landscapes, cultural ...

Check Out the Cultural Melting Pot of the Notting Hill Carnival

One of the best ways to spend a break to one of the many cheap hostels in London is a visit to the Notting Hill Carnival, which is the biggest street party in the whole of Europe. With visitor numbers to the event sometimes topping one million, you might be wise to look into booking a hostel now, to