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Recovery From Cataract Laser Eye Surgery

A cataract occurs when there is clouding in the lens of the eye, resulting in blurry vision. One way to treat cataracts is laser eye surgery. Recovery from this kind of surgery is fairly simple. Vision will often begin clearing a few hours after the surgery.

Safety Glasses That Reduce Eye Strain

Safety glasses are available in a prescription or they can be purchased "off the rack" at a department store. Both kinds of glasses protect your eyes and face. Certain features, like tint and specialty lenses in prescription and non-prescription safety glasses, can help with eye strain.

How to Choose an Online Optician For Your New Eyewear

If you're like me, you never feel dressed without your glasses on when you get ready in the morning and contact lenses just don't cut it even with the great discounts on offer for them.Glasses and eyewear have become a part of your identity and you want to look your best as well as do the

Preventing Sports Eye Injuries

Sports and recreational activities cause thousands of eye injuries each year and the majority of these accidents are preventable. Protect your vision by wearing protective eyewear and learning which s

Qualities of a Good Optometrist Mokena

When it comes to a child's well being, there is nothing more important than the state of his eyes. Children, owing to their tendency to watch a lot of television, play a lot of games and spen

Non Prescription Colored Contacts - Change Up Your Look Today!

If you're seeking to change your look in a fresh, new way without spending a large amount of money, then you may want to check out colored contacts. You do not need a prescription to get colored contacts; all you need to do is have your eyes professionally measured, if you have not had that don

Top 4 Questions and Answers About Eyeglasses and Lenses

Whether you are new to wearing glasses or have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for years, questions are bound to come up. Here are some of the most common questions with answers that occur in the optics industry.

How to Restore Old Eyeglass Frames

Most older and antique eyeglass frames are made from metal or wire. If you have a pair of eyeglasses with lenses scratched, broken or missing, you can take them to an optometrist and he can fit them for new lenses. Whether you plan to wear the frames after you restore them or simply display them, yo

Understanding There Are Lasik Eye Surgery Side Effects

It is important to make sure that you have done your homework so that you are fully aware of what you are getting into whether you are going for a major surgery that involves an extended stay in a hospital or you are going to the eye doctors for Lasik eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery side effects are

Get Rid of Blurry Vision Once and For All - Multi-Focal Contact Lenses

Tons of people across the world are accustomed to contact lenses during the day and a pair of glasses during the night. The question is why? Well, when people begin to reach their 40s, they start to develop symptoms of an eye condition that is known as presbyopia.

Effect of Anti-glaucoma Medications on Tear Osmolarity

Are patients on chronic topical anti-glaucoma medication, as well as post-trabeculectomy patients, more likely to have raised tear film osmolarity and dry eye symptoms suggestive of ocular surface disease? This new study investigates.

Care of Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal contact lenses require the same kind of cleaning care that regular contact lenses do. Contact lenses are made in different types of materials, and the type of material that your lenses are made from will determine how you care for your bifocal contacts.

Tests for Iritis

Bloodshot eyes are not always the result of a night without sufficient sleep or a hangover. There are many other causes for your eyes to be "bothering you." A condition called iritis may be the cause, and there are several ways to evaluate whether or not it is the culprit.

Varieties of Contacts

Many people who need corrective lenses prefer to wear contacts since they move with the eye, correcting your field of vision without the need to move your head. Contacts do not fog up, become scratched, or get smudged like glasses do and they can be worn during physical activities, when glasses aren