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Get Rid of Empty Calories For Maximum Fat Loss

If you're looking to maximize your fat loss then one of the best things you can do for yourself is to cut out the extra empty calories. No excuses just do it. These calories add up so quickly and are a major culprit for weight gain.

Acai Berry Nutrients

The acai has been named a superfood by many people in the health and nutrition field because of its high levels of antioxidants and rich nutrients. Although there are many ordinary supplements and vitamin pills ...

Omega 3 and the American Diet

Bluntly speaking, you will not get sufficient omega 3 in your diet if you are only dependent upon American diet. Fish is not the major component of our diets, most people lean more towards junk ...

Changing to a Raw Food Diet

Changing to a raw food diet can be very challenging when you are not prepared properly. After the first two days on salads, raw vegetables and fruits you might start asking yourself: "What can I eat on the raw food diet?" Are you really confined to salads, vegetables, fruits, berries and n

Superfoods For a Healthy Heart

Our heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood from one end of our bodies to the other every day, that's a large amount of work that goes unappreciated by most people. Sometimes it takes a medical condition for us to become aware of our heart. Problem is once you become aware there's a stron

Naturally Reducing Fat: Some Simple Affective Ways

Our body physically shows what we put into it that is our food. Our diet tis the most important factor in gaining and losing weight. However it is not only food but also the life style a healthy and l

6 Negative Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency

Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients that your body needs to survive. Your body uses protein to build, maintain and repair all the body's cells. Without this essential nutrient your body will be unable to maintain healthy cells and will also experience a number of negative side effects. In th

Are You Afraid of Eggs?

Does the very thought of eating eggs make you worry that you are causing harm to your body?So much has been written in the negative regarding eggs that many people believe that eggs are detrimental to one's health.

True Or False? Test Your Knowledge of Protein

Do you know the RDA for protein? Do you believe at some point people are just too old to benefit from protein? Can too much protein in the diet weaken the bones? Test your knowledge of protein here!

Adding More Whole Grains to Your Diet

By now everyone knows about the numerous health benefits of whole grains. However, given that we are aware of this valuable information, not too many of us actually consume the recommended daily dosage of three servings. The truth is most people are lucky if they even consume one serving per day. A

Alkaline List - Healthy Food That You Should Eat

Many people are guilty of bad eating habits along with unhealthy lifestyles.More and more children are brought up eating more junk foods or pre-processed foods.Many are fond of eating fast food meals because of their busy schedules.Some are not even conscious about their way of eating.Thus, if you&a

How Meat Extenders Can Be Life Extenders

Many people think of some nasty packaged or canned food when they hear the term, "meat extender" but meat extenders can be gourmet. They also can make you healthier, adding years to your life. Here's how to tap into these great recipes.

What Is Maqui Berry And Why It Can Rival Acai Berry As The New Superfuit

Deep purple in color and only be found in the South American jungle, maqui berry is the new superfruit that everyone is talking about. It is the latest weight loss products that have create a buzz among the fans in the weight loss industry. Already, there are some people that have called it the grea

The Three Most Important Weight Loss Tips

There are lots of weight loss programs available online that people follow with the aim of losing weight fast and in a safe manner. Ironically, only a small percentage of people actually get results,

Green Food-Spirulina

How many of you use man-made substances endlessly in the quest for best vigor?I am talking about vitamins, minerals and so called healthy hearty meal replacements. You must know that until recent times the human species has consumed nourishing natural foods. When imitation food or man-made substance