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5 Tips on Eating For a Busy Life Style

I think the majority of us have a very active and busy lifestyle running from place to place, work, kids, gym, shopping, the list goes on and on. It makes it almost impossible to eat healthy and have a nutrition plan in place so that you reach your fitness goals.

What Is The Truth About Carbohydrates?

There is so much being said about carbohydrates nowadays, especially as it pertains to dieting, that it's hard to make sense of it all. To fully understand carbohydrates and the effect it has on our health, it's important for you to know that the most important function carbohydrates have

Going Green Ideas - Don't Avoid the Dirty Dozen!

For those who care for the health of their family, here are some going green ideas. The food that arrives on any American's table is food grown with the help of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or sewage sludge, and there is always some residue left, howsoever you may wash it. As with any idea

The Relationship Between Food and Migraines

Migraines are excruciatingly painful and are one of the most severe cases of headaches. The pain is extreme and immobilizing. They can begin with an aura that includes vision, auditory or olefactory (smell) and a pain that is a dull ache. It will gradually evolve into pounding pain. It can feel as i

Soybeans: Healthful or Harmful?

Recent research was widely reported in the news media stating that eating soybeans prevents heart attacks, but thats not what the study showed.Here's what you need to know about soybeans or soybean products in your diet.

Seven Healthy Libido Boosting Super Foods

In a time where popping Viagra is considered normal for boosting enjoyment (and results) in the bedroom, many often forget that being at a healthy weight provides the best boost in the bedroom, not only for energy and stamina, but certainly for other physical benefits as well. And to make your healt

How to keep off the holiday pounds

At all times of the year, but during the holidays in particular, May says that exercise should be viewed as a way to unwind or stay healthy, not to earn calories, or serve as penitence for overindulgi

Health Benefits of a Jack LaLanne Juicer

We've all heard the news; the USDA recommends a daily intake of 4 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables! The number of servings necessary will vary depending on your age, sex and activity level, but it's still a lot of produce. Not only should you be eating 4-13 servings, but the USDA re

Consuming Foods Correctly Aids With Losing Weight

Decreasing excess body weight following a popular low fat or low carbohydrates diet plan might back fire. A person needs protein, carbohydrates and fats to perform properly. The best weight loss plan

Keep the Yokes

When it comes to breakfast, I'm a huge fan because of all the amazing things it can do for you! For starters it begins your day on a high note, makes you less hungry throughout ...

How to Find the Best Fish Oil Capsules

In this day and age you have to be very careful when you're out there trying to find the best omega-3 DHA supplement. In this article you'll learn exactly how I found the best fish oil capsules. I've done many years of research into different supplements, and it took me awhile to find

What is Sugar?

Heres the thing, we live in a modern society, but our body isn't modern. Our body is still the same as when Adam and Eve got here. Sure we look a little different and don't ...

What Should Be on Your Super Food List?

What is my favorite raw organic superfoods? That is a tough question. There are just a lot of raw organic superfoods that I really don't know which is my favorite. And I have to choose one? Can I choose three? Okay, I won't obey you, I will choose three. Got it?

How a Gluten Free Diet Will Affect Your Weight

A Gluten Free diet is not a guaranteed way of losing those extra pounds. Many people believe that simply cutting out foods like bread and pasts which contain gluten, that weight loss is guaranteed. Did you know a small percentage of people who go Gluten Free, actually put on weight? Lets look at how

The benefits of Black Tea

Many have said that drinking tea has healthy benefits. Because tea contains ingredients which may be beneficial in the battle against any ailment like heart illness, cancer, and many other various str

Lactose Intolerance Pills

If you're looking for lactose intolerance pills, we know where you can get them. We will also tell you why they're effective.

Preventing Heart Disease and Good Nutrition

Heart disease affects millions of people including the sixteen million people that die from some form of the condition every year. There are a number of different ways of dealing with heart disease including lifestyle changes and medications. In some cases, surgery may become the only option if the