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Signs & Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Teen Girls

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a serious brain disorder that is signified by unusual mood changes. The illness affects many of today's teens. Knowing which signs and symptoms to look out for is the first step toward treatment.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Personality Disorders

Medical Science has made it possible to diagnose any kind of diseases and to provide medications to cure it. It is not limited to curing physical diseases, but also there are medicines that can cure any kind of mental maladies.

Basal Ganglia & OCD

The basal ganglia is a region at the base of the brain that consists of three groups of neurons; the putamen, the globus pallidus and the caudate nucleus. It is responsible for involuntary movement behaviors like tremors. Some researchers are studying the theory that obsessive compulsive disorder (O

How Does Stress Affect Health

How does stress affect health? The answer is not known by many, and that is extremely bad... The vast majority of people have no idea of the tremendous negative impact stress has upon their health. ...

Nondirective Counseling Techniques

Self-acceptance is the key concept of nondirective counseling. Also known as client-centered therapy and developed by Carl Rogers, this therapeutic method uses multiple, in-session techniques to assist clients. Though not commonly in use today, this counseling option ideally enabled patients to unde

ADHD Symptoms Can Confuse Experts

It is shocking to find that a large number of professionals do not recognize ADHD symptoms in children. Even worse is that the percentage of teachers and educators that can correctly identify many of the signs of ADHD.

Quick Cures For Panic Attacks

Medications are not the foolproof cures for panic attacks.Turns out, homeopathic remedies can do so much more.

How To Control and Eliminate Panic Attacks

A panic attack is very real to the person experiencing it and it is very uncomfortable. It is also unnecessary since today there are many ways to treat panic attacks so that the sufferer can control and even eliminate future panic attacks.

How to Assess Catatonia in a Developmentally Delayed Patient

Catatonia is the term for a syndrome of psychological and motor disturbances associated with extremely abnormal changes in speech, movement, posture as well as hyperactivity and under-activity. Some individuals who are developmentally delayed develop complications characterized by catatonia. Symptom

Where is Your Self Love?

Self love. Intriguing. What comes to mind? Do any of these statements sound familiar: 'With everything going on, my needs didn't seem to matter' 'I'm not used to focusing on myself - it seems selfish' ...

Depression in Babies

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one in 20 Americans over the age of 12 are depressed. But when your little baby seems sad, is it actually possible she's depressed? Maybe so. It is important that all parents be armed with information about depression in babies and toddle

How to Choose a Mental Health Clinic

The process of choosing a mental health clinic begins by first identifying which kind of clinic you wish to opt for. There are various options of clinics to choose from such as - a mental health clinic that only caters to outpatients and is run by a privately owned organization or clinics which offe

What Are the Methods of Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India?

Pituitary adenomas may grow to considerable size and compress important neurologic and vascular structures at the skull base. When this occurs, surgery is indicated to decompress these structures, especially when vision is at risk. Referred ...

Learning EFT? How to Make the Most of Your EFT Workshop

If you are thinking of attending an EFT workshop, you may wish to do some pre-workshop preparation so you can make the most of your workshop when you are there. Your workshop presenter will explain how EFT works and what to do. If this is a Level 2 workshop or above, your presenter will be going int