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About Teenage Drug Abuse

According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, drug abuse among teens ages 12 to 17 declined between 2002 and 2007. But drug abuse among this group remains a problem, and adults need to be aware of the statistics, drugs used, signs of abuse and treatments available.

Interpretation of Dreams

We all experience the psychological phenomenon known as dreaming, and most of us who can remember our dreams share the same curiosity about what they might mean. Modern psychology suggests many different methods to explore the meaning behind the symbolism in your dreams. Use these classic techniques

Meditation CD

There are many ways to start training one's self to meditate - a quiet 15-minute prayer on one's own every morning, a short walk on a safe and clear pathway on the way to work or home, and even focused readings of the Bible and other books on positivism and inspiration are forms of meditat

How to Get Things Done When You're Depressed

Depression is a mental health problem, and like any other health issue you have, you will need to make adjustments in your life to account for it. Getting things done when you're depressed is difficult, especially as your self-doubt means you will often believe you cannot cope before you even try. C

How Bipolar Chat Rooms Can Help You Cope

In some form or another, chat rooms have been around on the Internet since its inception. Today many bipolar patients use them in their day to day lives to help them cope.

3 Tips On The best ways to Handle Stress and anxiety

If you wish to know how to handle anxiety, you'll be glad to discover that there are numerous choices offered to you. These consist of medication, therapy, natural solutions as well as hypnos

Hyperactive Children Can Be Caused by Lack of Sleep

There are so many causes of hyperactive children. Now I want to share on of those case that come from research on State University of Pennsylvania. Generally this is caused by lack of sleep.

How to Overcome an Addictive Personality

The term "addictive personality" is used to describe those with a tendency to become dependent on substances or situations. Part of certain addictions, such as alcoholism, is physical dependency. Those with addictive personalities, however, become psychologically dependent. Internet addiction and ot

An Anonymous Group For Cocaine Addiction Treatment

There have been many groups around the US formed to either help a person fight their addictions to drugs or help them start a new life away from drug addiction. According to california drug rehab ...

Are Drugs an Effective Cure for Panic Attacks?

Panic or anxiety attacks can occur anytime and anywhere - when you are driving to school, in the middle of an important client meeting, or even when you are asleep. It may last for as ...

The Symptoms & Treatment of PMDD

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, that about 5 percent of menstruating women suffer from. Both PMDD and PMS have similar symptoms, including depression, anxiety, irritability and moodiness. PMDD, however, is different from PMS because it is

Chakra Frequency - How Chakra Frequency Works

The chakras are energy vortexes located all throughout the body. There are seven chakras in total, and they are responsible for not only your physical health, but also your emotional,mental, and spiritual health as well. Each chakra has it's own unique frequency, when the interaction of these f

How to Get Odors Out of a Bed

An unpleasant smelling bed makes a good night’s sleep seem like an effort. The combination of moisture from sweat, urine, and spills combined with dirt and bacteria can lead to smells that aren’t exactly optimal for sleep. Whether the odor is coming from the mattress or the bedding, it&#

Misinformation On Psychiatric Medication

There is a lot of fear surrounding psychiatric medication. People that don't understand or who watch a loved one suffer often provide misguided advice that can be more harmful than helpful.

Help for Curing Anxiety

Often thought of as a minor disorder, anxiety can creep up on someone and become a crippling, debilitating disorder. So devastating, that a person can find it difficult to work, leave her home or even care for herself. There are a variety of ways to treat anxiety and the treatment plan most often de