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Famous Presidential Endorsers Face Off!

I'm not the type to vote for a candidate solely on the number of endorsers they have or their popularity. However with the number of endorsers this 2008 Presidential Campaign has, these endorsers cannot be ignored. Are you the kind who'll be swayed by an endorsement? Find out as we face of

Failure to Supervise at the Federal Trade Commission

Many MLM sales people mean well but they inadvertently commit fraud and violate rules and laws in their presentations. This is unfortunate and is an issue too big for the Federal Trade Commission to handle, like SPAM or Identity Theft; the FTC is impotent. Many of these MLM sales people have adopted

Obama Is Short-Sighted

The economy desperately needs to be fixed before we begin to look at what can be done with Government programs. We need to start understanding where we are fiscally. Having ideals is great, but to implement them regardless of looking at reality is not only ill-informed, but it is destructive to our

What Is the Mayor Responsible for in Local Government?

Three levels of government exist to make sure the United States runs as it should: federal government, state government and local government. Local governments are put in place to take care of any needs a city may have as well as act as a representative for the city when it comes to the state and fe

What Does the 5 Pointed Star Symbolize?

The five-pointed star can be found in many places, from the night sky in a child's drawing to representing ancient world religions. Likewise, what the five-pointed star symbolizes changes drastically with each culture's interpretation, and its significance has followed the course of human history fo

What Causes the Dollar to Fall?

The value of the dollar changes constantly.One Dollar - variations of Crumpled dollar image by PaulPaladin from Fotolia.comThe value of a U.S. dollar can be measured in several ways. One is by measuring the number of goods that a dollar can purchase. When a dollar can buy less goods than...

The President's Plan Of Inaction

The president does not actually plan to raise taxes on the wealthy, which he could do with ease. He merely plans to talk about it.

The Use Of Mechanized Forces

Mechanized infantry forces are valuable in that they carry more firepower into the battle and can be transported rather quickly to trouble areas or hot spots on the battlefield.

What Was the Rush Bagot Agreement?

While most people never think about the nature of politics between the United States and Canada, there has been a great amount of work and effort put in to maintaining peaceful relations between these two nations. One document that shows this is the Rush Bagot Agreement.

What if No One Died of Cancer?

We have all know people in our lives who have been over come from cancer. Cancer is a huge issue in our country and in the world and it will only get worse in the future due to pollution and environmental type cancers.

Democracy Reflected

I suppose this is an ongoing question,"Why do people denounce Democracy?"In America this is often looked upon as a mortal sin, almost, and as President Bush would proclaim: the world at large should be under such an umbrella. Anybody's guess is good here though, but let me try to exp

Is Closing Rest Areas Worth Lost Lives?

As more and more states struggle with money shortages, state-run rest areas are closed. As the transportation budget category gets critically cut, states are forced to close rest areas in order to pay for shortfalls in other categories. Rest areas are critical for safety.

Peace in the Middle East

We are engulfed by wars and racist or prejudicial thoughts which center around the so called Holy Land. Is it Holy or hole-y? There sure are a lot of holes in buildings and people but there are a lot of a-holes too.

Immigration Reform And Sequester - Dual Hoaxes

We're Being Had Again. Any day now the U.S. Senate will unveil its comprehensive immigration bill. Senator Charles Schumer has recently given us a glimpse of what they will be proposing. First up will be legalization for the 11 or 12 million immigrants that have either overstayed their visas or

Martin Van Buren's Political Campaign For President

In 1936, the Democratic Party again gathered in Baltimore for their presidential political campaign convention. Vice President Martin Van Buren, the man who had masterminded Andrew Jackson's campaign, was the party's choice for president. Richard Mentor Johnson of Kentucky was Jackson&apos

Top 7 Questions for State Attorneys Generals Protecting the Consumer from Fraud?

There is a big debate out there as whether the States Attorneys Generals actually help consumers and investors from fraud. If a company makes an error in a disclosure document, form or filing, is it automatically fraud? Or simply a mistake in a sea of over regulation and impossible stipulations that

What Are the Functions of City Government?

City governments fund parks and recreation areas such as public beaches.government building image by Andrey Rakhmatullin from Fotolia.comThe structure of government in the United States can be loosely likened to the layers in of an onion. At the broadest layer is the federal government;...

Reducing Regulation Is By Far the Greatest Stimulus in Any Economy

Keynesian economic theory would suggest that pushing stimulus into the economy will help spur GDP growth. Whereas, that is true to a point, it obviously hasn't worked this go-around. Of course, the Obama Administration, and others say that is only because the stimulus was too small.