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What Are the Duties of Angels?

Angels are a universal belief that ties most of the major religions together, according to well-known psychic Sylvia Browne. The Bible alone contains 600 references to these celestial beings; the Hebrew word "mal'ach" means messenger of God; the four named angels in the Islamic faith have the same n

Economics in the 1950s

After World War II, national finances and security steadily improved. During the 1950s, economics could be divided into important sections. All these sections had direct effects to the country in continuing its industrialized world domination. The rise of a more prosperous society contributed in the

Characteristics of Democratic Elections

Citizens in democratic government participate in elections to determine their representatives at the local, regional and national level. The Economist determined that 82 of 167 nations utilized democratic elections in its Democracy Index 2007. Citizens around the world need to understand the complex

The Empire Strikes Back

There is a very simple dynamic at play here. The American elite, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), has become very aware and very, very afraid of the fate that befalls all empires sooner or later: decline. The American empire is fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent the inevitable. The empire is s

How to Ship Gifts Internationally With FedEx and the Post Office

If you need to send a gift to someone that lives in another country, you can do so via the post office or FedEx. Each offer a standard delivery and an express delivery option. Rates vary between the two, with FedEx offering free insurance coverage up to $100. The post office charges an additional fe

Steps in Starting a Woman-Owned Business

Many women are starting their own businesses and have found it to be a rewarding experience. Women have the opportunity to apply for grants that are specifically designed for woman-owned businesses. Following a few simple steps will make the startup process easier.

Virginia State Flag Symbol & Meaning

The Virginia state flag displays the Virginia state seal on a dark blue background. The seal depicts two figures: one is a woman with a spear and the other is a fallen monarch at her feet, his crown on the ground. The Latin motto "Sic semper tyrannis" ("Thus always to tyrants") is under the two figu

Politics -Ponderings on the Election and What Matters Most

It's getting closer.Thank God and the rising and setting of the sun.In just days we will finally see the moment when the curtain falls and the election is over.Assuming there is no tie or contest in the outcome. At this moment, it appears the Democratic presidential candidate had the lead and w

Social Conflict Analysis

The theory of social conflict is the idea that individuals and groups possessing unequal amounts of resources (both material and non-material) are made inherently unequal. Originally advanced by the father of socialism, Karl Marx, the theory was employed to explain why the rich social classes came t

Emerging Markets, Property Law

I read an interesting article in foreign Affairs magazine last year, and recently in the Economist also.The articles stated in some way that a country without a set of laws for property rights would mean slow-growth, lack of foreign investment and economic vitality would be scarce.While I tend to ag

Ethical Issues of the Economic Crisis

The economic crisis of 2008 was caused by economic factors, but ethical issues almost certainly made it worse. Low interest rates and rapid growth caused a housing bubble, which eventually burst, but the US economy has experienced several such bubbles without the major dislocations of this one. Ethi

How to Fold a Flag to Fit in a Triangular Box

Flag display boxes are made in a triangle shape to display a folded flag. You may fold your flag by laying it out on a table. Display your special flag by placing the shadowbox on a shelf or hanging it on a wall. Add a small brass plaque with the history of your flag to the display box or hang a fr

Protocol for a Police Officer's Funeral

Individual law enforcement agencies establish their own protocol for a police officer's funeral. The American Association of Police Officers provides some guidelines for developing a protocol should the unfortunate need arise.