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Missionary Crafts

Missionary crafts can be helpful for many different children's programs, including VBS, Sunday School and children's church. When you are placed in charge of the missionary craft, don't panic. You have many options available for your use. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can organiz

Marine Corps Exercise Requirements

U.S. Marines have to pass both the PFT and the CFT once each year.Marine Corp Memorial image by dwight9592 from Fotolia.comUnlike the other branches of the military, the U.S. Marine Corps has two annual fitness tests. Marines have to pass both the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and the...

Understanding Islam and Muslim Militants

Islam is a great religion, like other religions. It is linked with terrorism, as most of militants world over are Muslims. Terrorism is not religion specific. Terrorists are found in all religions. No religion advocates militancy as a means to achieve supremacy in the world. People don't unders

Dangers of Radar and LIDAR Use For UAV Formation and Swarm Control

The use of radar and lidar in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for sensing positions of other UAVs flying in formation or in the same swarm is not advised, however some research aerial robotic scientists are considering the use of these technologies. The reason radar and lidar should not be used to p

US Army Infantry Versus the Marines

The main difference between the United Stated Marine Corps and the Army is that historically the Marines are specially trained and equipped for amphibious operations where they come ashore in landing crafts and aircraft. Also, while the Army is its own service, the Marine Corps is technically part

You Can't Fight The Whole World Young Man

They say - who says; the great "they" that often discretion is the better part of valor. Okay, true enough, hard to argue that one. And one must choose their battles wisely or you really won't get very far very fast, and the faster you try to go fighting every little issue with advanc

Calling All Soldiers: A Charge from General George Washington

General George Washington was the preeminent Commander in Chief which led the troops into battle liberating the Colonists, establishing a free society, securing our national liberties, and wisely directing us into the future as a new country.What did General Washington say to motivate his soldiers?

Why People Became Nuns in Medieval Times

Women in medieval times could enter a convent and become a nun at any age, from childhood to old age. The convent was a place where women could dedicate their lives to God and serve people through the church. Women could have a variety of reasons for spending their lives as nuns; the life was attrac

Hats Off to Our Service Men and Women

I keep thinking of the line from a song that says, freedom isn't free. That is so true and as Veterans' Day approaches we should be ever so grateful for the great sacrifices that have been made that we might enjoy this greatest of gifts.

Australian Forces During the Battles in North Africa

Due to its close relationship to its mother country, the United Kingdom, Australia was involved significantly in many battles of Britain during the Second World War. The bulk of Australian military units during the early years of WWII was a key component of the Commonwealth forces in North Africa. I

Russian-US Relations - Iranian Nuclear Weapons Show Down - Still Taking Notes

As we approach the Iranian nuclear weapons show down, it seems Russia has definitely made itself intimately involved. And although Russia appears to be using Iran as a wedge between itself and the United States, Iran too is using Russia to run block to fulfill its own interests to continue its nucle

How to Break the Sewer Wall in "Castle Crashers"

In "Castle Crashers," most doors can be opened with a few bombs or by knocking them down with melee attacks. However, the trash-strewn, sewer-like door to the Industrial Castle provides more of a challenge. This slimy metal door won't budge, no matter what you throw at it. In order to get past the d

Who Are The Guatemala Special Forces?

The Guatemala special forces, also called the Kaibilies are a special operations forces that is a branch of the Guatemalan military. They are distinguished from other troops by their maroon berets. Their motto is "If I advance, follow me; if I stop, urge me on; if I retreat, kill me."

The US Military and the High Tech Enemy Hacker Threat

Our government, businesses, banking system, infrastructure and military all rely on computers to run effective and efficiently, thus it makes sense that these computer IT systems are a perfect target of our enemies. One of the basic tenants of warfare is to disrupt the enemy and put them into the &q

Peter Salem - Black Afro American Patriot & Hero

Peter Salem was born a slave in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1750 under the ownership of Jeremiah Belknap and was later sold to Lawson Buckminster. He was given his freedom by Buckminster at the start of the Revolutionary War when Salem told his master of his desire to enlist in the Continental Army

Using Your GI Bill For a Degree in Information Technology

The generous benefits of the new Post 9/11 GI and Montgomery Bills will help you obtain a job in a career of your choosing. Those who are tech savvy often get some experience using technology in the field, but that experience cannot land them a job in a technology related career without a formal edu

U.S Army Color Blind Test Requirements

Color blindness is not necessarily grounds for disqualification from Army service.color image by Georgios Kollidas from Fotolia.comColor blindness, or color vision deficiency, is usually an inherited condition that causes a person to be unable to distinguish between certain colors. The...

Classical Rome History

Classical Rome is a civilization that was located in southern Europe and the Mediterranean about two centuries ago. It has had a significant impact on modern day society through its influences in law, engineering, science, philosophy and the arts.

Samurai Cultural Training

Although the samurai class of Japan was legally abolished in 1871, its ideals continued to exert a great influence on Japanese culture, contributing to the rise of Japanese nationalism and to wartime civilian morale up to 1945. Samurai culture has also exerted a hold on the Western imagination. Desp