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Toy Recall: Battat Magnabild Sets

Some 125,000 Battat Magnabild Magnetic Building Systems have been recalled; small magnets in the toys may pose risk if swallowed or inhaled.

Pinworms-Frequently Asked Questions

Learning about pinworms:What are pinworms?Being diagnosed:How can I use transparent tape to check for pinworms?Getting treatment:What over-the-counter medicines can treat pinworms?What medicines can a doctor prescribe for pinworms?What's the best way to wash my hands to keep from getting or ...

Early Onset Multiple Sclerosis

This review can aid nurse practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of early onset multiple sclerosis.

Baby Health Care Suggestions

Baby health care is a serious subject which needs a basis with which the parents can refer to when it comes to their child. New and old parents rely on doctors to evaluate and diagnose their baby. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children usually twelve years old and below.

Baby Must Haves for 2014

Baby Bundlz keep you stay up to date by releasing its new checklist for this year. What your baby must have for 2014, Baby bundlz has already thought of.

Children's PeaPod Travel Beds Recalled

KidCo is recalling 220,000 of its PeaPod and PeaPod Plus travel beds due to possible suffocation and entrapment risks for children.

Baby Gear: Jogging Strollers & Diaper Bags

With holidays right around the bend it’s time to pack up the little ones and head off to the relatives. We all know how hectic the holidays can be so figuring out what to bring to the relatives can be exhausting in itself.

T2DM in Kids: Worrisome Results From TODAY

The TODAY trial has documented how serious type 2 diabetes is in children. Dr. Caprio, an investigator in the trial, discusses the lessons learned.

Motor Skills Checklist

Babies develop motor skills on their own and with help from others.Mimi Haddon/Lifesize/Getty ImagesAccording to, a newborn's head accounts for around one-quarter of his entire weight. But as babies grow and develop, not only do they begin to fill out into normal...

Sleep Training For Babies: Is It Truly Effective?

Putting a baby to sleep seems like a natural and easy process but when they cry so often in the middle of the night, you would need to find ways to properly train the baby to sleep on a healthy timeline. Check this article for more info on sleep training methods.