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Trump and the GOP

A political cartoon about the GOP's relationship with Donald Trump.

Funny Comic Strips - Important Tips

You need to understand fundamentals of funny comic strips, which are created sincerely without any kind of favoritism or narrow prejudices. The main aim should be the presentation of humor for the sake of humor only. It has to be interesting and exciting to catch the attention of readers and they sh

Letter From Arabia - A Classy Run

A newcomer to Dubai is impressed by the high standard of organisation in a half marathon. The piece de resistance being the linen clothed silver service finishers' meal.

Brochure: Planet Earth

This is satirical piece about the state of affairs on Planet Earth. It is put into the format of a brochure, with the target audience being would-be visitors to Planet Earth.

My Grandpa Went Fishing

I love my grandpa, I really do. I used to spend long time with him when I was young, he was always supporting me and try to amuse me all the time. He took me to watch football matches, theatres, cinemas and of course fishing.

The Food Pyramid

Playing with the food pyramid.Tongue in cheek (which clearly doesn't count as tongue isn't on the pyramid.)

It Was Lights Out At The Old Ballgame

Someone yelling, "Let's play ball," officially announces spring. Springtime and baseball seem to go together, as if God created springtime just for the national pastime.

Saturday Night Live Episode Recap

Saturday Night Live Episode Recap - Recap of Saturday Night Live Jon Hamm Episode - Read a recap of Saturday Night Live episode 1537, hosted by Jon Hamm with musical guest Coldplay.

10 Good Excuses to Get Out of Work

This article will give you ten good excuses for getting out of work. Use these excuses at your own risk as the author accepts no responsibility if your boss doesn't accept the excuse and fires you.