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Getting Free Compatibility Astrological Tests for Lovers

Thanks to the Internet, getting free compatibility astrological tests for lovers is quite easy and simple. The process takes a short bit of time to do and the results can be gained instantly after taking the test. Whether you are in a serious path to finding your true love or simply want to have som

Astrology and Astronomy, Are They So Very Different?

This is a brief introduction to the art of astrology and the science of astronomy in which the origins of both are examined. A brief overview of where they began to diverge and how far apart they have grown as time has progressed.

Astrology - Mainstream World View Or Fringe Pseudoscience?

Astrology has a rich history and has assumed a lot of different roles in the world views of individuals and cultures all over the planet. These roles have varied from being a widely accepted means of understanding the world and the place of humans in the world for many millennia to it's current

How Can I Figure Out What My Moon Sign Is?

There are two kinds of astrology which are widely prevalent today. One is the Western astrology based on sun signs also known as zodiac signs. These signs are based on the month the person was born in. The moon sign astrology is based on the star under which the person is born in. The moon sign astr

Lucky Numbers and Numerology - The Power of Numbers

The power of numerology helps a person to take full advantage of his potential by removing restrictions or frustrations which are preventing him from realizing his goals. If you want to have your name to be lucky then you have to make changes in it, and just through its printed repetitions you can s

The Different Methods of Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is an art that is followed worldwide and in different cultures. Different countries in the world have their own ancient or modern methodology of forecasting the future. From the early growth of civilization man has always tried to foretell the events that are likely to take place.

Leo the Lioness Goddess's Forecast for All Signs

I'm overjoyed to step up to the stage and start sending you my vibrations. To be collaborating with Aquarius is awesome I must say. During the time of Leo the Lion's reign, Aquarius and Leo were opposites. That's a time gone past, as Aquarius and I are becoming bosom buddies, bonding

A Free Guide to Tarot I Ching

Have you wished that you could see your future and change it accordingly? Does the idea of being the master of your own destiny appeal to you? Do you believe in the ancient wisdom of Tarot I Ching that reveals the unforeseen and the mystic-could-be of your life to you?

Venus Transits - Living from Your Heart

Venus takes about 23 days to go through each of the astrological signs and its cycle symbolizes the changing nature of our values and heart throughout the year. By paying attention to the cycle of Venus, we have an opportunity to share our heart with others. With a pocket astrological ephemeris you

Astral Projection Made Easy With Our Recordings!

You can learn to Astral Project! We all have the ability to travel on the Astral Plane, but most people fail because they can not tune their brain waves into the right frequency. We all know that Astral Projection is dependent of the brain, and it takes years of dedicated practice to reach the menta

The Meaning Of The Number 11 In Numerology

The number 11 is a very interesting figure in numerology. Like every other number, it has its own pros and cons but as a master number, the number 11 contains special meaning. There are a lot of famous people with an 11 for a life path and this includes many well-known politicians.

All About Compatibility Astrology Matching

If you rely on astrology in determining your luck, fortune, love, and relationship, then you must opt to rely on astrology matching chart which the astrologers use to determine the level of compatibility between two people. The astrology chart cannot only determine compatibility between two individu

Astrology Compatibility With the Sidereal Astrology Difference

Astrology compatibility can be a broader issue if you put into consideration the fact that there are astrology information and method based on the different types of Astrology. And the wiser it is for you to know and differentiate the different types for you to have a deeper understanding and a poin