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Why Is it Bad to Water Your Plants During the Day?

You can damage your plants and spend extra on your water bill when you water during the day. The damage doesn't occur while watering, but it happens after you have watered too late in the day and your plants go wet into the night. It's also bad if your water has high mineral concentrations, which oc

How to Dig Up a Banana Tree

Banana trees produce bunches of sweet, crescent-shaped fruits and have wide tropical-looking leaves. Banana trees prefer to grow in warm climates and thrive when planted in well-drained soil. If you've decided to relocate a banana tree, you'll find digging up the tree is a relatively easy task. Acco

How to Keep Pumpkins Growing When Planted Late

You want to add some pumpkins to your garden, but its past your area's recommended growing season. At this point, growing pumpkins in the ground is unfeasible because pumpkins take between 70 to 120 days to mature, which will put harvest time in the middle of winter frosts. Instead, select a contain

Signs of Summer

Though outdoor temperatures may vary from state to state, certain signs indicate that summer has arrived. Some businesses expand and others slow down during summer months. Air conditioning bills go up, pools get cleaned for the season and bugs and bees arrive. Though summer does not officially star

Diseases of Pine Trees

Numerous diseases affect pine trees. Some are easily managed with chemical or biological solutions; others spread rapidly through a pine population as there's no known means of controlling the fungal spread. Diseases spread in many ways, from spores to insects, and many affect all pine species. Youn

Typical Layout of an American House

The typical layout of an American house depends on the era the house was built and the area where the house was built. The first big boom in housing was after World War II when small bungalow houses were the first detached houses most families could afford to buy. These homes were built into neighbo

How to Plant for Soil Erosion

Topsoil is the nutrient-rich part of the soil that allows plants to grow. Without topsoil, there would be very little plant life on earth. However, topsoil can't just be created overnight, it takes thousands to millions of years to make from decomposed plant life and dissolved rock. Soil erosion was

Will Frost Damage Asparagus Plants?

The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board calls asparagus "one of nature's most perfect foods." This healthful vegetable has no cholesterol or fat and is high in vitamins B6, A, C and thiamine. It's a long-lived vegetable but frost may damage young spears.

Types of House Shingles

House shingles can be decorative or simply practical. Their layered construction creates a seal and keeps water and cold air from leaking into the home. If a leak does develop, shingles make it easy to repair one section of the roof instead of having to pay for a complete replacement.

How to Water Greenhouse Plants

Water is crucial to the growth and development of plants, but both too much and too little water can cause problems in a greenhouse. It is important to remember that different plants have different watering needs. Many greenhouse growers try to accommodate these varied needs by giving plants small a

How to Plant Bamboo in a Perforated Pot

Bamboo is a plant of the grass family and grows rapidly in certain outdoor locations. Short, curled bamboo is sold in small pots for placement indoors as lucky charms. Some people face problems when planting bamboo in perforated pots and moving the plant indoors. Knowing a few tips and tricks about

Palo Verde Tree Diseases

Yellow palo verde flowerspalo verde blossom closeup image by leemarusa from Fotolia.comPalo verde trees are spiny, green, deciduous trees that display yellow blooms, with multiple trunks and a short flowering season. Though not known for a significant amount of disease, palo verde tree...

How to Grow Fuchsia as a Perennial

Fuchsias are delicate flowering plants that produce vibrant blossoms in shades of pink, red and purple in the summer and early fall. A perennial is a plant that overwinters in the ground and comes back in the spring without needing transplantation. Many gardeners are familiar with fuchsias grown as

How do I Make Solution for a Neti Pot?

A neti pot rinses your nasal passages, easing sinus discomfort or preventing sinus infections from occurring. Most likely, you received a solution mixture for using with your neti pot when you purchased it. This solution is basically a saline solution, so you don't have to purchase the same solution

How to Control Bugs on Trumpet Creeper Vine Leaves

The trumpet creeper is a vining plant native to the eastern United States. The vine produces orange flowers that are shaped like a trumpet. The plant grows quickly and is a common cover for fences. The leaves of the trumpet creeper do not often suffer from a harmful insect attack, but if scale insec

What Is Clematis With Small White Flowers?

Numerous cultivars of clematis vines exist with large, showy pink, red to purple flowers, but a handful of wild clematis species bear smaller, daintier looking white blossoms. To help determine a plant's identity among these multiple species that bear small white flowers, rely on other features such

My New Pear Tree Leaves Are Drying Up

Newly planted pear trees sometimes suffer from a variety of health problems that cause their leaves to turn brown and shrivel. This problem, with the proper care, is usually a temporary one that can be averted over a period of a few weeks. Proper planting of pears is important for the health of the

How to Fertilze Evergreen Trees

In their natural habitat, evergreen trees receive their nutrients from old decaying matter that falls to the forest floor. Twigs, leaves and pine needles are some of the components of this matter. When grown in peoples yards, they do not receive much of this natural fertilizer and fertilizer must be

How to Plant Watermelon & Cantaloupe and Honeydew

Watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydew melons are planted and grown similarly, since they belong to the same plant family, cucurbits. These juicy, sweet fruits need warm weather and warm soil to germinate. If you try to hurry them by potting indoors and transplanting in late spring, use peat pots to

How to Propagate a Chinese Lantern

With their bright red, papery husks that take the place of tiny, white flowers, Chinese Lanterns are interesting and easy-to-grow plants that will provide a bright spot in the landscape. Chinese lanterns are often dried and used in flower arrangements or wreaths, where they will maintain their brigh