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How to Plant to Assist Water Drainage

Regardless of sun exposure or fertilization requirements, the one thing that most types of plants demand is soil that drains well. Soil that is compacted and has poor drainage can trap excess water around the roots of your plants, causing them to rot and die. Heavy clay soils and peaty soils are not

Backyard Greenhouse Plants

Grow tomatoes in your backyard greenhouse.Jupiterimages/ ImagesFor serious gardening enthusiasts, nothing compares to a backyard greenhouse. It not only extends gardening to all four seasons, but allows gardeners to grow plants that could normally never live outside in...

How to Cut a Branch Off of Grapes to Plant & Grow

For the gardener with a garden arbor, the grapevine is worthy of consideration. Training it up the sides and allowing it to spill over the top will not only provide you with fruit, but shade and beauty as well. Grapevines thrive in hot, full-sun areas of gardens in U.S. Department of Agriculture Har

Mildew on Fruit Trees

Fruit trees in areas of the United States that are not arid are often attacked by fungal pathogens. The control of this kind of infestation is challenging in regions where the humidity is high and orchards are often located near wooded areas that harbors harmful pests.

How to Trim a Pomegranate Bush

Pomegranate bushes need full sun and grow well in any soil – even rocky or somewhat alkaline soils – with good internal drainage. Probably native to Persia and vicinity, pomegranates were also cultivated in ancient Greece, earlier than almonds, peaches or apricots. Recent research on the

How to Fertilize a Savannah Holly

Savannah hollies (Ilex x attenuata "Savannah") are narrow, pyramidal shaped evergreen trees that grow to be about 35 to 45 feet tall under optimum conditions. They produce loads of red berries in the winter, especially if grown in the sun, making them a favorite in the winter landscape. The foliage

How to Build a Manifold for Valves in Valve Box Irrigation

The design of an irrigation system is essential to the proper operation of the system. Beyond the design, if the system is installed wrong, the design will be a waste, because the system will not work properly. Most home systems are designed and installed by professionals, so there is little chance

Potato-Growing Supplies

The reliable potato, or Solanum tuberosum, has whetted appetites since its first cultivation by Inca Indians in around 200 B.C. Since then, potatoes have continued to feed the world, accounting for 50 billion lbs. of crop in 2007. Despite these massive numbers, growing potatoes isn't exclusive to pr

The Best Ways to Grow Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are a cool-season vegetable that can go into the garden prior to the first frost and will continue to grow in a fall garden after the last frost. Because they grow on vines that will climb a trellis, they take relatively little room to grow and can serve as a backdrop to lower-growin

Evergreen Shrubs in Arkansas

Rosemary grows well in Arkansas.rosemary image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.comNumerous evergreen shrubs grow in Arkansas. They come in many shapes, sizes and variation--some of which even produce flowers. Gardens and walkways are common areas to find shrubs because many species have...

How to Kill Black Gnats & Larvae in a Garden

Black gnats that fly around the plants in your garden are probably fungus gnats. They are gray to black insects about 1/8 inch long. They usually hang around wet areas of the garden and often appear when you water the plants. Adult black fungus gnats don't injure your plants but they are a nuisance.

Garden Pests & Animals

Pests present a constant challenge to the home gardener. These pests can take the shape of a tiny insect or a large deer, and all can cause serious damage to a garden. These pests can affect the garden at all stages of a plant's growth cycle, from tender seedlings to fully mature plants.

How to Root Limb Clippings From Trees & Shrubs

Propagate limb or branch clippings from trees and shrubs to grow more plants for your home landscape. Choose softwood and semi-hardwood clippings over hardwood for stems that produce roots quickly without extra maintenance. Softwood clippings are new plant growth that bend easily and are still green

Funding for Gardening Projects

Grants are available to create school and community image by memorialphoto from Fotolia.comThose interested in gardening can earn funding for projects that help benefit their community. Grants are available that provide money to start school and community gardens, or seeds...

Diiferent Kinds of Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers grow inside muddy swamps and then emerge to the surface. The lotus family consists of two species: Nelumbo lutea and Nelumba nicifera. In traditional Asian cultures, the lotus flowers represent honor, good luck, long life and good health. These flowers are cultivated for their showy an

How to Plant Seeds Indoors in the Winter Time

Vegetable gardeners in temperate climates should start seeds indoors in the winter time to get a head start on the growing season. While the young plants can't be planted outside in winter, they can get started inside to grow into healthy seedlings. The exact seed starting time varies by plant speci

How to Clear Land for Farming

Farmland clearing should ideally be carried out during late fall or early winter to minimize soil compaction and to prevent unnecessary soil being discarded along with the brush. Clearing land for farming purposes takes time, organization and most of all, hard work. The end result is farmland that i

Propagation, Growing and Planting of Agave

The agave is part of the Agavaceae family of succulent plants. The name comes from the Greek word "agauos," which means "of kings and heroes." More than 300 species of Agave have been described while only 200 are recognized professionally. Most species are characterized by their thick hard leaves wi

The Types of Coleus Plants

Coleus is a tropical plant in the mint family grown as an annual in most of the United States. Its use as a garden ornamental dates back to the Victorian era, though it has fallen in and out of favor over time. Its popularity is on the rebound as newer and better types are being hybridized and intro