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How to Load a Snowblower on a Pickup Truck

Whether you've launched a snow removal business in Minnesota or you just want to transport your snowblower to your mother's house to clean her driveway, loading a snowblower into a pickup truck is the easiest way to transport your snowblower anywhere.

How to Change a John Deere Stx38 Drive Belt

The John Deere STX38 riding lawn mower runs the dual mower blade deck pulleys with the main drive belt running from the pulley under the engine. This main drive belts not only runs the deck pulleys, but it also rotates the pulley above the mower deck that has a belt that runs the rear wheel pulley.

Why You Should Get Toro Snow Blowers

Although there are many brands of snow blowers available in the market, the Toro snow blowers are the best rated ones and you will not regret getting one of these helpful aids for your home. Gone were the days when you could just use a shovel to get rid of the snow on your driveway because that is a

How to Replace the Spool Line on an Electric Trimmer Edger

The spool line on an electric trimmer edger is located at the head of the trimmer. This is the part of the trimmer around which the nylon line is wrapped. When you have used up all of the nylon line, the spool should be replaced. The process is fairly standardized for all brands of trimmer edgers.

How to Identify an Old Ariens Snow Blower

Ariens has been producing tillers, lawn mowers, snow blowers and other machinery since the 1930s. The Ariens Sno-Thro is one of the company's most successful product. The company had sold two million Sno-Thro machines by November 2005. Identifying an Ariens snow blower takes only a few minutes with

Impact Driver or Drill - Which One Is Right For You?

Although both cordless drills and cordless impact drivers have distinct uses, they also have many similarities. While a drill works great for making holes, how does it compare with an impact driver when it comes to driving large lags bolts? Which one should you use for your next project?

Directions for Power Washing

A power washer, or pressure washer, looks like a small vacuum attached to a long spray wand, which shoots out a strong jet of water. Power washing is an effective and efficient way to clean many outdoor objects, such as the exterior of a building, a car, a boat or a patio. At the same time, power wa

Air Compressor Oil

There are all sorts of reasons that you may need an air compressor. Air compressors can be used on a small-scale basis, like for inflating bicycle tires, or they can be used for large-scale purposes, like for delivering a power source to your machinery and machine shop. These large-scale air compres

Desk Grommets to fit into holes lining

The desk grommets are devices designed to fit into holes lining them completely thus making it possible to pass cables smoothly and in an organized manner. Most office desks are designed with the cabl

10 Things You Can Take Apart With a Tri Wing Screwdriver

Have you ever wondered what in the world you would need a screwdriver with a Y-shaped tip for? It seems that almost everything these days uses Phillips screws for its assembly. Believe it or not, there are many things that you wouldn't be able to open with a Phillips screwdriver no matter how h

Home Stair Lifts - Ensure Safety in Homes

A home stair lift is a great addition to improve the comfort and value of your residence. Designed with a host of safety features, this stair lift offers you a great deal of mobility between the different floors of your home.

How to Reset the Governor on a Toro Snow Blower

Many regions of the United States receive large amounts of snowfall each winter. As a result, many people must lead their daily lives with a level of snow constantly surrounding them during the season. Luckily, Toro offers many different snowblower types for small or large snow removal processes, cl

Dumbwaiters for the Home

A dumbwaiter is a device similar to the elevator and can be used to convey food or other materials from one floor to another. Dumbwaiters are not luxury items since they have considerable practical us

Commercial Equipment Needed For Lawn Care

This article is about how to maintain a neat and healthy lawn by making use of various commercial equipments available in the market depending on the size and kind of the lawn. So as to maintain and care a healthy and green lawn, you might need some commercial equipment to help you.

3 Essential Tools-In-One By Owning The All-New DeWalt DC213KL

The busy home renovator, contractor, or construction worker is faced with a constant barrage of tasks to do for the job at hand. There are big jobs and small jobs, jobs that require a little work or a whole lot of work. Having the right tool often makes all the difference in the world, whatever kind

From the Idea to the Realization

The winter is knocking on our doors and we tend to seek for warmth and comfort. How about spending a Friday night relaxing with your family members in front of a fireplace having a cup of hot chocolat