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Mold in a Hot Tub

Mold in a hot tub is not only unattractive and smelly, but it can be a serious health hazard as well. Infested hot tubs must be treated aggressively and immediately, but the best strategy is to prevent the mold from getting started in the hot tub in the first place.

What is a Naturalistic Pool?

A naturalistic pool appears to blend in with the environment, often enhanced with boulders, flagstones, bridges, freeform edges and waterfalls.

Understanding Multi-Port Valve Positions on Sand Pool Filters

Most modern sand pool filters have a multi-port valve system that directs the flow of water from the pump to where it is needed, sometimes through the filter and sometimes not. This system allows for simple sand filter maintenance at the mere turn of a handle. Following is an overview of multi-port

Essential Swimming Pool Toys for Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools bring with them a whole list of fun things to do. From swimming, to practicing your dives, or just sitting around in it and feeling the relief of the cool water on a hot day, there is a lot you can do with a swimming pool.

How to Winterize a Salt System Swimming Pool

Winterizing a salt system swimming pool is similar to winterizing a regular pool. Shutting it down for the season properly will protect it from winter damage and make it easier to reopen in the spring. A thorough cleaning should be done, followed by certain winterizing tasks. The main focus should b

Attractiveness Of Swimming Pools Is Ever Increasing

Over the past not many years, swimming pools have quickly amplified in esteem. While pools have always been well-liked, their up-to-the-minute affordability is what is prompting copious homeowners to have a pool installed in their backyard.

Do You Know the Swimming Pool Filters Types?

Owning a swimming pool is not considered a luxury anymore, as swimming pools have become more affordable over the last years and more and more people are installing pools in their back yards. However, having bought and installed the swimming pool is not enough. If you want to fully enjoy it, you hav

The Effects of Poor Flow of Water in the Faucets

Poor water flow in your house’s faucets may be caused by a number of factors, including partially closed water supply valves or sediment buildup in the faucet’s aerators or mesh screens. The poor water flow or pressure in your house’s faucets affects how you use your plumbing fixtu

What are the Chemicals for Garden Ponds?

Garden ponds must be properly treated for plant or animal the pond image by Quennie Chua from Fotolia.comA pond can add a serene, natural aura to any home garden. To keep it clean and healthy for any plants or animals, gardeners must use a certain amount of chemicals to treat the...

Pros & Cons of Laptop Sleeves

The portability of laptops make them popular for entertainment, work on the go and a number of other uses. However, that portability also increases their risk of being damaged, especially during transportation. Laptop sleeves are one way to reduce the risk of damage to your laptop, but they will not

How to Open a Magna Flo Pool Sand Filter

Magna-Flo is a manufacturer of sand filters for swimming pools. Opening the sand filter is not required often by pool owners except in the event a repair must be made or the sand must be replaced. Sand filters open from the top of the tank. Some filter models will have pool plumbing attached to the

How to Get Professional and High Standard Pool Renovation

Pool builders have a vast experience and skills in servicing swimming pools and spas as well as help educate owners on various products and proper maintenance techniques since pool cleaning is vital to keep your expensive investment in the best possible operating form. If you're not amongst the

White Wicker Patio Chair

One of the volumes for the auction of Michael Jackson's Neverland estate features garden statuary and outdoor furniture. While Neverland is nevermore, back in its heyday, the 2,500-acre compound boasted an amusement park, zoo, statuary and patio furniture. On opening day of the Jackson collecti

Professional And Quality Pool Cleaners - How To Choose

A swimming pool is an asset on your property. It automatically boosts the value of your home. Not only this, it is a great place to exercise and a great place to have fun. The only drawback is maintenance. It takes hours to complete. Don't let the tedious task of having to clean the swimming po

What Is the Effect of Alkalinity in Pool Water?

The balance of chemicals, including the pH, within a pool changes along with environmental factors, such as outside weather and dust accumulation. The pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline a water body is at a given time.

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means it's prime swimming season! Here's some maintenance tips that can help you get ready for summertime fun.

How to Install a Hayward DE Filter

Hayward Pool Products offers many different pool filters, among them the Hayward DE filters, which use diatomaceous earth to filter and trap particles efficiently and leave you with sparkling clear pool water. DE pool filters are simple to hook up and, when they become dirty, are easy to clean by ba