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How to Make a Water Fountain From Salvaged Materials

Add rustic design interest to your landscape with a water fountain made from salvaged materials. Old metal or ceramic containers work well as a basin for the fountain, as long as they are water-tight. Architectural salvage yards, thrift stores and antique stores often have old building materials tha

Buying Quality Hot Tub Spas For Price, Purpose and Value: 25 Questions To Ask

When you have clearly defined your reasons and purpose for buying a hot tub, getting the best value for the price of hot tub spas becomes more effective. Whether your hot tub spa is for relaxation, exercise, to socialize, or for health reasons, having your objectives set makes your hot tub and spa q

About Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a type of water garden that house koi fish. They are enclosed ponds with re-circulating fresh water. Many koi ponds incorporate other water features such as fountains or waterfalls which add visual interest to the garden. Koi fish, originating in Japan, have become extremely popular in

Jacuzzi Espree Specifications

Liquidlibrary/liquidlibrary/Getty ImagesJacuzzi created the Espree line of baths exclusively for Lowes, according to the Jacuzzi website. The Expree baths are available in two different therapy types: the proprietary Pure Air and the whirlpool. Jacuzzi makes use of its proprietary...

An Algae Smell in the Bathroom Plumbing

You know the smell as soon as it hits your nose -- the damp, earthy odor of algae and mildew. That smell belongs near ponds and abandoned fountains, not your bathroom plumbing. If you smell algae in your bathroom, it's a warning that your pipes need maintenance.

How to Attract Frogs to a Pond

A pond without frogs is just not complete. This is why most people who have a pond in their yard want to add more wildlife to the mix. Frogs enjoy natural ponds with a lot of vegetation. Frogs do not live in water but enjoy spending time around and in the pond. Once you have attracted one frog to yo

Hot Tubs and the Value of Your Home

With prices reaching over $5,000, hot tubs can be considered as luxury items. They may not be as pricey as a full kitchen makeover or a backyard swimming pool but they cost a lot just the same. Because of this, you may think twice before purchasing one. Or you may be wondering if it can increase the

How to Repair an Intex Swimming Pool Liner

Over time and especially if your Intex swimming pool liner is exposed to sharp or jagged objects, it may develop holes. Intex, knowing this possibility, offers a patch repair kit, sometimes with the pool or available as a separate accessory through your pool dealer or pool supply retailers. Everythi

Blackfin Cory

A profile of the Blackfin Cory (Corydoras leucomelas), including habitat, care, feeding, and breeding.

How to Lower a Stabilizer in a Swimming Pool

Cyanuric acid, or stabilizer, prolongs the use of chlorine sanitizer in a pool's water. Stabilizer lengthens the chlorine chemical's lifetime, allowing it more time to sanitize and treat a pool properly. Stabilizer levels that are too high cause the water to become milky or cloudy, which can lead to

Swimming Pool Repairs

Many people make the mistake of not researching enough before taking the necessary steps to make repairs to their pool. Consulting a professional and knowing exactly what kind of pool you have and the repairs that will work best for it will save you a sufficient amount of time and money in the long

How to Transplant Lilly of the Valley

Lily of the valley (convallaria) is a fragrant perennial that blossoms in spring. It's long, tulip-like foliage and delicate, white, bell-shaped flowers spread throughout the growing area, adding color and fragrance. Lily of the valley can be transplanted using the proper techniques and simple garde

Martha Stewart Candle Lanterns From Grandin Road

If you had just one nice Halloween decoration to buy this year for your porch, patio, balcony or yard, what would it be? Scary flamingos? A screaming ghoul sure to knock the orange-and-black socks right off of you? An attractive Halloween-themed door mat? Before making a spooky choice, consult our r

What Are Spa Cover Lifters?

It is important to keep your spa or hot tub covered. Otherwise, dirt and debris can fall into the water and clog up your filter. This can make the water in the hot tub unhealthy. Furthermore, uncovered hot tubs can be a danger to pets or children who may climb in to the tub unsupervised. A cover can

Polaris Pool Cleaners - Your Pool Just Got Cleaner

One of the many things that people need to focus on these days is making sure that they have a clean and beautiful pool. However, getting a clean and beautiful pool requires that you use the right kind of Pool Cleaners.

Using the Best Pool Chemicals

When choosing the chemicals to prevent algae growth and disinfect the pool, it can be difficult to decide the most favorable option. Common chemicals used include chlorine and bromine.

The Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna

In this era, most of people have been aware with the health and beauty of their body. To benefit and take care our bodies, we need to considered in using the infrared saunas. Infrared saunas will give us so many health benefits.

Red Fish Light

These beautiful lighted ornaments are part of an aquatic / fish themed Christmas tree.

How to Drain a Pond With a Submersible Pump

Pond owners must regularly drain and clean them to keep them and water gardens healthy. An electrically operated submersible pump that sits on the pond is an excellent tool for the job. You can drain a pond with such a pump over the course of an afternoon and get a leg up on your spring cleaning.