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What Are the Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites?

It may be difficult to determine what type of insect bit you but determining the symptoms of bed bug bites will allow you to look for the proper treatment. Also, you don't want the situation to worsen which can lead to severe infection.

The Unintended Costs of Going Green

Any time we humans accept paradigm shifts and make sweeping changes to the way we do things we have to consider what some call, "the law of unintended consequences." This law seems to come into play when we make changes based more on ideology than in fact. In these situations it is inevita

Fascinating Facts about Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can nest in and damage soft wood of your home. But how do you know if the bee you see is a carpenter bee, a honey bee, or a bumble bee?

What Are Odorous House Ants?

The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, the grass is greening and little black ants are starting to appear everywhere you look. If you see a few of these pests in the yard, that's nothing to worry about, but if you're seeing trails of ants near the house or even wor

Identifying, Controlling and Preventing Common Squash Pests

Squash are one of the most popular of vegetables. To fully enjoy the rich taste of squash regardless of the season, pick the summer varieties while the rind and seeds are still immature but leave their cooler weather cousins on the vines until they fully mature.Squash prefer well drained soil packed

Mosquito Control - Tips For Effective Pest Control

Mosquito not only spread diseases but can also be very irritating. Hence One has to make sure that his/ her home stays mosquito-free. Read on to know some of the basics tips to keep your home mosquito-free.

Getting Rid of Bedbugs

Are there bedbugs in your room? Are you spending sleepless nights fighting them? Please do not tolerate any more and get rid of them immediately before they spread to other rooms.

Natural Rodent Repellents

One way of keeping mice out of your home is to use repellents. Learn how to make some natural repellents and some commercial ones that you can try as well.

Achieve Ant Control in Your Home Now!

Ant infestations can be difficult to handle because the majority of the time, you are dealing with a large nest of pests. Many homeowners have found that the easiest to get rid of ants is to attempt p

Keeping Bugs and Insects at Bay

If your house or restaurant has been invaded by bugs, it's now time to take action. Insecticides will put an end to those pesky pests.

How To Maintain The Perfect Lawn

Lawn care is an important part of home ownership. Having a beautiful lawn is something you will be able to enjoy and which you will find worth the effort required to maintain it. A well-maintained yard helps to increase your home's value, and keeps your relationship with neighbors in good stand

Most Effective Rodent Pest Control Remedy

Rodents are omnivorous thus they can eat almost anything and usually inhabit the abandoned and unclean areas, inside and outside your house. So maintaining hygiene of your house and its surroundings,

Choosing an Insect Repellent

For most people, insect bites are a minor annoyance. The area may swell and itch for a while and then return to normal later.